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  1. So I noticed (in hosting my own mission) that some folks have a seeking list but don't have a "I have these coins" list. That was tough being the middle man for the mission trying to figure out if they had coins that people were trying to get for them or not.. So since I'm just a humble particpant in this one.. if you have a "I have these coins" list that is very helpful for folks trying to get you a coin for you passion! If you have too many coins to list, then maybe coins that are related to the theme you submitted that you already own could be listed. :-) (my list is part of my profile and listed in my sig) Thanks! Can't wait to figure out what coin and other items to get for my person since this really is a new topic for me! ( I love the research! should be fun. Just have to make sure the coins I'm looking at are not already owned!)
  2. I'd take part in the next round if you did it again!
  3. Congrats to LadyBee4T. I hope that the coin that you won helps with the vet bills! ( I had planned on including it in the mailer with the JRT suncatcher coin I was sending you if I won!!) Best of luck with all the vet bills!!!
  4. So sweet! I was shocked when my husband recoginzed my geocoin collecting interest.. or new addiction if you want to call it that... ( we've been geocaching together for a while) and bought me an engraved 30th birthday coin. I love things like that!
  5. Good call on catching the thread before it fell off!! I love the missions folks have sent out/recieved. Thanks everyone! Please post if you HAVE NOT recieved your mission yet!
  6. sent you an e-mail. the natasha coin is packaged, along with 6 other mailers waiting to go out.. car issues are preventing my post office visit.. Wed I'll have the shared car for the day to get to the post office on my day off. can you send me a PM again with your mailing address?
  7. I did send my guess.. but I'd like to say that I'm sorry LadyBee4T that I didn't catch the fact that I had guessed a guess you had already posted. I was working and posted my last 3 number guesses when I realized that NOSNOW was back knowing I wouldn't get a chance to check again till almost midnight tonight. Didn't double check.
  8. I have one that I am donating to a fellow cacher to raise money for her dog's vet bills. When the auction is listed I'll send you the link.
  9. Guess I better make my last 3 guesses! \ 45 level 1.5 33 level 2 20 level 2.5
  10. Heck, If they're available through you I'll take one of each. I love the magnetic pathtag section on each.
  11. Signed up: July 22, 2011 Name received: Aug 13, 2011 Mission Sent: Mission Received: This one's gonna require a bit of research on my part as I know nothing about the passion. Should be fun!
  12. Got our geek sticker and the prize that everyone will be getting.. I will wait to post photo's of the dog's I took wearing our bonus prize till others get thiers. :-)
  13. Yay! Can't wait for my name so I can get missioning! :-) I have the weekend off with no husband which means I can shop and post packages I've been sitting on to my hearts content!
  14. It sounds like he's trying to put on a mission similar to the tiki treasure traveling mission, but with signature items and coins. I personally don't have a personal coin so couldn't participate.
  15. I'll start with 3 guesses: 23 2.5 difficulty 42 2 difficulty 33 1.5 difficulty Thanks for the cointest!
  16. Count me in for one of the firefighter coins! By the way the diagram has a magnet. What will be sticking to said magnet? :-)
  17. http://www.mypersonalgeocoin.de/ This company let's you make coins on an individual basis for a reasonable fee. This is one coin (not a great photo) that I had made through them.. and I love it! I also had someone make me one for a mission that I also love!!
  18. another awesome creative mission!!! You guys are so creative I'm loving it!!
  19. Soo Cool! I thank all the particpants of this mission for not only sending out great missions, but also for fully embracing the package's they've recieved! What a great party you and your kids had as a result of this package! Thank you both (sender and reciever) for making this such a great mission!!!
  20. I replied last week Thank you but I have not recieved a response from you in any of the ways that I contacted you. Did you send the response via PM, personal e-mail, or via the E (place) message I sent you? Please feel free to contact me via PM or E-mail through my caching page.
  21. Come on folks! At least pretend to dip them in your mail boxes! This is the MAILBOX thread!!
  22. I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks and congratulations. I wonder what that geeky item is, doc! GEEK fashion accessory. Ooooo! I can't wait to see what it is.
  23. Congrats to the winners. great concept but I'm still waiting her hear from the OP in regards to the "button" that I purchased that when I went to activate it had a trackable bear tag travel tag number that was printed on the button... and I didn't receive said travel tag with the button.
  24. Awesome! It'll have a place of honor on my bumper with my "Who says I have to be normal" and my "Be kind to dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup" stickers. (and some assorted dog ones of course)
  25. http://cointracking.com/photos/MustangJoni_trade_100_5512_edited-1_Front100.jpg NOSNOW and SHADOWSFRIEND 2009 http://cointracking.com/photos/Sivota_trade_Shadows_Friend-_NosNow_Front300.jpg NOSNOW and SHADOWSFRIEND
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