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  1. I don't really like the new system initiated for finding caches, but I won't start bashing it just yet. What I want to still be able to do is to start from my home, open up the geocaching map and see the caches available on the map as I scroll along the route I plan to travel, or might travel if I see a cache that looks interesting even if it deviates from the main highways, and to be able to scroll across the entire country if I want to seeing caches with every scrolling click without having to constantly do additional searches. And only having a desktop computer, not a fancy, costly carry on the trail phone, this all has to be done before hitting the road. I don't care what else you do with the system...at least give me that option. Please!
  2. I can create a pocket query but it will not download from my iMac (10.6.8) to my gps (neither oregon 450 or etrex venture HC). Both units without problem can download single caches at a time from the iMac, but not the multiple cache query. Latest Garmin communicator plug in is installed and recognized by my computer. Help please.
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