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  1. Wacka, Thanks for that information. That was the simplest answer I have seen. I also received a 20X for Christmas and have been banging my head on the wall trying to figure out how to get the caches to my GPS. Will try this and see how it works.
  2. Anyone know how I can reload the basemaps to my Explorist 400. Turned it on one day and nothing. Would like to get back into geocaching but want to see if I can with out buying a whole new GPS. The company won't repair it. Thanks
  3. --> QUOTE(Jay B @ Nov 29 2007, 10:34 AM) 3180305[/snapback] I did that and neither my regular computer nor my laptop will recognize the device. Can I copyit file to a card and then load it that way?? Ya know never mind. I'm gonna send it into Mag and just let them fix it. I'm so frustrated right now that I don't even want to mess with it. Thanks for the advice.
  4. I did that and neither my regular computer nor my laptop will recognize the device. Can I copyit file to a card and then load it that way??
  5. OK Before I get blasted about the search feature...Yes I used it and could not find what I needed. I know its here because I saw it posted the last time I was on here which has been about a year due to personal reasons. Well those reasons are now gone and I want to get back to some geocaching. So here's the problem... When I turn the unit on I get a Error Invald Basemap Default Map Loading OK When I hit the OK button I get Loading Please wait and then nothing. I guess I lost the base map....Other than sending to to Mag can I reload it? I have the Mag Exp 400
  6. Ice sharks make for some good eating. Hard to catch though.
  7. I bought a Magellan 300 or 310 or something like that several years ago. Used it for hiking and camping. Worked really well to get us there and back. I still have it and it still works great. While reading a outdoors type magazine I discovered the Jeep Geocaching Challange and then followed that to here. The wife and step son and I tried several caches with the old Magallen but didn't find anything, BUT still had more fun than if we had just been on a regular hike, because my step-son got involved and had a purpose other than just walking in the woods. Since getting the EX 400 we are 3 for 3. The wife has already ordered a Palm for me so we can go paperless. So I guess the answer is because its fun, because its good exercise, because my step-son gets involved and has fun.
  8. I'm going to assume that file is clean since I have been pointed there and read it in another thread as well. What do I do? Save it to my hard drive and then copy it over into the basemaps folder? If I do that will my unit see and open it next time I turn it on?
  9. I thought of that but could no where where the basemap was stored and couldn't figure out how to do that anyway. I'm not that much of a tech person.
  10. So after 30 views and not 1 response (I know folks are out either working or caching) I decided to call Tech Support. I got ahold of a very nice lady that spoke almost perfect english and we had the problem figured out in 10 minutes. Another 5 and I had my authorization number. Gonna have to send my unit in to get the basemap reloaded. Now I have to go hunt through 4 boxes of reciepts to find the proof of purchase.
  11. OK So last Saturaday I turned on my Explorist 400 and it came on with no problems. Marked a new POI and saved a route. Everything OK so far. Turned it off, placed it in its case and then placed it inside the carrying case I have for my backback. Turned it on this moring and the first thing it said was that it couldn't find the basemap. I tried it several times and got the same result. When it said that I would hit OK and then it would say loading basemap. I left it on for over an hour and still the "Loading Basemap" message. My question is What happened and how do I fix it.
  12. I guess I'll never place a hide. For me its about the hunt and not the numbers. I look for caches that are going to be fun to hunt with the wife, be it a nice 4X4 trail, a nice hike or a nice view. I live in the city and there are several nice hides within a couple of miles. I've never been to any of them. Saving them for when I have something that needs dropped off (Like a travel bug) that I've held for more than a week. I figure as long as I'm trading even, trading up, or not taking anything at all then I'm doing right by everyone. If and when it becomes a requirment to place a hide, I'll probably just stop logging finds. I know I only have 3 finds and am rather new but to me it just doesnt make sense to require something that doesnt add to the hobby.
  13. So let me see if I have this right. I get myself a Palm or other such hand held. Attach it to my PC or laptop and I can then download cache pages from this site to the palm and no longer have to print anything out, and check whatever I have downloaded to the Palm????
  14. I've got a Surefire 6-P that I changed into a 6-R. I love it. I've dropped it, dunked it, thrown it,etc and it still has the original bulb. Getting time for new battery but after 10 years AND the fact that I got everything for free, I'm not complaining.
  15. Even though I'm fairly new to Geocaching, (3 finds) I'm planning a hide here soon. Got some great ideas from one of the threads about containers and already have a great location picked out. One of the things I'm going to put in it is one of those cheap plastic business card holders so folks can leave cards in it. Not everyone can afford to buy geocoins, or have either the ability or the resources to make signature items. Cards are a very inexpensive way to make a signature items without breaking the bank. I'll collect them. I have business cards from all over the place from when I was in the Army.
  16. As a cache hunter I would want good informative DNF's posted so I could those to assist me. You make sure that I do something or check something that the poster didn't check or do. As a hider I would want them to help me monitor my cache. Unless they were really nasty (Profanity) replies,I would leave them posted so others would gain info from them. Really nasty replies would be deleted and an email sent to the poster to feel free to report the DNF again but to clean up his language.
  17. Jay B


    Also when you are checking out a cache page scroll down and you will see a link for "Geocaching.com Google Map". when you click on that and get the map there is a hot button that will allow you to switch from map to a satelite view. That may help you decide if there is someplace close to the cache that you can park your monster 2 wheeler. Not poking fun at it as I have a Honda Valkyrie that I have used before.
  18. Yeppers I have a very broken in 81 Suzuki GS 850 and a Honda Valkyrie
  19. Caching was an add on for us. I found this site while doing some research on my old GPS. Saved the pennies when I decided that the old GPS wasn't going to be good enough. My wife and I had always been outdoorsy type, however she suffers from Lupis and over the last few years the pain it somethimes causes has slowed her down alot. Geocaching has given her a goal to make the pain worth the hike. Even though it may only be a little trinket, its a reward. We have done 3 so far, one we had to bushwack and 1/8th of a mile one was a 3 mile round tripper with some big elevation gain, but she did them both, cussing all the way. She, actually both of us were tired and sore but happy at the end of the day. The 3rd was a nice 4 X 4 trail and a 50 yard walk once we were on top of the mountain. Now we plan for an area we havent been to in a while, look to see what hikes or drives are there and then look for the caches in the area.
  20. Yep sounds too much like work to me. We pick an area we want to go see and I look up the caches in that area, pick out several that might interest us, print them out and we are off to the races. The wife drives out to the area while I imput coords. We go find one or 2 and then I drive home.
  21. Get her some light weight treking poles from wally world. They really help with the bad knees and back. I've played basketball for about 40 years now so I know about bad knees. The poles really help even on level ground.
  22. My wife was thinking it was a little weird at first. She loves to be outdoors and loves to hike. She's a Colorado native and has spent most of her life on the trails here because he father was hiker as well. For a while it was hard to get her out to go hiking cause she had the "Been there done that" attitude. Once we found our first cache on a trail she's hiked dozens of times she was hooked. Now we pick an area, usually one I've never been to cause I'm a transplant, and then look for caches in that area.
  23. Mine is close to yours. Our reply is "We like the outdoors and this is another way to enjoy it." We already bike, hike, ski (both downhill and cross country), are planning on buying kayaks this fall when they go on sale, and motorcycling.
  24. I guess that maybe by my 1st anny I'l have 20 or 30. Numbers mean nothing to me. To me and my wife, its more about the trip, or the hike, or the ride. So far we have logged 3 finds. One was a quick 1/4 mile hike with a nice ride attached. The 2nd was a nice trail ride with a 100 foot walk and the 3rd was a nice 3 1/2 mile round trip hike. Heck I have a couple of hides that are less than 2 miles from the house that I havent gone after. Saving those in case I need to drop a coin or TB.
  25. Gonna throw my 2 cents worth in here. I'm a newbie myself. You will get a TON of recomendations from these guys and most of them will be great and spot on....for the way that THEY Geocache and the MONEY that they can spend. One of the first things that you have to figure out is how much money you can really afford AND how much technoligy you want in your GPS. Once you have that done figure out which unit gives you the most bang for YOUR BUCK the way YOU want to GC. I really wanted a color screen. Couldn't afford it (without waiting for another 2 monthes) so I went with black and white. I dont see where I'm missing anything by not having color. I read all the "Which model should I get" threads I could find, did some research on the models in my price range and ended up with an Explorist 400. Then I went in search of a deal. Found one. Got the GPS (green), belt clip case, MapSend Topo 3D, USB and charger cables, rechargable battery and SD Card for $279. The only thing I didn't get is the battery clip that allows you to use regular batteries. It does everything that I need it to do and still has some capabilities that I haven't explored yet.
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