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  1. RAOK done for today. Helped that I won $400 at the casino on a $.20 bet. Made it much easier to pay it forward. :-)
  2. Didn't forget..just need to get a couple more items. This was one I really needed to do some research on.. a person's passion deserves some research. :-) Sorry for the delay. (haven't recieved mine either though )
  3. Oh no... I sent that June 27th... I sent out the 7 coins that were part of the actual trade on the same day after sitting on a picnic bench and fighting with packing tape out side of a taco bell....
  4. Very cool! I'm sorry I haven't been around recently to keep track of who has received and who hasn't received their packages... had to have surgery a recently.. Please post if you haven't received a package yet. Everyone seems to be entertained by the packages they have recieved.
  5. I wish I could have known Kathy.. but I love your dedication to her memory! Yesterday we went to a local ball game we won tickets to at an autism event and I paid it forward several times to the people sitting next to us. It was kind of funny because after the 3rd free thing I brought them back they laughed and asked what was coming next! Thanks for the thread Drneal.
  6. I received my coins from UKTIM on August 3rd.
  7. Holy moly! I know I took a bit to send it but that seems like it took a long time to get to you.... Sorry for the delay!
  8. I'm sorry that I might take a bit longer then planned to get my package out... I had to have surgery (unexpectatly) on Friday.. and I started a new job Monday... I really wanted to do some research on the "love" part of of this mission and I hope that the reciepent will be patient and appreciate the fact that I had a stupid surgery and the fact that I really want to make this mission special (through research..)
  9. Congrats on being the 20,000th person to post in this thread!! This is the 20,000th reply!! Where's the geocoin to commemorate this feat!??? Tell you what, I'll send sheltiedogshowlover a geocoin as a prize for reaching this momentous point in this thread!
  10. Again.. I'm not even in this mission and I think this was by far my favorite mission thus far. I've loved poking fun and adding pictures....that is all...
  11. Shape: Round Colors: White Pearl, Red Glitter Design: Intertwined hearts, wedding date, maybe something with your geodog Serena. Metal- Antique Silver
  12. I'm wishing I could win this wishing coin. Sitting at home watching the storm watch. Stay safe everyone!
  13. Looking for a couple of GW9 Non-trackable doves to complete my collection. Suzyfishn, Plumb69, Fairyhoney, and redwingrr Thanks in advance! I have my own dove to trade for these ones if available.
  14. I went with 86 even though it seems as though it's been answered. just wanted to color a square in. :-)
  15. Gaming conventions, Star Trek conventions, Comic conventions, Anime conventions, R/C Airplane events, and Renaissance Festivals, I've been there and done that. I believe I even went to a computer software swap meet once upon a time and bought a relatively cheap C++ compiler there. (Borland C++ 4.0, which was a little out of date at the time.) Edit: I'm so geeky/nerdy I remember what "Win32s" is. We've gone to several comic book conventions... and had our picture taken with star trek folks at a show on our honeymoon at the Kennedy Space Center.
  16. Oh.. I thought international meant all nations! If you don't have enough international folks sign up I'm I'd be interested.
  17. As a new cacher they may not have known the options of activating it or not. It is a good suggestion to keep it and "dip" it into caches you find in the future as a milage tracker. My dog has a new "geodog" geocoin that we put on her collar when we go caching and to events. People discover her and I "dip" the coin into caches. It's pretty amusing. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1024706
  18. Wow!!! It would be amazing to post a picture of something I get in my mailbox that commemorates the fact that I was the 20,000 reply in the mailbox thread! It would be more then fitting!
  19. It's not uncommon for folks to keep something like you found (a first to find coin) as a momenteo. What you're speaking of is a "proxy" and there's much debate over it. Lots of people think it's so much better to be able to hold the coin in your hand, discover it, and send it on it's way. Some people think it's ok if you originally released the coin and it was then lost/stolen (so you then released a photo of it to keep it going) but Lots of people don't like the idea and If it's a coin you value I wouldn't release it and keep it. There are several ways to get an inexpensive coin (under $10) to send out on it's travels so you can track it.. or you can buy a travel tag to attach to something fun and follow it's travels. I love watching my TB's (travel bugs/ Geocoins) on their travels. I've passed some great ones on from other countries as well.
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