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  1. You can load up to 20? maps on to the sd card. If you use Mapsource they are all named gmapsupp.img and each new map loaded will over write the previous one. To avoid that, each time you load a map rename it to anything you want, but leave the extension as   .img   


    Try this web site for garmin open source maps anywhere in the world



    Have a look at this web site


    Www.gpsrchive.com for all garmin handheld gps info.






  2. Have you looked into using GSAK. The database does just about everything. From downloading PQs to publishing found GCs. I just log a cache as found, and when I get home connect the GPS to the computer and edit the log. GSAK will then connect to my Geocaching.com account and publish the logs. You can download and try GSAK for free. To buy a copy cost around $40USD one off. I have found this to be a good investment.

  3. I use GSAK to load caches in GGZ file format to a Garmin GPSMAP 64s and it works fine. All the caches are shown as boxes for traditional caches, and multis, mystery, and earthcaches have different symbols. Found caches have a treasure chest.


    The PQs are downloaded into GSAK and caches selected for transfer to the GPSr.

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