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  1. Hey SHB, they have stickers that are similar to your idea.
  2. My wife broke her ankle going on a hike after WMWR Natural Bridge - Earthcache Here is our log.
  3. Why is it that if you create a challenging or different cache that is properly rated on terrain and difficulty; it (the cache), you, or both are considered evil? Not that is bothers me or others but I was just curious as to why this nomenclature is used?
  4. I got an email form Groundspeak yesterday. Apparently the earthcache and webcam icons are a Garmin issue not Groundspeak? Anybody know for sure, because Garmin told me on the phone a while back that it was the way that the GPSr (Colorado) read the GPX file determined the icon displayed and Groundspeak didn't have the proper code in the GPX file to display earthcaches and webcams.
  5. If you are out with a buddy and you go into an area where you have cached and s/he hasn't and doesn't have the waypoints in their GPSr, you can hand them your GPSr with the POIs and they can go at it. When hiding a cache, you can see where all the other caches are located. You don't want to get within .1 mi.! However, that doesn't show finals and stages. You are driving down the road and notice your GPSr has the smiley and buddy's doesn't, you can tell him a story about hunting that cache over there on that hill. Just to name a few.
  6. Below the box where you build your PQ is a green box that is labled My Finds. Run that PQ. Then load that data as POIs. You'll have all your finds and your hidden caches.
  7. I need a work around for the Colorado. Currently earthcache icons appear as green boxes, the traditional icon. I tried loading the earthcaches as POI and that worked. However there is no cache page data-kind of important for an earthcache. I then loaded the normal cache PQ then loaded the earthcaches again as POIs. The current icon of the green box overlaid the POI icon. Any suggestions?
  8. Well maybe I did jump the gun by posting a note to the cache page. I happened to find this cache and the other caches on the nearby ridgetops a few months back. Plus I enjoy the hidders hides. I was just shocked at the logs given that the cache page doesn't sell it as a cache with a view.
  9. It wasn't that I didn't want them to write their opinion, it was just the rudeness that is so shocking. What ever happened to our manors and being polite to one another? I guess that is lost when sitting behind a keyboard being an anonymous screen name.
  10. It is not that they don't have a right to express their views on the cache but they could have don't it a lot better. Just think about all the time and energy that wounded Knee put into placing this cache to get a log like this. It was just shocking that someone would write this. Leprechauns--Be sure to plan on the others on the ridge tops rimming Pike Lake. You'll also like those.
  11. I really enjoyed this cache and have been watching it. Then this log came in today and I was shocked! Read the May 4th logs. Gobblers Knob
  12. As long as you don't keep the coins for yourself. Move them along, that is what the owners want.
  13. Got mine yesterday. I find it a little awkward plugging in the power cord. I'll just have to get used to it I guess. I find it easier to plug it in then mount to the windshield.
  14. I'll be interest to see what the cut off date is. I purchased CN NT 2008 with my Colorado when it came out and my wife just got an iQue for traveling that has the free 2009 upgrade. Will the CN NT 2008 from 1/27/2008 qualify? I wonder if I can get two free unlock codes?
  15. Here is what Garmin said when I emailed them last week. Thank you for contacting Garmin Cartography. The City Navigator North America 2009 update DVD will be available to order from our website around the first or second week of May. The link to the ordering page is below and there is no charge to have the DVD shipped to you. After the DVD is released and you place your order you will receive directions on how to unlock the new maps. The update is normally $75 but since you just purchased your unit it will be free. After the DVD is released you can view the new data using the MapViewer on our website if you wish to preview the new maps. Please let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for your interest in Garmin. Regards, Update DVDs - http://www.garmin.com/unlock/update.jsp Map Viewer - http://www.garmin.com/cartography/
  16. I'm looking to get back to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. This place is awesome. Lots of natural arches and interesting formations. I'm about 4 hours away and this is one place I want to explore a lot more.
  17. Okay, it now appears that the EarthCache icon has changed from the Question Mark to the Green Box. Now some cachers may be looking at EarthCache locations for containers. Could be a big issue in a senitive location!
  18. I got an PDF file of an invoice from my supplier, looks like it finally is being shipped.
  19. I have the same Chevy van and put my GPSr in the cup holders under the radio. Never had an issue. I'll be interested in see what you find out.
  20. I volunteered to measure for my daughters' middle long jump event and asked if metric was okay. You should have seen the looks I got.
  21. It won't work with an iQue. I just got it to work without any issues.
  22. Cool, thanks. She won't use it for cachin' just getting around in the different cities along with the PDA applications. The new Google "Send To" for Garmin will be awesome for her. Another Question : Does anyone run an iQue with a handheld GPS (Colorado) on the same computer? Any issues or advise you could give.
  23. My wife is going to be doing a lot of traveling this coming spring and summer and we got an iQue. I have a few questions about it. 1. Can I purchase a larger SD card and load the maps to that or do I need the specific maps SD card from Garmin. 2. As far as loading waypoints into the machine, is it similar to the Garmin handhelds (Colorado & CSx)? Thanks, BiT
  24. I guess I really never used or had a need for it so it was rather foreign to me.
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