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  1. After taking part in my first mission, and organizing several Dog themed international Secret Santa and Christmas in July projects elsewhere I've decided to try my hand at organizing my first mission here!


    I've decided to keep this one pretty simple while making the geocoin the star of the show! You sign up for the mission, get the name of the person who you will be sending the mission to, then pick a coin that you will base your mission around. The coin itself will be the center of the theme for this mission. Be creative! It can be based on the actual theme of the coin, the colors, the shape etc. But the mission should show that the coin was truly the inspiration for the rest of the mission.


    For example.. I get my person and one of the coins they want is the suncatcher cinema boxers coin. I have one so I decide to build this mission around that coin. I might build the mission around suncatcher's, or sun's, or dogs, or movies.. Just be creative, and make the coin the STAR!


    If you decide to join:


    1. Send me your snail mail address plus your real and caching name to my profile e-mail address. Please also send a link to your coin want list/themes of coins you collect list if you have one, or include the list in the e-mail.


    2. This mission will include at least two trackables. 1 unactivated coin and the other can be any trackable that you want, micros, cachekinz, dogtag with something attached or a full sized trackable coin. BUT it MUST have been activated by you and dipped in a cache near you. You choose the mission of the traveling coin/trackable- preferable with a mission related to the "star geocoin's" theme even if the trackable isn't! Use your imagination!


    3. Post here in the forums:


    Email sent:

    Name received:

    Package sent:

    Package received:

    and any wishes or themes you would like to receive.


    4. Will take names till June 24 and have names out to everyone by the end of June.


    Looking forward to some fun, creative missions!


    **Edited to add that this will be an international optional mission. Please also indicate in your e-mail if you are willing to do international missions or only in your own country. Thanks***

  2. last night my step dad johnhope (geo name)

    was in an accident in wyoming and he passed away

    when his 18 wheeler hit another truck.


    i am looking for a geotruckers coin if you have one or know where i can get one

    please let me know.


    RIP FATHER........


    I'm so sorry for your loss! I really hope the adoption works out. Sorry I can't help!

  3. Very cute!


    As for the comment about your name on it...Personal Geocoins are supposed to be personal.... that's the whole point..lol. I have a personal trackable coin that I made only 2 of. 1 I'm keeping and 1 is in the math trade. It's got my kennel name on it, not my geocaching name but still very personal...

  4. "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path

    and leave a trail."

    -Ralph Waldo Emerson


    Thanks for the cointest! Here's one of my favorites. I love quotes!

  5. Glad you liked everything Mooncat & KDT!


    Let me know how those bug repelling bracelets work! I have another package of those winery grape twists sitting in my kitchen.. they're my favorite! I decided that Since I couldn't send wine I'd grape twists! Hope the letter explained everything a bit and how each item connects to Rochester/Fingerlakes area! Enjoy!!


    By the way.. my post slip was a false alarm. It was two non-trackable dog coins I bought from China that needed a signature.. fun but not my mission. Hopefully soon! :D Worst part was I went after work and there was another dang post slip in my mailbox today and I was just there (I know this one's not the mission so it urks me even more..lol)

  6. Just making sure.. we can upload coins that we don't have in hand yet right? I have a lot of 17 coins I bought to trade. Paying for them on Thursday so I'll have them shortly.. I'm planning on uploading them tonight.

  7. How about putting them in caches? Then you can enjoy watching them travel the world.


    Looks like she probably needs the money for something!


    Grab bags are a great idea. Perhaps posting a list initially to see if there are any takers for individual coins then offering the rest as grab bags. People will buy activated coins, sometimes at a reduced price, unless it's a hard to find coin. New coin buyers usually will buy them as well (my self included.. if I like a coin and I can find it activated right now I'll buy it)

  8. Just got home from a sheltie specialty match that Dawn won (wohoo!) and thought the day couldn't get any better.. but there was a pink slip waiting for me on my step so I'm hoping that means my package has come!


    Unfortunately the post office here closes at 2pm on Sat so I'll have to wait to get it till Monday but I'm ok with that since I also got a coin that I'm trading in the mail today and need to send that out Monday so I'll kill two birds with one stone!

  9. :D what's another week anyways hehe :)


    Plus, we might even be able to get to page 13 without receiving anything :)

    And we could also pad it out by talking about the Tiki Treasure Chest mission... opps - too late :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


    Or show more pictures of box people......

    I think TSUN would particularly like this one.




    Umm...Talking about TSUN is a little off topic...let's keep it on the rails here.


    Sorry about that, I didn't realize my little box picture would cause such a ruckus :huh:



    I love nutella.


    I've never had Nutella. All my friends tell me to never try it or I would get addicted, but what's one more addiction....right? :rolleyes:


    I don't like it so much, but my kids love it and I buy the ones that come in glasses/tumblers - we will soon have a set!


    Ooo! Like the jelly used to come in? I'll have to see if we have that packaging anywhere near me!

  10. What are the odds that BOTH of my cows are among those six cows that decided to surrender themselves to the fastfood industry...



    I hope your cow just decided to go hang out with the happy cows in california! You need a herding dog like I have though to protect your cow from the evil sheep though.. :lol:

  11. I had a package waiting for me today!! It was so exciting! Thank you, Fianccetto! You definitely out did yourself!





    I loved all of the thoughtful wrapping and care you took with your mission!




    The contents included:


    - Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash

    - 2 neat little kids toys that were packaged in little eggs

    - The Union Jack Pillow (This was very interesting to read about!)

    - Cache Critters Moo Brown Pin

    - Box of Thorntons assorted chocolates

    - A pencil from Castell Caernarton Castle (I hope to visit one day!)

    - A British Notebook

    - Jellyatrics Candies

    - Kinder Chocolate Bars

    - A wooden heart spoon

    - A Curlywurly bar

    - A Fruit Salad bar

    - Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

    - Flumps Marshmallow Treat

    - A licorice bar




    The trackables were very generous as well:

    - Activated suitcase geocoin attached to a hedgehog

    - Hamster geotag

    - Micro Euro Flag Geocoin

    - A TARDIS (Dr. Who) coin from England


    The contents also included one last chocolate bar, which I love the wrapping:




    Thank you very much for your generosity! I have to let you know that my husband was drooling over the contents as I was opening it! He was very jealous that he did not participate. He is hooked now and wants to know when the next mission will be. He has even asked me to put a new mission together, so he can participate...we will see! :rolleyes: I did share the goodies with him once I was done opening and admiring everything! We have many more to work our way through still, and we will savor every bite!


    Thank you Team Luvbassn for putting this mission together! It was my first, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it! I look forward to many more in the future.


    OOOH! I'm jelous! You got a tardis coin and kinder chocolate! Very nice mission! congrats! What lovely wrapping.. and I love the suitacase coin attached to the hedgehog! Very neat idea!


    Can't wait to see what I get in the mail (the anticipation is killing me.. :lol: I love seeing everyone's photo's.


    I've been the organizer of a secret santa for a couple of years now (international, sheltie/dog related) and putting together the package and waiting to get them are so much fun! Coin missions are like secret santa's all year round! :D

  12. I love nutella.. I just have to say that I am thrilled they have it here now. When I went to Germany when I was 15 (turned 16 while I was there) they didn't have it in america! Breakfast was heaven there! lol.. But they also didn't have peanut butter over there! I brought a jar and some crackers in case I didn't like the food there... and my exchange student's little sister fell in love with it! When she came over in October she brought me a jar of nutella, kinder eggs (which we still don't have here! I LOVE THEM!) and some blown glass german ornaments that we still hang every year.. and we sent her back with a Sam's club size jar of peanut butter for her sister!

  13. Flash is here safe and sound! I had to protect him from the puppies who wanted something new and exciting to chew on


    Understand that one! My dogs love stuffed toys. Glad you liked everything. IT was a little all over the place but I tried to be very local and a bit history related. :D I had a blast finding all the stuff in various thrift and antique stores as well as some more recently fun items at some of the local stores that I love!

  14. added some coins yesterday.. hope I did it right. This is my first math trade!


    Looks good but you may want to specify which versions on some of the coins such as the 10-10-10 Multi Event Coin, Red Cross Geocoin(what metal type?), etc... :)


    am I able to go back in and change those things? (sorry for the ignorance)

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