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  1. Added my name to the list - I knew I was forgetting something when I saw this thread, and forgot about the email you sent out in August lol.
  2. Put me down for a Green Glass coin - I love the Czech stone I got last time!
  3. Got my 1 of 75 Czech stones in the mail finally! Didn't realize that mail coming from the Czech Republic was slowing down due to the surge of e-commerce from the US... Either way, this coin is amazing! Thick too - made from what seems to be granite. This is NEVER being traded, considering I'm half Czech
  4. Sent you money! Can't wait to get a piece of my unknown country lol
  5. Just for future reference, VantagePoint is software that you can use to link your Magellan up to, and can download your pocket queries right from the website, extract them, download the corresponding images, upload your paperless logs, and show you a map of where the geocaches are that you just loaded. Its great software, and its free. Google it - should be easy to find lol
  6. I would love one, being that I am half Czech!
  7. Have you tried doing a "PC to GPS" transfer through VantagePoint? I load the pocket queries through the software, then send them over. Also, what version of the GPS software are you using?
  8. Darn, beat me to it with my own post! Good to know my help is coming up at a later period XD If you have any questions about this GPS, drop a PM to me. The next thing I can think of is that the software is having a bit of a problem - What software version are you using for the GPSr?
  9. Agreed, the forest kami coins are spectacular - awaiting my set in the mail right now!
  10. How many were minted with the silver on gold? I found one of your coins on eBay recently and it came from CoinsAndPins. I didn't see anywhere of you detailing this color scheme, but it is still a beautiful coin. I will probably never let this one go...
  11. Scavok Celtic Tree of Life, in Gold/Silver So hard to get a picture of it, since its so shiny >.<
  12. Add me for one set, if possible!
  13. Ordered one of each color! Couldn't resist!
  14. Same here - I contacted OakCoins, and they gave me a good quote on 50 coins, all trackable. They gave me multiple options, so I would go and contact them about it too.
  15. Just went on a big all day cache walk with the GC, and I can say that I love it! It is jumpy when you slow down from a good walk, but at around 10 feet, we are putting the GPSr away and looking. To add custom coordinates, click on Waypoints on the main menu, then hit menu, select Add Waypoint, then Coordinates. Took us a while to figure that out in the field lol. To update, go to Here and download the v1.6 update. Follow the steps that the installation provides you, since they are pretty self explanatory. Mainly, you will fire up the executable, then turn on the GC, let it boot, then connect it to the PC. Select "Connect to PC" when it prompts on the GC, then wait for Windows to recognize it. Once it does, then you will continue. It will prompt you when you need to do this and provides step by step instructions.
  16. Email has been sent to you.
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