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  1. I dropped a travel bug in the wrong cache by mistake and couldn't figure out how to go back and change it. I ended up deleting the entries, but I no longer have the cache in my inventory so how do i get it in the right cache!
  2. I think this is a pretty ridiculous law. Why would they prohibit someone who calls themselves a "geocacher" from visiting a historical landmark, but they will let every else do it? I don't get it. And if it is already illegal to visit gravesites at night and if the offical rules say you need to get permission to put it on private property, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? So don't put the cache in the graveyard...that should be common sense. But give the historical relevance of the site. I just don't get it. Doesn't South Carolina have other problems they could be troubling the Senate with? One question: Is this a done deal or is it still in the Senate?
  3. I heard about geo-caching a couple of years ago, but just recently went out on a limb and bought a GPS. I did my first cache two days ago and I feel like I am addicted. It is so much fun and takes me out of my house and to areas in my city I never knew existed. I can even do it with my two young kids. I also enjoy the tougher ones too. I love hiking and biking and pretty much anything outdoors. I have been searching for a hobby that could rival my husband's paintball obsession and I think I've found it.
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