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  1. I'm in. It would be nice to meet some cachers. I'll be in Mpumalanga over December. The Cape Town leg of my silly season is on till 16 January 2006. I'm in anytime the week before that. My vote is for Agulhas area -> less climbing = more caches. Plus few things beat a sunset over the atlantic (with something cold and someone warm)
  2. I go to King Williams Town from time to time for work. Can one get to the nearest parking with a rental car (normally a Hyunday GETZ or anything that resembles a pram)? I might just consider staying into the weekend to hunt this one down.
  3. Cobie, if no one sorts you out soon, I will be travelling through Burgersdorp on 18 December. Contact me if you are still interested then..
  4. One day mohammed will go to this mountain...
  5. Hi ZA Cachers - I hope you realise what a fantastic tool Google earth is in helping you plan a caching trip, as you can open .gpx and .loc files directly into Google earth and get an drill down overview on where caches are most dense (less walking) with the option of having a map view (instead of the aerial photo view). This map view is however more for first world places I am just back from London where I had half a day free for hunting caches. I could plan the whole hunt from home in Cape Town, before I left. Find the spot you will visit in google earth, get the coordinates from google earth, do a cache search for all caches near that coordinates (at geocaching.com), mass download the .loc files. Go to google earth and do FILE-OPEN and mass select the .loc files for the caches. VOILA Have fun
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