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  1. Your right I probably should get moved.. I dont think I realized I was under geocoins topic.. my apologies and I hope someone moves me to the right spot and lots of people give me input.... accept my apologies... oops.
  2. I dont exactly think I want to raise money for anything... more awareness and possibly finding other cachers that have battled cancer... I guess each campsite does themes and activities and of course geocache was the first thing I thought of. I will be placing a cache at the relay site in memory of my first relay and in memory of my dad. Thanks for the input and please send me any other ideas. I would love to do a coin but it seems so confusing and expensive. I am still new at this. Thanks!!!
  3. I am in the Bakersfield Relay for Life as team captain for team "Purple Power". I wondered if there was any ideas on how I could promote Relay for Life through a cache. During the event there are activities to raise money and awareness for all cancers. The event is for survivors and to remember those we have lost to cancer. I lost my dad last year and this will be my first relay for life in memory of him. We have gotten a late start but we are entering anyways to see what it is all about and to prepare for next year. I wanted to open this up to discussion and see if anyone had any ideas that I can use at my booth/campsite or any input from previous participants in relay for life. Feel free to check my page out on the Bakersfield Relay for Life website. On the left sidebar there is a link for teams and remember I am "PURPLE POWER" and we need all the help we can get!!!! And dont hesitate to join our team... anyone can join and we can figure out how we can incorporate a cache into this event!!!
  4. Fun Cointest!! Happy Birthday Brady!! Your son is lucky to have such a great dad!!! I have to admit my husband is the same way with our girls. Very involved and enjoying every moment!!! Have a great day and many more!!!
  5. Just making sure there is nothing else that I need to do. We are so excited and hope it makes it to us. That would be great!!!
  6. Our names are Dakota and Jake. We are brother and sister. We are around 4 months old. Our mother was a border collie and daddy was a rottweiler. We are beautiful-atleast that is what our new family keeps telling us. In February of this year our new family came and broke us out of jail. They told us that we were going to a new home to help a 16 year old get through some tough times. We didnt really listen very well but were excited just because that jail place was terrible and stinky. Come to find out-it is a big family with lots of girls. My sister Dakota was excited but I thought "OMG" too many girls....and there was a scary little girl they call Sami that is the same size as us. Yikes.... at first we were very nervous and thought we should run away.. but then I got to meet my special 16 year old girl and my heart melted and so did my sisters. Her name is Bek and I guess she was very sad in December and tried to hurt herself. I really cant understand why she is so sad because I think she is amazing and so does everyone else. She rubs our belly, feeds us, walks us and last week took my sister Dakota GeoCacheing with friends. I didnt mind because I got to stay home with the only other male that lives in this house and he teaches me tricks and gives me treats when no one is around. Sometimes I know the lady that all the girls call mommy gets sad and nervous about Bek. Sometimes she cries and tells me that she wants me to keep an eye on her and give her lots of love. Sometimes I think that lady they call mommy really likes it when me and my sister cuddle next to her and try to lick her tears away. It works alot of times and she ends up playing with us and laughing. Me and my sister Dakota talked before I wrote this for you and we realized that we love our new home and we know that we have a special job. In our new home we help everyone laugh, smile and love to lick the tears away. We even love that little thing that runs around and chases us.....she is funny. The daddy in this house keeps saying that when he is away at the fire department for a couple of days our job is to watch everyone and give lots of love. So thats what we do...at times it takes alot of energy and then at times everyone has a good day... We love our new home and we know that we help Bek remember how special she is and cuddle her on the days that she forgets. With puppy love, Jake PS... the reason we decided to enter the cointest is because Bek and her mommy started geocache about the time they brought us home. It is their way to spend time together and they both really love it...but they keep saying they havent found a coin yet????? we really dont know what that means but we do know that we will do anything for our Bek to make her happy so we thought we would try to get her her first coin and maybe her mommy too....thanks for listening but I had a tough day and need to get some rest. I am just a puppy and have to get up early to make sure Bek gets off to school in time!
  7. I have not found a coin yet but I just adopted a coin. It hopefully will make it to me in the Kern River Valley. I guess if I made a coin it would include ladybugs for one of my daughters, softball for another daughter and flames for my firefighter husband. Thanks for the cointest!!
  8. Actually hosting an event sounds great, I just want to go to one first so I know what is going on. We live in a rural area but there are lots of caches here and beautiful scenery. Anyone could easily spend a week here and not find them all. If anyone is ever in my area look me up.... Lake Isabella, Ca 93240
  9. Anybody know what the closest active group meets. i live in Lake Isabella, CA Kern County. Bakersfield use to have one but they are no longer active? Amazing since there are so many caches there.
  10. We have been logging what we take and trade. Maybe by doing that we can see if the cache had a muggle and the owner can check it or move it? Just trying to make it fun for all.
  11. I know it is very disappointing not only to me but to the kids.. we just take extra stuff and try to improve the cache and make a note to the owner. I bring stuff my kids dont know I have and if the cache is empty they get to pick from the "special cache bag" and they are happy! Just a little sommething we had to add so everyone is happy!!!
  12. Is there a way to state on a cache that is yours that you are wanting specific items like coins or trackables only or is that tacky?
  13. Can you specify the type of items you would like to leave in your cache? For examples "geocoins only" as long as i was to leave coins in the cache for the exchange?
  14. Can you tell me what area you cover as a group?
  15. Wow.. I am sorry I missed this contest. Still searching for my first coin with my kids... we did find a travel bug that was really exciting. I am amazed how many coins are out there but not in my area. I live in rural area with lots of caches but no coins. I want to start a cache but want to put nice things in it. I did order some travel bugs and will eventually find a coin. Lots of great stories... My girls loved reading them too!! Thank you for sharing the "spirit" of cacheing with us!!!.
  16. Well, so far this is the closest me and my girls have been to a geocoin... we have looked and looked but they are always gone w/o being logged correctly... I too would take a few off anyones hands so we can enjoy the whole "trackable" experience. I know someday we will find one and be able to move it along.....This is a good way to teach the kids patience.. haha I am willing to adotp too if anyone would be willing.... At this point anything to hold a coin would be incredible.... hopefully someday we will have picture albums of all the coins that have passsed through our hands.... I cant wait~~~
  17. I agree with doing personal accounts due to the following: We recently started as a Family for fun. Who knew my daugher would love it so much that she now goes on her own. As I was reviewing my logs... i started noticing all these caches with check marks that I did not visit.... once I realized what was happening we decided to keep seperate logs and now we can compete with each other... she loves it. She just turned 16 and loves to take her bestfriend.
  18. Just wanted to say thank you for the contest. I cant wait to tell my girls about the contest and other things I learned in the forums...Look forward to hearing from you.... fingers crossed!
  19. Start date is L 2). To enter you must have less than about 30 posts here in the forums; No posting limit Today is my first day really looking at the forums.. I think I have posted 3 times. I am still soaking up ALL the information and learning new things each time I open my computer. 3). To enter you must currently own (and that includes ones in transit) 10 or less geocoins; Unfortunately I do not OWN any geocoins nor have I ever held one in my hand. I have been desperately searching for a coin but they are never in the cache. I did finally find a travel bug... how exciting. I talked about that for a week. Imagine if I actually found a coin... YEAH! 4). To enter you need to post in this thread with at least a. and b. of the following: a. introduce yourself - first name if you like, your caching name, and maybe how you came about it My name is Lisa and I am the Queen of the Wyly Family. I really got involved through a friend who had just lost her son that shared that they would go cacheing together. I started looking into it and actually bought her all the stuff to place a cache in memory of her son at his favorite hunting area-when she is ready we will hide this cache. b. tell us something about yourself, where you are from, what you do, what interests you I am a mother of five girls that are all enjoying this addiction with us. We have recently experienced some community tradgedies along with a tradgedy with one of our girls. This has allowed us to have something else to focus on and increased the time we spend as a family. This particular daughter loves to cache. She recently placed her first travel bug and cant wait to find a coin that she can keep.. We live in the Kern River Valley and are amazed how many caches are here. It also surprises me that there are no local clubs or groups. Would love to have an event here but I dont know what that really means yet. c. ask a question - preferably about geocoins - use this as a learning ground to find out something you want to know. Remember - no question is too dumb! What does it mean to OWN a coin? Why do people post that they have alot of coins? Arent you suppose to place them in another cache when you find them? Are there any coins that you can keep? How the heck would I even begin to find a FTF coin? How could i ADOPT a coin since I havent been able to find one?
  20. If this is at all still going.... I would love to adopt. I am new and have not had the excitement of finding a coin. I live in a beautiful rural area with lots of caches.....
  21. I have run into several people who participate in this great sport and want to find them and possible start a local group. Any ideas on how I would go about this. I live in a rural area that has LOTS of caches and would love to link to others. Email me or find me as "Wyly Family"
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