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  1. I didn't know this thread existed. I have a look twice coin that recently I sent out from WSR that I attached to a toy motorcycle with a mission to go to sturgis and various motorcycle rallies.


    I updated the message on it's page to include info about the importance of being aware of motorcycles and bikes around you. I grew up on the back of a bike that my dad bought.. after reading about various accidents in our area my mom decided to get her own license and bike so that in case something happened they wouldn't both be on one bike..



  2. Imagine has always been a song that I've used for everyone from kids to hospice care while doing music therapy.. It's a song that means a lot to me after loosing my grandma.. and a song that meant alot to me when my parents got divorced.. and probably for completely different reasons then other people are touched by the song..


    Music is the only common thing the world. Lyrics aside.. music means so much to people young and old... and it can mean something so different to each person.

  3. I do agility with my guys too! My sheltie has her AX, OAJ and is MACH pointed in limited competitions. It's a bunch of fun! :D


    Yes indeed, agility is the best sport we can do with our dogs :D My GSD has his PS1, NAC, TN-N, SGDC, AADC, AGNS, AGNJS and RA titles. Since you live in New-York state, are you entered in any NADAC trial soon? I am going to Stephentown in 2 weeks ;)


    Sorry guys, I'm off-topic :rolleyes: Now, let's get back to this mission B)


    I PM'd you. ;)


    Also off topic and as a complete side note.. I have to say Buggers... I didn't realize my free premium subscription I got with my GPS ran out this week.. and they just published a new cache in my area that's a premium only.. don't have my credit card with me. Guess I'll have to wait till I get home from work to renew my subscription :(


    To get back on topic... I CAN'T WAIT to see what everyone gets. This is the best mission to follow!(and I'm not even a part of it.. :P )

  4. Hmm.. I agree. I've decided to do a locality mission too.. if I can change my theme.. internationally would be welcome..


    Mission #1 - Locality Theme

    Email sent: May 3, 2011

    Name received:

    Package sent:

    Package received:


    *thoughts of kinder eggs and Dr. Who items now dance in my head (along with the ever so present Irish herding DOGS and sheep! **

  5. Box #8 could be the Fanny Box (as Laval K-9 mentioned he recognises it). Can someone tell me what this is?


    Box #1 is the BOCNUMBERONE or Bell Box

    Box #2 is the Hacky Sacks Box

    Box #3 is the Bison Tube Box

    Box #4 is the Hamster Box

    Box #5 is the Top Secret Information Box

    Box #5 is the Loss of Memory Box

    Box #6 is the Reese's Cups Box

    Box #7 is the Junk Drawer Box

    Box #8 is the Fanny Box?

    Box #9

    Box #10

    Box #11

    Box #12

    Box #13

    Box #14

    Box #15

    Box #16

    Box #17

    Box #18

    Box #19

    Box #20

    Box #21

    Box #22

    Box #23

    Box #24

    Box #25 will be named by WSR


    I believe Laval-K9's box is the "Fanny Box" because of her address label. If I remember right it was "Fanny and Friends."



    eseurat is right ;) I always print my address labels with Fanny's face on them. She was one of our dogs, a rescue from the SPCA, who lived to be 13 years old. Sadly no longer with us but forever in our hearts. She was our first agility dog and when we started our own agility club we named it ¨Fanny & Friends¨



    I do agility with my guys too! My sheltie has her AX, OAJ and is MACH pointed in limited competitions. It's a bunch of fun! :D

  6. I like them both, but I think the problem really is that you didn't get the correct product that you ordered.. I would love to have either but I think that you should get what you ordered..and what you wanted.

  7. i am not sure the postal service will deliver a package that does not have the name of the receiver on it. even when you send something to a name different than the one associated with the address you need to use "care of" or C/O.


    something to consider.


    i think not having a name as a receiver is a recipe for disaster and the possibility of a missing package goes up. and as someone else said, i like knowing who i am sending too so i can look for coins and things that match the person. no point in sending chocolate to someone who doesn't like it. that's where those nice little profiles come in handy.



    They will, maybe not internationally, or on customs forms, but I get all kinds of things addressed to Resident, Neighbor, Voter, Robert's Write Shop, and all manner of other nonname titles.


    I've run various secret santa's for two different dog related forums.. and haven't had any problems with things getting sent to my dogs (though they have people names) but I also haven't had anyone have any trouble getting things sent to their dogs/cats either.

  8. Alright it seems like some think I'm hijacking this mission because I didn't see it in another thread so I will cancel this mission to keep the piece.


    There is another thread that you posted in with a potential similar theme. someone was asking for ideas and the there was talking about a sunshine theme and asking for ideas. You suggested a mystery theme. I'm guessing that's where the comments are comming from.

  9. The unique mission idea could be intersting too since people could base a mission around a coin (s) that they have to send to someone else.


    Could be very interesting to see how people built a mission package around coins instead of putting coins in a package based on the theme!

  10. I am trying to come up with something for the mission. I am thinking about a mission that each missionary (lol) decides what their mission is. It could be a sunshine mission or a box full of goodies. When you post that you want to play just put down what you are going to do and I will match the receipent to you. Email me at my geocaching address with your address and what kind of mission you are doing. I will then send out the addresses in about thee weeks. International is ok. Let me know what you think.


    I like this, it could be called something like the Unique Mission, as every mission will be unique.


    I think the baby photos should be kept as a whole separate thing though, I love that idea!


    Agree. I like the unique mission idea, but I really like the baby pictures thing and Think that should be a whole seperate mission!

  11. I'd be very happy to join an international chocolate bar(s) + coin mission.


    As long as I get some kinder eggs out of this mission I'd be game.. :lol: I love kinder eggs!! (can't get them here in america)


    Really! That surprises me. Will see what I can do if I get you. :)


    I had my first kinder egg's when I was in germany 13 years ago.. and I fell in love with Diddle.. I miss both!!

  12. II'm having a blast watching this mission. Can't wait to see what everyone gets! I hope to play during the next mission now that I have coins and some things to send out!

    I'll be packing up an aditional 3 BOXES to add to the final mix...perhaps one of them will contain a Whoopie Cushion??


    Hehe.. I really couldn't help myself. Wonder who will be the recpient of the infamous whoopie cushion!

    What I'm wondering is...whether it will still be in the package, or unwrapped and inflated.


    Ah.. but are you talking about before or after it's sent?


    Will it be in the package when sent and then inflated and in use during the pictures that are posted? hehe....

  13. Just got in the mail today (all offered for trade)


    Cache Bug Geocoin

    Nature's Night and Day Geocoin

    Native American Indian Totem Geocoin

    Climbing and Caching Geocoin

    Wonderful Discoveries Geocoin


    Looking for any dog related coin but Really Would love to find a Gone to the dogs coin (with all the dog figures on it. It has a sheltie on it!!)

  14. 2hygao0.jpg


    Got these coins in the mail today as part of a grab bag. Tried to looks some of them up but the makers are no longer in service. Any chance you guys can help me out with what these coins are?


    I plan on trading them but need to know what they are first..lol. Thanks!

  15. Hehe.. I couldn't resist when I found the whoopie cushion auction after that comment. I can't wait till plumbrokeacres gets their package! I had way too much fun finding $2.48 of randomness.

    Maybe that can be a future theme of a Kitchen Sink Mission...some random silly amount to spend.



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