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  1. What are the proper settings for MacroSet on the MoveCopy dialog to do a copy?

    No matter the settings, it always appears to move. I used the procedure in the help to generate the settings but the behavior is always to 'move' the waypoints.


    For reference, this is the generated snippet with my code:



    # set up the dialog to copy in to 'Temp'

    <data> VarName=$MoveCopy















    MacroSet Dialog=MoveCopy VarName=$MoveCopy

    MoveCopy Settings=<macro>

  2. Hi Cyde,


    Below is the bare bones of a macro that crashes on just one cache of the 2500 in my database: The Photographer's Cache II by Markwell (GC384E). My thought was the problem was the upper limit on string length but I could not find what that was. The intent of the full macro is to use regex on the $data variable to glean and report information.



    Goto Position=Top

    while .not. $_eol

    $status = "Now processing: " + $d_name

    ShowStatus msg="$status"


    $data = $d_ShortDescription


    #this line crashes on just one cache

    $data = $data + $d_LongDescription


    Goto position=Next



  3. I'm having fun playing with the new lego bricks but...


    Problems I've had so far.

    1. There is no box on the edit or add waypoint to change owner id.

    workaround: I changed it with a database replace on the field.

    2. When I manually create a new waypoint the the OwnerId becomes "lblOwner"


    I am in the process of changing my macros to macroflag and macrofilter commands and I am pleased with the truely shareable results.



  4. You can use the during option for this, and other relative date comparisons (rather than absolute) .




    That's just what I need.


    I searched the update history and see that 'during' has been a feature for a long time.


    I forgot the first rule of using software: if you need it, somebody else probably did too and in an established program, like GSAK, you should look hard before 'suggesting'.


    Thanks for the time and patience.

  5. I'm sorry I don't know what it means to "one year own it's own".


    I've tried everything now.


    My check I assume is lost. So, holding my nose I reactivated my PayPal account.

    I am told by PayPal I've spent $30, but have not received an Email with an S number.


    And still no 'contact us' emails are responded to.


    In the mean time, I've seen Jeremy respond to other renewal problems on these boards but nothing here.


    What do I have to do get a response?

  6. Last year I renewed using Paypal and was charged twice, which took weeks to resolve. This year I tried to renew using snail mail, mailing 4 weeks before the end of subscription.


    Check has not been cashed, my status now has been dropped to basic, my emails (to the 'contact us' address) are unanswered and I sit in limbo.

  7. For the second time, I've accidently deleted a pocket query that I didn't really want to delete.


    This is caused by the combination of a delete link too near the edit link and no confirmation prompt ("Do you really want to delete that query that took several days to debug").


    Frustration is magnified because I've lost low numbered queries that get processesd and come to me in the morning before I go out. When I rebuild the lost queries, they go to the end of the list and now don't show up till noon, too late to use that day.


    For if you hide the crown, even in your hearts, there he will rake for it.


    King Henry V Act II Scene IV

  8. quote:
    Originally posted by Dekaner:

    ...but I found that none of the caches seemed like they had a lot of detail or thought put into them.


    Li’l Otter needs no defense from me. But how you can judge the quality of a Wisconsin cache from New York is amazing.


    First, Otter uses an appropriate cache size and type for the subject. She has multis, difficult terrains, micros and virts. She has Tupperware and other containers filled with beanie babies if that’s important to you. All are created with thought and with an attempt to capture some environmental, historical or otherwise interesting element.


    Second, she takes care in preparing the cache including contacting park rangers and similar authorities, something that is probably not done as often as it should be done by others. She places caches with concern for the impact of cachers who visit, how far they range if its not found and the varying effects of the seasons.


    Third, like all of us should, she is looking for feedback and takes advice to heart about placement, materials and cache content.


    Fourth, she has an enthusiasm for our hobby that I would match with anyone. She is responsible for encouraging and growing the hobby in a low populated area of the state. She took part in a recent WGA (Wisc Geocaching Assoc) meeting about how we are going to work with our state Department of Natural Resources.


    Fifth, I have visited many of her caches. Some are simple, some are hard. But all were appropriate and well maintained. I suspect her efforts to maintain and support her caches exceed the efforts of almost anyone.


    Sixth, I and others consider Otter a WI treasure. I saw a young GeoCacher treat her like a celebrity at our recent state picnic.


    Lastly, I consider Otter a friend that if you would be lucky enough to meet you would withdraw your baseless claim.


    Jeff Thorson


    For if you hide the crown, even in your hearts, there he will rake for it.

    King Henry V Act II Scene IV

  9. I was doing a survey for a multi-cache and a guy noticed me going from place to place, stopping and taking averaged readings.


    He approached me and asked (jokingly) if I was from that commercial where the cell phone tech keeps on moving and saying "can you hear me".


    I said: "yeah, something like that". Another one of my snappy responses.

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