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  1. I was looking at GC6HGZH RVA Beachcombers, but after I posted this question they cancelled the geotour and made a post in the comments log. Suprising there are only 7 in Canada, but if the fees are high then I guess in a short run time you would get the active cacheers in your area in a short time anyway. Thanks for the replies, I honestly thought my map was messed up and there were more. Cheers James
  2. So we just finished our first GeoTour, and I know there are others in our area, but when I look at the GOETOURS Map there are only 7 in all of Canada! I am in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Does anyone else have issues with this map/feature?
  3. Add me to a frustrated list, has anyone solved this yet? All I get is a strip across the top?
  4. So I am having problems printing the maps now that they changed the maps from google. Before we head out to an area I like to print a map off so I have a general idea where I am going. I have read a few of the other threads bashing the new maps and have not heard anyone else saying they could not print them, so is this an issue with the new map program or a computer issue on my end? When I click the print preview all I get is a blank page, no matter what zoom level it is at. Please do not reply if you plan to just bash the new maps, I understand why they changed, and agree with them, I am sure if they had a better option they would have done it, and the new ones seem fine to me.
  5. oddly on the way to find "lest we forget fluffy" we came across a dead and decaying deer. Just a little buck that had obviously met its end a few months back. Just found it mildly funny considering the name of the cashe we were after.
  6. I think everyone is guilty of bush whacking in and taking the wide well maintained trail out a time or two. Yes but did you bushwack you way in to any easy off the tail find and disturb a wasps nest which resulted in being stung 7x .... oh yeah THAT was ME, yesterday!
  7. we've recently started to clean out the crap and replace it with a couple things ... found one and it had this big load of hair in it, like dog hair or something, found batteries in another .... we just trash it, so the next people dont have to come across it. we also try to clean up the trails abit along the way. we try to trade 1 for 1, we usually have a big bag of stuff we take along, caching with kids means they want to find something, and I feel responsible to replace what is taken. remember its the few and not the majority, or so i choose to believe!
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