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  1. My 7 year old daughter has done it with me for a few months but now has her own account and want's premium membership for her birthday. She loves it and i like getting out in the open with her. her name is The Minion.
  2. Hi all, usually i use my phone to average the coordinates when hiding a cache. I have recently bought a garmin colarado 300 and want to give this a go to be more accurate but don't know how to do it. I have the colarado wiki site but cant find help there. i can make a waypoint but can't find the coords for said waypoint. What am i doing wrong??? Cheers for any help, Colin.
  3. thanks for all the help especially eusty who has me on some great maps on the unit now for free. cheers all.
  4. also how do i get the display brighter, inside it looks very dark and really hard to make anything out, outside its better.
  5. Sick of my phone keep losing its signal so i decided to buy a secondhand gps and now i haven't got a clue as to what to do. Any help in getting the unit to recognise where i am and show on the map or how to get caches to my device, i managed this off geocaching.com but do i save to device or sd card for best results????? please help.
  6. Just tell the truth, they might like to get involved themselves
  7. i think i'll give the phone in a bag a try, not sure my screens as responsive as the iphone though. thanks guys.
  8. Hi all i use a smartphone to geocache and it limits me to when its dry. I'm not bothered about the rain i have all the right gear to keep me dry i don't want my phone to get wet and break. how do you keep your phones dry when caching or do you just not bother going when its raining? i use a htc wildfire.
  9. it turned out to be the wrong bug logged into the cache so the code wasn't ever going to work, sorted it with previous dropper.
  10. what to do, i put the code in and it says wrong code for this trackable but it is the correct code, strange.
  11. hello, i also have use a wildfire and have c.geo and Groundspeak apps on my phone, Groundspeak is far inferior to c.geo in every way, try it for yourself, it's free also.
  12. i have used gps averaging for my 9 hides and only had an issue with 1 of them which was soon sorted, most of the logs state coords spot on.
  13. i had heard of it before but forgot about it until i got my new smart phone and stumbled on a list of top apps to have and there was the geocaching app, the rest is history
  14. Hi all, in jan i moved a tb to a cache and i noticed the other day it's still not been moved on. i know i can revisit the cache, but can i move the same bug i have already moved once (to move it to a more frequented cache)???
  15. i've only been geocaching since Jan this year and i have 7 caches of my own and pretty much within a few days the logs will start rolling in. It's great to see the comments left about what you have put time and effort in hiding. Good luck.
  16. thanks for the replies. would i also use the "write a note" to retrieve a tb from a cache i have already found too? a cache that isn't my own.
  17. hi all, i recently placed a cache called jaws and have picked up a tb from another cache also named jaws, would i be able to drop this off in my own cache if i dont log as finding the cache as it's my own, but just log the dropping off of the tb?
  18. my daughter and i had a good one yesterday, a magnetic nano stuck to a statue of a tree on a very busy crossroads with traffic stopped at all sides waiting for the lights to change. we just had to forget about them and get on with the job in hand, i would like to know what some of them were thinkng though. found it too.
  19. thanks for the replies. The family member does have an account but only a few weeks ago when i told him all about it and he bought a shiny new android phone to go geocaching he was so impressed, it will most probably be one of his first finds to drop the tb off.
  20. Hi all Having recently become a huge fan of geocaching and 23 finds i recently purchased my own tb. is it ok to let someone else place the bug in a cache for you or is that frowned upon??? you see a family member is going on holiday and wants to place it in a cache near to where they are staying.
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