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  1. My favorite cache is a multi with a very well camoflouged micro as the first part and then a full sized cache as the end. It was the cache that made my husband and I spin in circles, then decide we were gonna leave.. till we both went... no way, it can't be up there?!. We climbed a tree and found the cache that then had the numbers for a padlock on a bird house. It was amazing.. and is now the cache that will have to live up to all others in our mind..
  2. What a great photo by the way of the ZeeZee Turtle! Awesome mission. thanks for participating!!
  3. I adore the creativity that this mission is bringing!! Some folks are putting their creativity into their homemade items (cards, bracelets, etc.) and some are putting their creativity into the story of the coin. I just love it!! Thank you so much guys for putting so much heart into these missions!!
  4. Got your coins. Yours will be going out this week. Sorry for the delay! I went to the post office this week and totally forgot the mailer on the counter.
  5. some great coins I got in my first of two coin spotlight mission!
  6. Both of my packages went out today. One to the USA, one over seas!
  7. Signed up: July 22, 2011 Name received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: Sounds like fun! I send out my missions for the Coin Spotlight Mission tomorrow so I'll be chomping at the bit for a new mission to play with.
  8. I entered this twice and applied for a tag and never got one... Of course I got one in my Coin Spotlight Mission so I do indeed have one now.. but not from Geico!
  9. If this were a thread in the geocoin forum there would have been a "cointest" for this thread. Perhaps you should offer a travel tag for the person who guesses how many miles it will travel before being muggled!
  10. The lovely package that arrived! It was so pretty and wrapped up in a bow!! The whole package after I unwrapped each package!! I have to say that this package was fantastic!! there was handmade cards and a post it note holder that I will use at my new job!!, two very awesome sheltie bumper stickers ( "my sheltie is smarter then your honor student" and "I suffer from multiple sheltie syndrome", a new travel water bowl (which we needed for our geocaching bag!), a stuffed dog toy (that was quickly claimed and promptly attacked by the geodogs), a flashy bone for camping for the dog's collar, a very dramatic photo in a beautiful frame of Team Luvbassn's dog! (such a lovely dog and photo!!), and 4 german chocolates!! ( which in our 95 degree heat immediately went into the freezer with my pineapple lumps that I'm rationing myself!) The coins: A trackabull coin (lovely bull dog themed coin that I don't have!!), a geico gecko, a Luvbassn coin (in a really cool key chain holder! I think I'll activate it and attach it to my geocaching bag to dip in caches and events!) and a Luvbassn path tag. EDITED to point out how beautiful the tiny envelopes that were made for each coin were.. I tried not to hurt them they were so pretty!!!
  11. Got my package from Team Luvbassn today! It's so nice!! It was packaged all pretty with a bow, had some great stuff in it, and had some great crafty handmade note cards and post it notes in it! I love everything! I'll post the pictures when I get home tonight from teaching!!
  12. I have an extra Natashia (Jack russel Terrier) geocoin if you'd like it to put up for auction to help pay for your vet bills. I'm a dog lover with a soft spot for shelties (obviously!)
  13. I'd like to put a bid in for #5 (new cache). For my birthday my husband gave me 4 different cache containers so we can work together to place our first caches. All 4 would hold a coin (one's a PVC tube with caps, there's a magnetic key box, an amo can, and a black metal tin)
  14. Mine will be going out when I get my paycheck on thursday.
  15. Here we go, pictures of the SCUBA themed mission from fstop64! Even on the outside of the box, I noticed the dive flag sticker, so I knew it was going to be a great mission. Many packages, decked in red and white tissue paper (nice touch on the theme). Here are all the goodies after I got them out of the box. A license plate, can coozie, picture frame, fishy candle holder, defog, gear wash, notepad, sticker, strap guard, and a toy. Here are the coins! Reef Check geocoin, a stingray travel tag, and the activated starfish travel tag ready to go surfing! And here is the other side of the star of the mission, the reef check geocoin. This coin was on my seeking list, so thanks so much for finding it for me, and making a great mission from it! I had a great time opening this mission and will enjoy all the goodies. It was fun to have a fellow diver as a mission partner, so we could share that. Thanks so much for the mission and all the thought you put into it! Couldn't resist pairing you two up somehow when I saw you both were scuba divers! Looks great!!
  16. Gorgeous. What a beautiful keepsake. They may be available somewhere. There seemed to be many left as they cost $75.00 Really?! $75 is nothing for the craftsmenship that it appears went into this piece. We have art festivals all summer long here and a piece like that would be almost $200 (assuming the coins were each $10-15 a piece plus the frame)
  17. Wohoo! My flock of doves has arrived from Geowoodstock.. and they came with their own herding dog! The coin is fantastic Laval K-9! Thanks to Steven for being my trading proxy. I have to go through and see which one's I'm missing now.
  18. Neat Coin! You might want to blurr the tracking number.
  19. These are awesome!!!!! I'm so excited... and sad all at the same time to see this mission coming full circle.. I have to say this might have to be the "off topic" thread of the geocoin forum..... I beg you to keep it going... I claim the first spot in the next kitchen sink mission... maybe the requirements will include a $2.48 item...
  20. June/Beginning of July brought some fun stuffs. Some math trades, some trades, a mission coin (Natasha), some purchases, and some wonderful gifts (like Kathy's Coin, and my Birthday coin!) I decided that cows and sheeps (maybe ducks) can come play with the dog coins since my dogs herd them all. :-) The pig was a gift so he gets to stay with the other barnyard animals. :-) The wood tear drop, pig, the two labs and the small "taco bell dog" are non-trackable but still cute. The Signal coin is a Rochester NY coin (my home town). Edited to say I'm sorry Kathy's coin is upside down!!
  21. I lied..lol.. actually I found another coin to add to the package I thought I was done with so that one will also be waiting to be sent.
  22. SO I've been kinda down since there haven't been any mailings in my mail box lately.. So I got home today and started to make fiesta lime chicken.. and found on the cutting board a black tin with a piece of paper that said "geocache" on it.. I opened it and found a Happy Birthday coin, personalized with "Happy 30th Birthday Jill" from the best husband ever. I dipped it in my mailbox just to be fair! It's got rinestones and blue glitter. It's very cool!!
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