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  1. I just noticed that the maps are now zoomed out. Great! I like it much better. I am using Maxthon and have no problem. Thanks for the change!
  2. In trying to find caches in a new area quickly, I find that I have to immediately click Mapquest. The google maps are wonderful, but you cannot tell where the cache even is. Maybe putting them on more zoomed out would help to find what you are looking for and not have to continually zoom out the google map. I do like the way google shows other caches in the area, once you spend time zooming around in it. Let's start with Mapquest.....it's fast.
  3. We have a Magellan Meridian and just had the same problem yesterday. We had to give up doing two caches when all we could get was one, sometimes two satellites. This is the first time this has happened anywhere we have travelled in the U.S. Later on in another area it worked fine. Was it the unit or something like a solar flare? We are interested in any ideas, too!
  4. I have a Magellan Meridian GPSr about 3 years old. Lately it has been consistent about giving me two readings about 15 feet apart. It will count down to even 1 foot at one spot, then do the same at the other spot, even with new batteries. We now figure on searching two different spots throroughly for the cache, and find the cache o.k. at one of the points. What's going on? Anyone else experience this? Thanks for any opinions!
  5. Hey, all you rain 'cachers. Think about the soggy log books, mildewy caches you may have left behind. Many a cache has been completely ruined by being opened in the rain!
  6. Should explain what I meant by the above. Why not just a discreet [edited 10-13] after the last word in the log, instead of skipping a line and making it so noticeable?
  7. I had the same problem as fallenfaery, only that the log showed up right away but disappeared the next day. I logged it back on by doing an edit on the log. It then showed up on the page. BTW, why make such a big deal about editing on the log. Sometimes you only want to correct a misspelled word.
  8. Do we have the record for the longest held TB to return from the "dead"? (Not counting those who "reactivate" their own bugs). Ours went 11 months, 6 days and was then placed by the same geocacher who took it. We had emailed after a couple months and received a polite, "will get it going". After that we gave up, so it was really a pleasant surprise to get our bug going again. We can't believe anyone would still be able to find a travel bug they picked up almost a year ago. Surprisingly, we really feel good about this geocacher!
  9. Found this web site when I was searching for information on what GPS to buy my husband. We tried geocaching and were hooked. We then took our grandsons out and they were excited to find their first cache. They were sure that we had just hidden it for them. Now their Mom is hooked too, and goes when she can. Finally, we have found something to motivate the kids to get outside instead of looking for a new toy at K-mart! They have learned a lot about maps, latitude and longitude, using a compass, and using the GPS. We have all had fun tracking travel bugs, too. Great family sport!
  10. Don't the people at Magellan (I have a Meridian) know that a gps is used for GEOCACHING? I use the $ to mark a cache, since there isn't one for it. The GPS says that's an ATM.
  11. It is always a surprise to find a cache and then find that the owner has only found one cache in the whole last year. It is also a surprise to see that someone who knows so much about geocaching (932 posts!) waited so long to place a cache. Congratulations, UMC.
  12. If you are going some miles from home on a "real" trip, it should be interesting to a bug's owner to see logs and pictures of the bug at each cache you visit. If you have a lap top or can get to a library to log, the owner can have the fun of following along on the bug's travels. Just logging a bug in and out of local caches might be boring unless that is the stated goal of the travel bug.
  13. Sorry to hear about your missing bug! Good idea to post here, but also, have you e-mailed any cachers you know of in the area? (Look for frequent loggers in the zip code of the bug's last cache). One of them may recognize the name in the log. A bug from one of our caches was recently rescued when a cacher knew the newbie who took the bug, not realizing what it was.
  14. I realize some of you are having fun with the question about booby trapped caches. Seeing a closed ammo box (maybe even with some left over military markings) can give any new cacher a moment of wondering if this is o.k. to open. My daughter, who has a snake phobia, was not happy when she opened a cache with a plastic snake in it.
  15. Guess I am late in this discussion, but is benchmark hunting really geocaching? The coordinates given aren't even the right datum, so you just have to hunt with the info. Putting this on the My Cache page will make people think they should do this. Can this be removed by those who do not want to hunt for benchmarks? We hunted for three benchmarks and found all were gone. The kids thought this was downright boring and not much of a prize. We gave it up so the enthusiasm for geocaching would remain.
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