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  1. Yeah, I can already feel the heat. My Whhistle cache has been unavailable for awhile. I suppose I should archive it, until I get the proper permission from the folks at the autobahn (heh). But I suppose I can un-archive it when I get it back out there. I hear your concerns, and I am here to help. Consider it archived... icon_frown.gif sniff..


    What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef.

  2. Just to remind everyone that plans on attending the Champoeg Redux. Make sure you go to the extra webpage so I can get an accurate count of the Potluck and Ivy pull attendees.


    Plus, I had to see if my account went back to "premium member". Lets see if the "Soccer Kick" avatar functions... c

  3. icon_smile.gif Well now, looks like I got proper permission for the next APPARATUS installment.


    All I can say is..lock up your sharks, for they will now be weaponless. Detals soon to be made available.


    Currently, I am putting together the CHampoeg Event page, as well as secondary pages to coordinate the IvyPull and Potluck. These details will soon be made available. -C

  4. I finally have the time to set up the Event page today. Everything is going as planned. At 9:30am today, I will have confirmation from the parks folks about App#2. Wish me luck. icon_biggrin.gif


    The APP had a couple offsprings. One of which was put together by TeamMisguided. Wish I could have been there to see Seths! reaction.


    Jay, Here is the original APPARATUS.

    Its been dissassembled. If I get the go-ahead for this years installment, I am sure I will give everyone a clear description of the mechanism, or not. icon_wink.gif

    BTW. Kids are welcome.

  5. I have the news.


    icon_smile.gifThe Good:

    I have got everything rescheduled. Tightened the bolts and nuts of this operation. Folks seem to like this version of events. Good.


    icon_frown.gifThe Bad:

    Looks like it will be IVY again. The woodchips got chucked by a wood chuck chuck, b'cause he could chuck, would chuck wood.


    frog.gif and The Ugly:

    The Park Manager feared it. The Fire Marshall was frightened by it. The Insurance Company would loath it. At this time, I got a "NO GO" on my next APPARATUS installment. I have 2 more cards up my sleeve...

    1.Make adjustments to abate the Park Managements fears.

    2.If this dosent work, I will have to launch this event in a unsuspecting park the next time I get the GoldenSPIKE.


    I am still going to play MarshmelloSnipeHunt during the night.

  6. Whoa! TeamJOYSON has recieved the "I was thinking the same thing" award. I was just talking to a friend about that very pic, and updating my cruddy little webpage


    Dang, I just looked at my text, I havent updated this sucker in over a year. Time to get crackin! -C

  7. Hmm, since this is a "rough draft" what if I made the following changes to accomodate people who cannot attend the second day...

    1. Make everything occure on May31st?


    Here is what a schedule would look like...


    +9-11am - Meet at Riverside #2 for food and discussions on G.C. stuff. People can find Rinse/Repeat and KittysX if they havent yet found them.


    + 11am-1pm - IVY Pullin and Wood chip spreading action! (BTW. The park REALLY appreciates this)


    + 2pm-4pm - Return to RIV#2 and give out prizes. UPDate/Replace the two existing caches (similar to last year method). POTLUCK. GPS frisby Golf (Can somebody make some game rules?)


    + 4pm-B.A. I dont know the B.A. start time, but beforehand, you can meditate, play music, or contemplate the world if either Dr.I or Voss wins.


    + After the B.A. - Kids Awesome Scavenger hunt brought to you by FatherGOOSE!


    + 9pm or 10pm - "Capture the APPARATUS" Eat more Chikin!


    These times are in no way set in stone. I just wanted everyone to have a chance to participate in all that is the Champoeg Redux.


    Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Threats?!?..

    What do you all think?


    [This message was edited by soup on April 23, 2003 at 02:01 PM.]

  8. Actually... I was planning a little event on Saturday night named "Capture the APPARATUS". OF course, it will be later in the night. Details are sketchy at this time, as all I know is you will need a flashlight, a FRSradio, and NO chickens!


    The kiddy scavenger hunt would work well! Mr.Goose, you are cleared for takeoff!

    Lets coordinate times offline.

  9. Actually, a potluck can be on both days. Big one on Sunday, smaller one on Saturday. Aside from the B.A. event on Saturday, I didnt have too much planned for that day. I was hoping to solicite ideas from the rest of the group.


    Sunday, aside from the volunteer work, there will be prizes handed out, update/replacement of the current caches, Geocaching discussions and food. Here are other ideas I have had (note: not all good)

    1. People who play acoustic instruments can bring them by. We can make up songs about tupperware!?

    2.Trick-or-treat the campsites for marshmellows and chocolate?

    3.Frisbee GPS golf??? WHo else has ideas? Anyone?


    PS. Hey Oregone, someone was using my ChickenBlender

    And dont forget your precious PBR.

  10. I am SO bummed that I didnt get to attend, but driving from Salem to Centralia, back to Salem, then to Hillsboro in one day would be a little excessive for me. I wish ya a very happy birthday, and look forward to any stories and/or pix from the adventures. C


    What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef.

  11. Champoeg Rendesvous II is on track!


    I worked it out with Ranger Mike at C.S.P. The rough outline is:

    May 31, the BrokenArrow event is scheduled to begin sometime in the late afternoon (judging from the countdown thing on Dr.I website). The yurts and some campsites are rented for that night. After the B.A. event: Shenanigans!


    June1st: I have reserved Riverside #2 for the day(Pavillian was taken). I have set up with Ranger Mike that we will volunteer from 11-1pm on Ivy Pulling (sorry) and Woodchip spreading.


    I will be setting up the Event page soon, but I first need some details from y'all..


    Question 1: Shall we make June 1st a potluck?


    Question 2: We will have a similar cache placement/repair for the groups (similar to last year). Who wants to create new containers? Just dont let me do the calculations! icon_razz.gif


    Question3: Is anyone planning another event cache? I might have Apparatus II completed.

    THat depends on if I retrieve the chickenblender intime.


    Question4: Any other ideas/concerns/questions?

    Please post them here.


    I will set up the event page towards the end of the week when I get more of these details. -C

  12. soup is all over the map

    soup is mmmm

    soup is as elusive as it is enticing


    And my other 'nickname' provides...


    stealth is pretty darn sneaky

    stealth is ready before you are

    stealth is a dramatically innovative mowing machine


    As T.J. said.. Brilliant!


    What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef.

  13. If the mountain cooperates, the weather subsides, and I havent lost a limb snowboarding Meadows, you can count two of us in on the fun.


    I still think we need to have a Quiet GEOriot!! Bang your Head!!


    What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef.

  14. Yeah, the gathering is still intact. Looks like there other forces (evil or ?) interested in this date. That makes event(s) more diversified. I will make sure the ranger is notified of the B.A. dangers..


    I was planning on talking to park staff this weekend, but yesterday somebody tried to enter my car using the universal key (a rock). Now my day will be spent searching the junk yards for another passenger window, and a stun gun for the intruder.



    What do you call 2,000 pounds of Chinese Soup? Won Ton.

  15. Since you are covering the "riots".. How about we have our own GEOriot? Could you attend then?


    We can plant caches in the middle of the street and yell


    "H astrisk astrisk astrisk NO! We wont go!"


    Or something. icon_wink.gif Other ideas? -S

  16. If you meant Forks Washington, you might try this Cache.

    A little north, but it is one of the most interesting (historically) and stunning (veiw of Canada) I had seen in awhile. Bumpy road going up, but not to difficult. Plus, you get to drive by Lake Crescent, which is AMAZING! -S


    What do you call 2,000 pounds of Chinese Soup? Won Ton.

  17. I am cool with Rogue or LuckyLab. Rogue has awesome pizza's, and LuckyLab has dogs. Not on the menu, but they allow dogs!


    Saturday is cool, but you will have to give me some flex time (give or take an hour). Reason being I dont know what the schedule is just yet. I am sure you guys can entertain yourselves with beer/pizza/dogs if I cant make it right away. I will call you guys on that day to let you know exactly what I am able to accomoplish.


    dadgum you Isotope for making us schedule a saturday!!

  18. Saturday is cool, but y'all will have to be flexible with my time. I have another event planned in Oregon City and will have to make adjustments.


    And CPR or Helvatia tavern is too far for me to travel. Anywhere closer to Portland?


    What do you call 2,000 pounds of Chinese Soup? Won Ton.

  19. Friday, I might be hard pressed, as I will be coming down the moutain with snowboard in my hand. I will then need to eventually go to Orygun City for some raquetball tournament. 8pm would work however.


    Is there anyway we could get a location in S.Portland, Tigard, or Tualatin? If that is the case, I could make the proper adjustments.


    EDIT: Saturday might work, but I would have to work out some major details.


    I wanna know whats inside this box!

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