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  1. Day 2, Post 2.


    My husband and I started caching this year after the judge at our agility trial that I am the chair of mentioned it while we were at the judges dinner.


    He was saying that this was a lovely area (Canandaigua NY) and that he would bring his significant other back to do some caching here because there were tons in the area.


    I went right home and looked up the site and joined. The next weekend I wanted to go out and look for a few. My husband was game since we love scavenger hunts and such and out we went.


    Of course I picked a weekend where we had just gotten a ton of snow..and the first one we read seemed like it was so easy...but a giant plowed in snow bank where it was meant we had to post a DNF.. the second one said it was difficult and it was.. another DNF (that one got taken down the next week).. and the third one we had to hike across a park in knee deep snow only to have to log a 3rd DNF due to the snow.


    Looking back it's kinda amazing we actually kept going.. :lol:

  2. Day 1, Post #4


    The other thing I must do over easter is sort out my Heifer Tags and get them activated, set up and ready to go.


    For those who don't know what I am talking about, Jackalgirl is organising The Great Cow Tag Race in conjunction with Moozer. There are 2 "categories" of tags you can buy - one lot are Racer Cows and are being released at the 2011 Sonoma County GeoRally. You buy a tag and it gets sent to Moozer to be released at the GeoRally.


    The second category of tags are ones you can buy and get shipped to you that you then activate and release. There are race/game categories for these too.


    And the great thing is that some money from the sale of each tag goes to Heifer International! So go have a look at the thread on these and then go buy some Cow Tags to join in the fun!!


    Your own tags can be got at Jackalgirl's grafikato shop.


    I hope no one considers this hijacking EyeD10T's thread - it just one of the things I am up to this weekend and it relates to geocaching, and it's for a great cause. :)


    I'll consider this my first post for today!


    This actually reminded me to go and buy mine! I had wanted to buy one a while ago but my net book for some reason wouldn't let me.. so I tried today at work..it worked...so I ordered mine! Watch out cows! Here comes SORELLA! :D

  3. Anticipation...... :grin:

    Did you spell that right??


    Antici...(Say it!)...(Say it!)...pation


    on our honeymoon we stumbled upon a live action rocky horror picture show showing... we we thrilled!!

  4. So my name is Zach... and i'm a rottie...and Me and boy was pretty annoyed that squirells weren't allowed.


    My boy Greg is not the one that plays with the girls and their dogs.. \


    One day me and my boy came across a tiny pink thing in the drveway... I went to sniff t AND he stoppped me...it squeeked...and I licked it.. He picked it up and called his sisters...


    the "sisters" figured out how to keep me healthy.. and I became a best friend to the dog that the breeder told us was too prey driven and should go to a "farm"... Everyone was shocked.. he cuddled and me... he cleaned me andslept with me..


    My name became "Nutt's"


    Sadly it was proven my mom did kick me out of the nest for A reseaon.. and had a seizure at a year and a half...


    *This was a tongue in cheek post. :) Had to post the Squirrel story just because..lol)

  5. Anyone that wants to join in on the $2.48 fun I'll send a random item to for a coin/TB. It might take a couple of weeks but I can get you some fun randomness!

  6. I don't have a recent photo.. but I have an interesting story about how I got my name.


    I am a cat... though the rest of my family will tell you I'm a sheltie..


    My mom was in college. She moved to an apartment where the doors were open to the courtyard like a motel.. My cat mom was a pretty black cat that was very social (just like my now mom) and went into every apartment to get pets, and food when she could.


    Then the year my new mom moved and my cat mom started seriously looking for a new home.. because she had a problem... but no one wanted to take me her... she really needed help and everyone kept kicking her out not knowing that she was pregnant. she found a box outside of my soon to be new mom's apartment with a blanket in it and I was born!


    My new mom took us in and it was hard for my mom being a feral cat.. we had moment where she just wanted to be outside... but eventually my new mom helped spay my mom, find homes for all my siblings, and found time to name me..


    My name became FATE.. because I was born in a box on my mom's door step!

  7. I hope that you let me help my favorite girl win this coin test from the rainbow bridge..


    My girl Jill and her brother were trying to name me as soon as they brought me home.


    Her brother wanted to name me Sonica (his thought was that was the female sonic the hedgehog!) and she wanted to name me Jessica.


    They were given AKC papers to send in so they sent in my name! Jill won and Jessica was my name.


    This thing called the "AKC" didn't like my name! (what is wrong with them!) There were too many yellow labs named Jessica.. so we had to pick a new name..


    Since my girl (who was 12 at the time) was very inventive she put a bunch of letters in between my name and came up with the name "Jeshi Kahna" which was quickly accepted and I eventually (with the help of Jill and her sister Brie) became Jeshi Kahna AM/CAN CD CGC/TDI.


    I had a great time being a therapy dog helping people still have a dog even though they couldn't.. and I helped my kids get through bad times in their parent's divorce by showing them that they were loved no matter what!.. and helped 4-h kids learn they could really do it!


    Fans of me in 4-H bought me an honoary mat at a local obedience club and many people over the years have asked what Jeshi Kahna means since it sounds like a great indian name.. and since my kids do have indian heritage it would make sense.. my kids always laughed knowing it doesn't have any true meaning..


    but if you ask my family Jeshi Kahna means "One who will never be forgotten!"




    *edited to note that I was just bawling re-reading that realizing how much of an impact on my life this dog really had.. and how much Jeshi Kahna really does mean "one who will never be forgotten"**

  8. I didn't get a chance to post this during molly's gotcha day cointest.. so here's the full story..


    In terms of my name (which is a new addition since my mom was so late in getting into the last cointest...) My birthday is 1-23-04. which my mom thought was cool..and since I'm aquarius my mom decided that my full name would be Canami's Age of Aquarius.. thus my name is "DAWN".. get it .. it's the Dawning of the age of aquarius! :lol:


    The story of my gotcha day is below!

    My mom Jill Loves cointests but I have to say this is MY favorite!!


    She told me to come and post since it was posted by another sheltie!! (even if you are the wrong color! :P )


    Jill and I do all sorts of fun things! We go all over the place and I get to run around and jump jumps and go through tunnels... I get to play a game where I jump over jumps and get a tennis ball.. I get to herd sheep.. and I get to do my favorite thing of all- make people smile who can't have their own doggies any more!


    Jill started out in dogs with a very bad dog yellow lab named Jessie. I never met her but I hear about her all the time! She said that Jessie used to chew the noses off of all her sister's stuffed animals, dig holes in the back yard, jump on everyone, poop in the house, and run away all the time! I never got to do any of those things that sound like they are so fun, but Jill says that the reason we get to do all sorts of other fun things is because of this naughty dog!


    Jessie got out one time and Jill's family drove around the neighborhood looking for her everywhere! Everyone was sad and crying. They thought she was gone forever. But then they got home and she was sitting on the back porch waiting for them!


    Jill's mom said that she had to go! But Jill begged her to let her take her to a place called "obedience school" around the corner where they teach your people how to communicate with you. Her mom agreed and the owner of the school said that this 12 year old girl and 6 month old puppy could give a class a go. After the 8 weeks they were working like a team so she joined this thing called 4-h and was hooked on the dog world!


    Jessie was a therapy dog too just like me! She got to go with Jill to work when she started working in a nursing home. Sadly before Jill was done with that thing she calls "college" Jessie passed away.


    So Jill was on the hunt for a new therapy dog to make the people smile! Her family friend bred sheltie dogs like me so she asked if she could borrow one to take the special test to be a dog that makes people happpy like Jessie. This doggie was a very good therapy dog, but the lady decided she should have puppies and Jill was left again without a dog to make the people happy.


    Well the lady had planned a trip to Disney world with her family when the puppies were 5 weeks old so Jill eagerly offered to take care of the puppies. One puppy was very outgoing, climbed on everything, was very bouncy and never stopped giving kisses and wagging her tail. Needless to say that puppy didn't go back home with the rest of them when the lady came back. ;)


    I was that puppy! :lol: Now I get to make people smile and have fun, along with my 2 kids and that big annoying aussie dog that's gotten to go geocaching that mom says I have to be nice to! :angry:

  9. My favorite geocaching photo so far has to be the cache we found that was dog themed with our geocaching dog Kaylee.. she's a herding dog and hadn't been on a hike with us yet.. she was entered in a "pretty dog" show the next weekend (even though she much more prefers sheep herding and getting muddy) but we took her anyway.. and she had the best time surprising us jumping over and on top of spots we had no clue she could get to.. and controlling herself and watching as we forged large hills and valleys where she could have easily taken me down by just running down the steep slopes that I had to slowly go down with her on a leash.. best thing is that being a herding dog she got covered from head to toe in mud that day and shook it off an hour later and was still ready to be a "pretty dog" the next weekend.


    We found 8 caches out of 9 that day. The one that we didn't find she just laid down and ignored our searching.. I'm convinced we weren't meant to find that one..lol.



  10. a9lpxt.jpg


    Got this lovely package in the mail today from MooseJawSpruce! This is the first geocoin I've actually held! I'm sure it will be the first in a long geocoin addiction.. :lol:


    Love the signature wooden nickle that came along with it. It's very well done!


    ** Edited to note that I activated it. It can be followed at TB19GG6 **


    It's moving! Was a little concerned when it got picked up and logged by a new to caching geocacher who hadn't logged their find on the cache site but the worry was unneccesary. It has traveled from Canandaguia to Albany along with a captian america TB (ironically sent out by a friend of mine) that is trying to get to all the state capitals. Very cool. :D

  11. A "Look Twice Coin" came in the mail yesterday so I promptly ran out and bought a little motorcycle toy to attach it to, activated it, and will be sending it on it's way shortly. :lol: Thanks WRS!




    Reference Number is TB2QA0J

  12. Still waiting on WSR's second item..and bidding on the next item. There are so many great items out there under $3.00 but I am keeping true to the $2.48 including shipping promise..lol. Gonna have to do a mission based on my journey to find a cheap ebay item that is amusing..:)

  13. Arriving first at a fairly remote cache, I found a beautiful hand-made set of earings and a necklace, made by the cache owner. Silver, turquoise, etc. I really wanted them for my wife, but I had noting even remotely comparable in value, so I left them in the cache. The next finder traded them for a "Burger King toy".


    I'm new to caching and this just makes me sad.. I have had a few where I have read the discription and and tried to stick with the theme too and that makes me even sadder to see that there is nothing in the cache that is even close to the them and it's all very low quality items.


    We recently went on a hunt for a cache near our home with newly activated geocoin to place on a journey.. and I had read that the theme was light themed. My husband asked why I was bringing another item if I was leaving a nice coin but I brought along a breast cancer whistle/flash light. It wasn't worth alot but to me the theme needed this piece.. and there wasn't anything else in the box of that theme...

  14. My husband just said that team 16 will be done as soon as the playoffs start. He's quite the hockey buzz kill...lol.. then again he's a hard core rangers fan :P


    *edited to mention that I am personally a part of team 16...lol**

  15. First shot at this one.. it's supposed to be a sun design with sun being both a cat's eye and the letter O, and a C (for Oceanside Cats)




    *Edited to note that I'm a slight idiot and put a C instead of a K.. it's oceanside kitties not cats..lol. Can easily be changed to a K with the K "arms" as sun beams**

  16. I'll take 26. Think that's the last one.


    I'll share with sheltiedogshowlover...looks like team kizb be you to it...If I win I'll send you the coin or ask it be sent to you!




    Very awesome. Go team 16! (I love Hockey by the way. I hope we get a good team!!)

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