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  1. Agreed. It also means saving the 1.5/1.5 caches close to home until you really need them, knowing you run the risk of them being archived before you find them. I know a cacher that went out just after midnight of the day he was scheduled for minor surgery. The next day, he went out in the evening after he was released from the hospital, to find a cache.

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  2. You'd have to actually install Mapsource on the other computer. You can save your unlock codes to a flash drive and then use them on the other computer. Note that I think this may technically violate the software license if you don't own both computers.


    You can fit a lot of the eastern US on a 1Gb memory card. Using both CN7 and Topo, you could fit FL, MS, AL, GA, SC, TN, NC, KY, WV, VA, MD, DE, IL, IN, OH, PA and NJ. That would take 964.8 Mb.


    If you have a specific list of states in mind, post the list and I can tell you how much space it would take.

  3. If I loaded City Navigator, 24K, US Topo, and Worldmap, and I was in the area covered by 24K, what would be the hierarchy?

    If I loaded City Navigator, US Topo, Blue Chart, and Worldmap, and I was in the vicinity covered by all 4 maps, what would be the heirarchy?

    It's not quite the same set of maps that you list, but I have City Select, Topo 24K, Roads & Recreation, and Topo maps loaded into our 76C and they're displayed with that hierarchy. City Select first, Topo 24K if City Select is hidden, Roads & Recreation if the first two are hidden, and Topo if everything else is hidden.


    I think you can determine the hierarchy by the order that the maps are listed on the GPSr menu where you can hide or show them.

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