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  1. Same thing happened to me a while back with an old etrex about same age. Brand new updated model arrived free of charge few days after they received the old one. I was delighted with the speed and customer service......well done Garmin !
  2. I do hope Tewit & Sweet Spa well caches last! These were placed long before the Mega was thought of. The caches were placed to draw people to the well's and admire the architecture. I have enjoyed reading the hundreds of emails from all my caches & pleased the mega & pre events were a huge success. Regards
  3. Count me in Robin. Will see you in the boardroom
  4. Found out that I need to trace over roads landmarks etc before uploading I was expecting just to upload map! My detailed map starting to take shape now and works fine. Cheers
  5. Hi all. I have found some software program called MapMan to enable me to upload maps to my Garmin etrex LegendC. Two other programs are used called cGPSmapper & Sendmap. If you capture a map using mapMan, export digital map & save in *.mp format it seems to get an error creating *.img file I have emailed the author but no reply as yet Something to do with nothing imported to layer 0 Anyone else use this program? Kind regards
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