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  1. Our friends own a comic book store on Park Ave in Rochester (Park Ave Comics and Games). Tomorrow is park ave fest.. a big street festival with vendors, artists, music, and local businesses. Tomorrow my day will be spent sitting at a table surrounded by Comic Book characters and artists. Not sure what we're gonna be dressed like yet this year.


    Last year my husband went all steam punk. Our Friend who owns the store was Robbin. This is a picture of them with our friend Jon who stopped by.



    Here's another photo of me doing post it note sketches of covers of comics. I was bored and started sketching.. and people actually started offering me money for them...lol. You can't see it but I'm wearing a Posion Ivy Shirt.


  2. I'm interested in one of these. I have a very good friend (an aunt of sorts) who's husband has MS and our 4-H leader had MS and we always did the MS walk. Now I work in a nursing home with a group of younger folks who have MS and formed a "Hope Group". They volunteer in their wheel chairs handing out water at our local event.


    I have a Bike Against MS 2007 coin I got in a bulk purchase. Would like to add this one it in my book. Feel free to contact me.

  3. What made you decide to collect?

    I started geocaching and stumbled upon this forum. They're a great group. I fell in love with a couple of coins and jumped right in.


    How did you start your collection? Did you buy individual coins? Get them at events? Buy in bulk?

    I started with a couple of adopted coins because I liked the idea of tracking a coin out in caches. Then I started looking for some on the E place. I asked for so help and started finding ones I liked based on my theme (dog coins).


    Then I did buy a batch of coins bulk that were not in my theme so I could start trading for coins. The grouping was cheaper then buying individual coins and I was able to offer coins up for trade in the trades threads. Now I have good set that I can trade and don't spend nearly as much money on E place as I did before, though I do on occasion still buy one off the auctions.


    Then I started doing Missions which I fell in love with. It's sort of like secret santa's with a theme. There's coins involved and often you get coins your looking for. I started using some of the bulk coins in these missions or trading the bulk coins for coins I could use in these missions. Very fun and way more exciting waiting for the packages to come in the mail!


    I also took part in the Math trade this year for the first time and got 7 great coins for 7 coins I didn't want to keep from my bulk package which was very exciting. So the initial investment on the bulk package has panned out very well for me.


    How long have you been collecting?

    Since Feb of this year.


    How many different Geocoins do you have? (Approximates are fine)

    50 Geocoins (Dog or Sheep Themed Primarily)

    2 Personal Geocoins (only 3 minted- 2 of my "Sorella Shelties- DAWN EDITION and 1 Coin Spotlight Mission- KAYLEE EDITION)

    50 Non Trackable Signature coins (wooden and metal)

    16 Geocoins that I have available for Trade

    10 of my signature Geowoodstock Doves (SDSL & D00101010) that are up for trade


    Any advice to newbie collectors?

    1) Decide what you like, pick a theme etc. and stick to it. I have been pretty successful doing that (for the most part- my non-trackables are signature items and are not all dog themed though. I just think they're neat)

    2) Set a budget! It's easy to get sucked in to spending hundreds of dollars a month if you let it happen!

    3) check geocoin stores before you buy coins off the Eplace. Sometimes they're still in stock for less.

    4) Check cointracking.com to see if coin you want someone has for trade.

    5) Check the trades thread here and post if you're looking for something. Often someone has it and will contact you.

    6) Do take part in missions if you can afford to! They're fun and sometimes you get something amazing!

    7) Look for Cointests on the forum. Sometimes you can win a coin just for posting something fun or playing a guessing game! :lol:

    8) Put your name and address in Address Book (look for the thread in the forums). Sometimes folks send out great mystery coins or end up with a coin in a trade they think you might like and send it to you just to be nice!

    9) Look in the "Mailbox" thread to see what kinds of coins are out there. Sometimes someone posts that they got a coin in their mailbox that you fall in love with and the hunt begins!

    10) Don't be afraid to ask for help! People here are great!


    Hope this helps! Let us know when you pick a theme of coins you're gonna start collecting! :D

  4. To me this sounds like someone has ripped of tracking numbers from elsewhere. I'd definitely report it to Groundspeak so that they are aware of it.

    From what I've gotten so far this might have been the test for the "geobuttons" and they bought a couple of trackables to use the tracking numbers off of (but mine is lacking the pin back) and they realized they couldn't use the copyrighted image if they were gonna get approved by Groundspeak and now there's several other's listed on ebay and in a cointest here..

  5. Yesterday, I came home from work, and found a "Sorry we missed you!" card in my porch. I checked with my wife, and yes, she had been buying dribble bibs on ebay ready for our new arrival. So, this morning I went to the post office, and they handed me a box, quite big for bibs, so I opened it excitedly thinking it might be the mission... nope, I saw a baby muslin, so folded the box closed and went to work.


    When I handed it to my wife, she unwrapped the muslin and found the biggest "OFFICIAL GEOCACHE" sticker I've ever seen, so she handed it back. There was a card from Enola05 explaining how the mission was created around the yellow and green of the 11-11-11 Suncacher coin, and it was a little late as she wanted to include some Mega Wales coins.


    It's photo time:



    The box contained:

    - 2 yellow muslins (which will be used frequently!)

    - Geocache logbook and sticker

    - Emergency poncho

    - Frog phonecharm

    - Green and yellow dice

    - Green and yellow jumping bean

    - Green balloon

    - Green bottle opener keyring

    - Kendal mint cake (I share a holiday home near Kendal with my dad and sisters)





    - A hand made snake for baby lifechooser

    - A hand made survival bracelet for big lifechooser.


    Both are superb, I love them!






    The coins! Sorry about the photos, I'll take better ones in the morning.


    The star was an 11-11-11 Suncatcher in yellow and green. It's gorgeous, especially held up to the light. I love it, and it holds a slightly special memory as 11-11 is my dad's birthday.


    A piratemania coin, to move on. I'd love to keep it, but won't. It wants to stay near the coast, that won't be hard for me!


    A mega wales official coin. This is superb too, and will sit very nicely in my collection between my 2011 mega slate coins, and welsh dragon spinner. I couldn't make it to the mega, so it's great to get the coins another way! I will however be going to the 2012 mega, so the


    Swanmel Dragon Race Tag will come in particularly handy. I need to get this in a cache quickly, and will hopefully rediscover it next year.


    An Earth Day coin is my final surprise, and it's wonderful in all of its glitteryness.


    This was my first mission, and Enola05's too. What a great success! Thanks :)


    Right, time for me to chase up where those dribble bibs have got too.


    Awesome! I'm so excited how this mission is panning out for everyone. It's great that you were fooled by the dribble bibs! It means that your mission partner actually paid attention to you!! Love it!

  6. the number on the coin is very easy to read. Pretty large black print on yellow. I tried various combo's but nothing works other then the first one I tried (which again is very easy to read).. so I'm guessing a tag was purchased and the number was printed on the picture and then a button was made from it.. I'll have to keep my eyes open for more on the E place to make sure that this person isn't just using the one number on more then one item..

  7. I bought a Spongebob micro coin (looks like a pin with no pin back) from the E place. I plugged in the tracking code to check out the exact name of the coin and it comes up as a "Brady the Baby Black Bear Travel Tag". It's unactivated, but obviously the wrong name/code..any thoughts?

  8. Geeky moment of the day:


    So we bought a house 3 years ago.. and our guest bedroom we turned into a Nightmare Before Christmas room. There's zero's dog house painted as the head board and everyone in our lives knows that you can get us anything NBC to put in that room and we'd be happy. Walls are grey with purple curtains.. bed has orange sheets with a nightmare before christmas bed spread. My best friend made a lamp for the room with scenes from the movie on the shade.. There's art on the walls (sketches and real art from the artists), hooks that are very NBC style, toys of all sorts from the movie (especially if ZERO is involved!!) on shelves, and a few very tall Jack figures that line the wall on the floor.


    But for real geeky look at our lives here's the tour:


    Our living room- The from left to right.


    First one has a box of records and a USB record player, wall of framed matted special edition star wars posters in minature, TV(with our atari, nintendo, playstation, xbox, and wii, and then our our giant book case of DVD's that have tons of vampire movies, B rated movies, 80's movies The muppet show, Donnie Darco, and movies we just love. On top of the book case is my lamb toy I got before I was even born that watches over the living room.


    The next wall has artist renditions of my dogs, some very important dog show ribbons (that didn't get banished to the dog room.. yes we have a dog and dog/sheep collectible room.. it's also our laundry room lol) , a great dog art piece of an irish setter I got at an auction done by a famous artist for $15 (that my husband has always questioned since we don't have an irish setter but it's so pretty.. and it matches the room..lol) , a high back love seat that I also got from an auction for $5 with the blanket I crocheted in college , all my geocoins on a TV table in binders, and our guitar hero guitars that my husband hung on the wall with real guitar hooks.


    Third wall has our couch and speakers with a hand puppet "Animal" on one and my grandma's metronome on the other. there's also a coat rack with our top hats (yes we both have top hats!)


    Last wall has our printer copier scanner and a GIANT wall clock on our wood wall...


    Yeah. We're geeks!

  9. :wub: where did you get this lovely coin? It looks like my Kaylee Monster!!



    It's a bernese mountain dog




    I think sheltiedogshowlover has got a new "most sought after coin" :lol::lol::lol::lol:


    :lol: You may be correct!! Love this coin! I know it's a berner not a black tri aussie but they do look very similar as pups. Everyone always asks if Kaylee is a bernese mountain dog puppy till I point out the lack of tail. :D

  10. Both me and our 9 year old son (Michael, aka rattusbaggus) are geeks. Both like Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, and the list goes on.


    About 4 months ago he was channel surfing and came across an episode of Dr Who... Ever since that one episode he has take every episode on and he and I sit down on a Sunday morning and watch them (while the better half is at work). Yep - we're geeks!


    My husband has not one, not two, but three sonic screwdrivers.. yes.. and he carries them with him to formal events, including our wedding. There's a picture ( I can't locate right now) of all of the best men with their own (except my brother who borrowed one) sonic screw drivers trying to open a door on the outside of boldt castle in the thousand islands after our wedding.


    Again... a response that could be it's own entry.. sigh..

  11. I go to live showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show.


    I bring props. I also have a first edition set of Star Trek the next generation trading cards, that I won by entering a drawing of the star trek fan club back in college.


    I can also program in BASIC.


    We stumbled upon a live Rocky Horror picture show on our honeymoon at the movie theater in Universal Studios! Who would have thunk? We had a couple of days in florida after our cruise.. one day we went to Kennedy space center (since D00101010's dad is an actual Rocket Scientist)n then We bought a bar and movie pass for $15 on the city walk and a local troup was hosting the movie in the theater complete with prop bags you could buy for $2. It was fantastic!


    Wow.. that response could have been an entry in and of itself...lol.

  12. Halloween has always been our favorite holiday. So here's some of our Geeky costumes!



    We went to a B rated movie halloween party. Our costumes were:

    Mothera (from Godzilla) and Jesus (from Jesus Christ Vampire Killer)



    Professor Plum (with the Candle Stick) and Miss White (with the Rope) From Clue.



    Beetle Juice and Lydia :-)

  13. myself (I'm wearing an orange Beaker shirt), my husband (D00101010) and two of our friends participating in a Wizard Magazine scavenger hunt! (the fact that we knew that wizard mag existed, plus the fact we knew about the scavenger hunt, and finally the fact that we did it is geeky enough!!)


    Some of the things we had to find/make:

    * a toy that wound up but didn't roll

    * a drawing you made of Chuck Norris

    * a movie poster using construction paper, macaroni, and glitter (we did snakes on a plane)

    * a spork that was any color other then white or black (we got one from a local prison supply company.. it was orange)

    * a reciept with the following items all on it: enema kit, rubber gloves, hot sauce, and vasoline

    * a knock off toy depicting a famous character

    * a pez despenser

    * a photo of a sign board you changed the message on

    * a valentine to a famous person


    There were lots more but I can't remember them all..lol. We realized we had about 30 hours to find everything and got almost everything on the list.

    The last thing on the list was a photo of your team hence this lovely shot of us. :-)



  14. Look what I found in my mailbox today...........................


    Look, look, look!


    :wub: where did you get this lovely coin? It looks like my Kaylee Monster!!


































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