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  1. The game is on! I will look for something amusing for $2.48 and see if I can find something random to send to you in exchange for a coin.


    Love the challenge! :lol:

  2. I got a traveling coin I will adopt to you for $0.00 :D


    Thank you so much! Working on a coin of my own eventually. Will return the favor when I do! :-)

  3. Thank you so much! I sent you an e-mail. Once I make my coin that I have in the works I will return the favor!


    I have an uber random unactivated one that you can have.

    Send me your address through my profile and I'll get it in the mail to you.

    No charge.

  4. Hey everyone! I'm new to the world of geocoins and TB's. I've got two TB's I'm helping on their way right now. Love the track-able aspect of coins and TB's.


    I haven't used my paypal account in a while so I pulled it up and I have $2.48 just sitting there. So my question is does Anyone have a TB or cheap coin they'd be willing to send my way for that lowly $2.48 that is just crying out for a purpose? :D I would love to eventually have a couple of coins to watch travel.


    I do have a request in the pay it forward thread so hopefully between that and my $2.48 request I'll have a couple that I can help journey along and keep moving, while having the fun of giving it a mission and watching it move!


    Hope this is appropriate! When I start to come across more coins/create a coin I hope to return the favors of course!


    Thanks in advance, hope this is an ok post! :-)

  5. Penny and Kona- was just checking to see if you had sent me the info on the adopted coin yet. I haven't gotten a message through the forums yet so I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it, or it didn't end up in my spam folders of my e-mail


    Thanks again! can't wait.

  6. **Noticed this cointest is done but still gonna leave the post.**


    My mom Jill Loves cointests but I have to say this is MY favorite!!


    She told me to come and post since it was posted by another sheltie!! (even if you are the wrong color! :P )


    Jill and I do all sorts of fun things! We go all over the place and I get to run around and jump jumps and go through tunnels... I get to play a game where I jump over jumps and get a tennis ball.. I get to herd sheep.. and I get to do my favorite thing of all- make people smile who can't have their own doggies any more!


    Jill started out in dogs with a very bad dog yellow lab named Jessie. I never met her but I hear about her all the time! She said that Jessie used to chew the noses off of all her sister's stuffed animals, dig holes in the back yard, jump on everyone, poop in the house, and run away all the time! I never got to do any of those things that sound like they are so fun, but Jill says that the reason we get to do all sorts of other fun things is because of this naughty dog!


    Jessie got out one time and Jill's family drove around the neighborhood looking for her everywhere! Everyone was sad and crying. They thought she was gone forever. But then they got home and she was sitting on the back porch waiting for them!


    Jill's mom said that she had to go! But Jill begged her to let her take her to a place called "obedience school" around the corner where they teach your people how to communicate with you. Her mom agreed and the owner of the school said that this 12 year old girl and 6 month old puppy could give a class a go. After the 8 weeks they were working like a team so she joined this thing called 4-h and was hooked on the dog world!


    Jessie was a therapy dog too just like me! She got to go with Jill to work when she started working in a nursing home. Sadly before Jill was done with that thing she calls "college" Jessie passed away.


    So Jill was on the hunt for a new therapy dog to make the people smile! Her family friend bred sheltie dogs like me so she asked if she could borrow one to take the special test to be a dog that makes people happpy like Jessie. This doggie was a very good therapy dog, but the lady decided she should have puppies and Jill was left again without a dog to make the people happy.


    Well the lady had planned a trip to Disney world with her family when the puppies were 5 weeks old so Jill eagerly offered to take care of the puppies. One puppy was very outgoing, climbed on everything, was very bouncy and never stopped giving kisses and wagging her tail. Needless to say that puppy didn't go back home with the rest of them when the lady came back. ;)


    I was that puppy! :lol: Now I get to make people smile and have fun, along with my 2 kids and that big annoying aussie dog that's gotten to go geocaching that mom says I have to be nice to! :angry:


    Thanks for letting me share my "Gotcha" story. :D

  7. Hello everyone! love this cointest!


    My name is Jill & my caching name is sheltiedogshowlover. I'm from Canandaigua NY and I am recreation therapist in a nursing home and teach dog classes part time.


    I came up with my handle since my other passion (besides my new addiction to geocaching) is my dogs. I have 3 shelties (Dawn, Luke and Leia) and an Aussie (Kaylee) who has been geocaching with me and my husband. She's the dog in my avatar. We compete in agility (dog obsticle courses), obedience, rally obedience, conformation (traditional dog shows), and flyball. We also play a bit in herding and tracking.


    I actually found geocaching because the judge at our last agility trial told me about it during our judges dinner. I went home, joined the forum and started caching with my husband shortly after. So I'm completely new to geocaching but have found 20 caches so far. I have an addictive personality and love caching.. so much that this weekend we went to Target and used the last of our gift cards from our wedding to pick up a GPS unit for me since he uses his phone app.


    I have no coins yet (though I'm hoping to adopt one in the adoption thread) but have picked up two travel bugs I hope to move along this weekend.


    My question is how many coins are actually out there?!


    Thanks for this cointest!

  8. Picked up a John Deere Tractor TB ("Deere John" my first TB) and looked it up and logged it. It's mission states that it's trying to get to Florida. Looking at the log however it looks like it made it to Florida and was in Florida for quite some time, moved around and was moved up to NY by a cacher. No logs state that it made it to Fort Pierce (it's goal). The goal on the TB's page says that it is trying to get to Florida. Anyway to see if that's still it's current goal? If it is I have a great way of getting it there, just wanted to make sure before I dropped it in another cache!



  9. But a free coin that makes you go to a location isn't costing you anything if there are good cachs there.. a good set of cachs causes people to seek out locations and spend money to travel there with out a free coin.. so if a town gets some business out of it too great (if there are great finds there too of course).


    I'd love to recommend to my town that they invest in free coins.. since there are tons of cach's in my area.. that people already come to find.. as a thank you to the cach'ers who come here.. which might turn into a draw for more cach'ers in turn.

  10. Would love to participate! I have 4 dogs am new to geocaching.. but my dogs love to geocach with us! I don't have any coins to contribute this round though. Hopefully next round!

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