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  1. I know that this is an older topic but here's my geodog Kaylee. We have 4 dogs that cache with us. I just got a geodog coin that I'm going to activate and take with us to dip into caches when we have a geodog with us! This photo was taken when we found a dog themed cache. :lol:



  2. II'm having a blast watching this mission. Can't wait to see what everyone gets! I hope to play during the next mission now that I have coins and some things to send out!

    I'll be packing up an aditional 3 BOXES to add to the final mix...perhaps one of them will contain a Whoopie Cushion??


    Hehe.. I really couldn't help myself. Wonder who will be the recpient of the infamous whoopie cushion!

  3. I love this coin! Even though I collect dog themed coins I could justify this one!


    I have two shelties named Luke and Leia. Their full names are

    Canami Sorella's A New Hope (luke) and Sorella's Rebel Princess (leia). The other two littermates were Chewy and Han :lol:


    Would love to be able to use the force to find one in my mailbox someday!

  4. I'm sorry. I know that and I make that request. I guess I'm just so sad for my friends that I was hoping that people that didn't look in that thread might be able to help me help them with this coin.


    I hav3 an ebay bid on one too.. but I'm just hopeing to find this coin for them!

  5. Looking for a rainbow bridge coin for a special friend couple who lost their geodog that we went on our first non urban geocache hunt with that just lost their dog yesterday unexpectadly to cancer..

  6. I'm hoping to find the following coin..


    Dorkfish Rainbow Bridge Geocoin Dog/Pet Memorial.


    Our first non-urban cache we went on a park hunt and found 8 of 9 finds. We brought our aussie Kaylee and our very good friend brought his dog Emmie. Much to our excitment they got along great and we had the best day hiking.


    Yesterday our friend had to put down that great dog that meant so much to him and his girlfriend due to cancer suddenly. I'd love to get my hands on this coin to give to him.


    Thank you in advance.

  7. Hehe.. I couldn't resist when I found the whoopie cushion auction after that comment. I can't wait till plumbrokeacres gets their package! I had way too much fun finding $2.48 of randomness.

  8. Post 3 for today.


    One of my favorite coins that I've gotten so far is the geopuppy coin. It amuses me because it looks like the old school fisher price little people.


    They don't make them like that anymore.. apperantly they were choking hazards. I somehow made it out alive playing with them..lol.

  9. Post 2


    Our first non-urban geocaching adventure was to a local park called mendon ponds where there are an insane amount of caches. We searched for 9 and found 8 that day. We took our aussie kaylee and our friend brought along his dog Emmie. Much to our relief the dogs got along great and it made for an amazing day of hiking with the geodogs!


    Sadly we will not be able to replicate that adventure as Emmie went to the rainbow bridge yesterday. RIP Emmie. :cry:


    **EDITED TO ADD THAT I'M LOOKING FOR THE Dorkfish Rainbow Bridge Geocoin Dog/Pet Memorial COIN IF ANYONE HAS ONE TO GIVE THEM**

  10. Post 1 for today.


    I plan on going out caching today. :) It's a beautiful sunny day and there's none of the rain they threatend us with. Wohoo!! Charging the phone and loading up the bag. Will be heading out shortly after I decide which direction to head today!

  11. Happy easter everyone! I had to work today so no easter caching.. but perhaps I'll do some on my day off on Tues if the weather is nice.


    We've officially had 6 months of snow here in Cananadaigua NY. It can stop now..lol.

  12. Looking for dog themed geocoins. Please feel free to PM me with potentials to add to my new collection. THanks!


    Good theme; drneal started a list for you already. :)


    Oh Where, oh where has my little dog gone?


    Did see that and was excited to see it!! If anyone has coins listed in that thread that I don't have yet please feel free to PM me with prices. I have a grab bag of coins coming that I hope to be able to offer in trade shortly.

  13. Hey all! I'm new to coin collecting but decided to keep my coin collecting to dog themed coins.


    I HAVE:

    Midwest geobash '07

    Pound Puppies Dog Days of Summer

    Irish Terrier (Irish-Hunter)

    K9 Laval (Wyatt)





    Looking for any other dog themed coins. Please feel free to contact me if you have any coins I might be interested in. Thanks!

  14. As an amateur astronomer, I'd personally prefer the use of the formal latin names for the mere and such, but I can completely understand the translated names.


    What about doing the translated names for the first set of coins and doing a special edition latin coin in the future?

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