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  1. Yes, thank you from us as well. Just launched our first adventure and had the same question!
  2. We recently purchased a Garmin 64st - and now have the luxury of storing and viewing more than 1000 caches at at time. So, using the GSAK API "Get Geocaches" command (in order to get favorite point info, which is not contained in PQ data), I've created a GSAK database of about 5000 unfound caches in our home area. Cool! Can anyone provide some tips on how to keep that database up-to-date? It's easy to just use the "Refresh" command to update the caches already in the database, but I'll also need to add new caches, remove our finds, and remove archived caches. For the new ones, I can use the date range on Page 2 of "Get Geocaches". For the finds, I'm thinking I can use a filter to filter them out and then delete them. Not sure how to find the archived ones. I'm thinking probably someone has already written a nice summary on this very subject, but after searching these forums and the GSAK forums, I've only found bits and pieces of advice, and some of it from 10 years ago so possibly dated. I'd love to know about any personal tips, links, or macros available for this. Thanks in advance!!
  3. We put in a MicroSD, but right now have over 20,000 caches loaded to the 64st in 2 ggz files (one local, one for the vacation) and have used only half of the standard memory in the unit - nothing on the chip yet. We did delete the preloaded ggz file of geocaches that it comes with. I've learned a ton experimenting with GSAK in the past week. The Garmin Export Macro for GSAK is extremely useful. It's amazing to be able to easily work with and view 20,000 caches all at once after being so used to limits of previous GPSr units. So far, very happy with the 64st (we've used it in the field for about 25 finds), GSAK, and the Garmin Export Macro.
  4. Great - thanks for pointing me in the right direction - though for others who may be reading this later, it's in the GSAK Help File, not a help file on geocaching.com. It took me a bit to figure it out!
  5. Walts - can you please give more info on how to download 6000 caches at once using GSAK? I've used GSAK for years but I'm not familiar with its finer points. Plus we just moved from an older GPS which could only load 2000 caches max at a time (so the 1000 cache limit in a PQ wasn't a big deal) to a GPSMAP 64st. We have a vacation coming up and I'd love to load about 20,000 caches to the GPSMAP (we won't find more than a few hundred at most, but I'm trying to cover a large city plus the area all around it) and I'd love to know the most efficient way to do that. Also, I'd appreciate thoughts on whether to use GPX or GGZ files. I read a bunch of forum threads and from those I get that GGZ loads faster, but doesn't load the child waypoints, which I'd really like to have. Someone mentioned loading the child waypoints as POIs, but didn't give more info on how to do that. If I use GGZ, would I load all 20K caches into GSAK and then export one GGZ file? I've already deleted the preloaded GGZ file on the GPSMAP unit. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  6. Thanks for the Delorme advice - it's just been annoying in a bunch of tiny ways since we bought it at Geowoodstock in PA a few years back. Had to send it back within the warranty period because it stopped connecting to our computer (power was flowing through the cable but not data). We have learned to just move maps onto the card rather than try to load them with Delorme software, which just leads to frustration. The batteries don't seat properly anymore because a clip is broken - maybe the cause of freezing? Though it froze several times the first day we owned it too. And the computer connection problem seems to be resurfacing in recent months - sometimes it works and sometimes not. We will hang onto it as a backup, but we're ready for something new...
  7. MUCH THANKS to those who took time to offer opinions on this - even though they disagree! Our Delorme has the compass/altimeter, so I guess we're used to it. On the Garmin website it says that both accept the micro SD card - so I don't think that's an issue.
  8. We've been caching over 10 years and have used a Magellan SporTrak and then a Delorme Earthmate PN-60. The Delorme unit freezes about every 4th boot-up and we're really tired of how hard it is to upload maps to it. We are used to buttons rather than a touchscreen and see that the GSPMAP 64s is highly regarded on the forums here. My question: is it worth the $50 to get the 64s vs. the 64? According to Garmin the difference is wireless data sharing, the barometric altimeter, triaxial electronic compass, smart notifications and live tracking. Definitely don't care about the wireless sharing or the live tracking - if we are day hiking / geocaching do we care about the altimeter and/or compass?
  9. Had this problem today for the first time and found this "old" forum that still applies (isn't Google grand!). I do have the latest firmware. My problem was solved when I deleted all my routes, and I didn't even know I had any routes saved. They appear to be generated when I seek a waypoint that I enter manually, like a multi-cache stage or "better" cache coordinates from a log. But there's not hundreds of them like there should be if all were permanently saved since we got this unit, so maybe they are usually deleted when you stop routing but get "stuck" if you turn off the GPS too quick? Anyway, deleting all solved the problem. Found a great website that addresses just this issue at : http://somenoname.blogspot.com/2013/06/delorme-pn-60-routing-error.html
  10. Duh - I figured out why I had problems with everything I tried yesterday - because I had used the latest GE 4.1 first, and that ruined me for the day no matter what system I tried. Today, I started out with GE on the PC, and the geocaching KML worked just fine from there. Then I moved to the Mac and tried an old copy of GE 3, which also worked fine. Then I moved to GE 4.0, and it was fine too. Last, I tried GE 4.1 and it didn't seem to do anything, then it told me I had exceeded my number of views for the day. So now I can't view them on any system for the rest of the day, but I know that GE 4.1 on the Mac is definitely the only one with a problem.
  11. Ok -just checked it from our Windows PC and that doesn't work either...same message about exceeding allowable views.
  12. I'm having the same problem from my Mac too - it's not just you. I can't get any cache views at all. The problem cropped up last week after I downloaded the latest GE (4.1), but trying my old GE app (4.0) doesn't work either.
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