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  1. Post 3 for today


    Stopped at a local coin collecting shop to pick up a sheet to put my new geocoins in. Discovered one of the guys that works there is also a geocacher and is starting a 4-H geocaching club with the owner of my favorite local cache (Boots...!)

  2. Post 1 for today..


    I did a couple of hunts in the rain today and dropped off my Look Twice geocoin that I attached to a toy motorcycle that I recieved in my $2.48 thread.


    For those who haven't read the thread I had $2.48 in my paypal account.I offered to trade $2.48 of the most random items I could find on ebay for a coin/TB.


    The first was sent to Write Shop Robert (a belly button lint brush! and one more item that's on it's way) and I got the look twice geocoin in exchange.


    The second was a plumbrokeacres coin that is in their cache waiting to be moved. I just sent off their $2.48 items (check out the thread to see the items!)


    I decided it was so much fun that if anyone else wants $2.48 of randomness in exchange for something I'm game. It takes a bit but it's amusing.. :D


    My next set of new coins!


    The geodog coin we'll activate and put on our dogs collar! I'm very excited about that one. :D


    One word of precaution, if you put a coin on your dog's collar, try to make sure it's protected in some way. I got a coin for my geodog, and it didn't take long for the metal to rust/corrode to the point where you couldn't even read the tracking numbers anymore. :( Granted, I have a St. Bernard so part of that was the power of slobber. :laughing:


    Beautiful dog coin collection you have going there, though!


    Thanks for the advice! actually my dogs don't wear their collars other then when we go hiking or traveling. Being a part time dog trainer and having a sister who's a vet tech we've seen too many dogs get collars stuck in fences, crates, etc. with horrifying results. Our dogs are tattooed in case they get out when at home, and we put collars on them when we're traveling.


    It'll probably be a coin we activate and take with us when we take one of the geodogs (we have 4) so we can log they were with us on the find. :D

  4. Thanks!That's what I'm trying to do! I am a dog person so I figured trying to at least keep my collection to dog themed coins would be a start..lol. The darkest before dawn coin was bought because I went through my hardest times with my dog Dawn.. who is a blue merle (grey & white) so I thought it fit the theme even though there's not a dog on the coin..

  5. I've been playing with my wood burner and with a wood paint pen on some wooden nickles. Since they're hand made each will be different.


    The first one I made I spelled geocaching wrong (s instead of c).. but it's labeled #1 so I'll keep it and laugh every time I look at it.


    The second one I made I put into a birthday cache container tube that my husband can make into a cache with some swag and a coin for representing me (the dogs are on it) and a coin representing him (lots of Pi, bianary code and 42 on that one).


    This weekend I hope to make some more. I love making things! These are basic but I hope to get more in depth as I try different techniques on the wooden coins. :)

  6. To expand on what WSR has said -


    One of the joys of caching is to find a trackable coin in a cache, and upon logging the coin, if you find the coin is NOT activated, it was left in the cache as swag and should be traded for appropriately (most range in value from $5-$15).






    Since I'm fairly new to coins & caching.. if you find a coin in a cache in an area that you're not from (say you're on vacation) and don't know that it's unactivated and you pick it up to keep it moving ? If you think it's a TB and you don't leave equal swag then find out it's a collectable or unactivated coin/gift how do you go about the swag trade? What if you're on the move and don't have time to go back to the cache when you figure out it's unactivated?


    I personally have been leaving some fun swag items since I've noticed that swag is sorely lagging in my area.

  7. Post 4 for today


    I can't talk about my favorite cache in detail.. but I went with my husband to drop off my first geocoin on it's travels at a fairly easy cache on a beautiful day and convinced him to do a puzzle cache that was near by with me.


    It was a very tough one and we were ready to give up.. GPS said we were on top of it and couldn't find it.. we both said let's go.. took a drink of water.. and being stubborn looked around again.. and both questioned something at the same time.. and both said No way..


    He showed his love and shimmed into a spot he shouldn't have with his very low tread combat boots on and we were right! (mind you he's 6'5 around 260) Found the first leg and then on to the second leg where a VERY LARGE spider had made her home in the back of the cache container. Wish I had had my camera on me because a patch that was left by someone was woven into her web.. I very carefully logged the cache without disturbing the spider and moved on.


    This cache made me smile. I wish I could say more about it... I just wish there were more out there like it!

  8. Post 3 for today


    *Small world Post*


    I was at the state fair grounds for a dog show and of course had to do some geocaching since there are 3 at the site. The judge that got me into geocaching mentioned there was a cache a few feet from the ring I was standing in so he convinced me I had enough time to find it before my agility course was built.


    So I got my GPS and found it in no time. Well the breeder of my dog was super confused as to why I would run off outside while they were building the course.(it doesn't take long and normally I'm just standing there nervous waiting for them to be done)She guessed my dog had to go to the bathroom.


    But When I came back in GPS in hand instead of a poop bag she realized what I was doing and laughed. Her son who's a boyscout has been caching for years (and I had no clue) and has some caches in the area I live in that I'll of course have to find now. :D

  9. Post #2 for today


    *Small World Post*


    I found a travel bug in a cache and was talking about my adventures with my co-worker who has two boys that I'm sure would love to do some geocaching. A nurse over heard me say geocaching and florida in the same breathe while she was walking by and stopped dead in her tracks. She came over and said (in a secret whisper) I geocache.. and I'm going to florida.. and kept moving..


    My co-worker looked at me confused and I laughed. I held onto it for a couple of weeks and hopefully she'll be taking it on her travels to Florida shortly.

  10. Post 1 for today.


    *Small world post*

    After first time out caching our friend posted a photo of me with my favorite cache of that is now no more.


    I went into teach my rally obedience class a couple of weeks ago and after class one of my students came up to me and asked to talk to me quickly.. she had a few questions. I was worried.. what did I do wrong?


    She said she had just logged into the geocaching website and thought she saw a photo of me... I laughed and said it was indeed me and she asked me all sorts of questions about geocaching.. phone app's.. etc.


    Now every week we compare notes. She found her first TB this week and is excited to see it move.


    I'm actually hoping I can get together with her for some geodog caching. :D

  11. Two packages sent! I have to admit that shipping cost a bit more because of the fact I accidently sent a couple items to myself instead of directly to you guys.


    The custom's guy I'm sure will be amused and confused by the items on the form.. :lol:

  12. Day 2 post 4.. last one for today! :D



    I recieved my first packages today with coins I will be keeping. I decided to narrow my geocoins to dog themed ones (since if you couldn't tell I'm a dog person lol)


    The one that's not dog themed is the "Darkest Before Dawn" coin. It's stunning.. I had to order it since my dog Dawn was the one who got me through my toughest times.. so I think it still fits my theme :anitongue:

  13. My first set of coins that are mine to keep! And so it begins! :lol:


    Not a great photo but I love them all!!


    There's a Lava K9 coin, the Darkest Before Dawn coin, a Geopuppy Coin, and the Dog Days of Summer coin.


    Thanks to IBcaching for sending the extra Lava K9 coin along with my purchase to get my dog themed Geocoin collection started!



  14. Recent goodies :)


    This coin - What is it?? :huh: I LIKE it! ^_^




    2010 Dawning Hope :)


    Edited to add: Sea of Nectar and Darkest before Dawn editions if im not mistaken.


    I got this coin today in the mail too.. I bought the Darkest before Dawn edtion.It's stunning!

  15. Day 2 post 3


    *It's a small world*


    After our first hunt with 3 DNF's We actually kept geocaching largely in part to the fact that the same week we met a friend for dinner at our fav mexican resturaunt in the area and mentioned geocaching.. he apparently had been caching for a long time and before we could even order food we were out the door looking for caches.


    It turned into a "find a cache, have a beer" night. I think we found 3 that night and I was hooked! :D


    Sadly my favorite one that night has been taken down. It was a cache that was meant to show you a little piece of history and it mentioned my madien name!

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