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  1. BigG & Ogre who first picked up one of my TB's in Tennessee and drove it to Georgia to get it some miles. THEN, was willing to go back to GA a couple months later to rescue it from the cache and get it back out and moving again.


    And, of course, MaxB who's moved so many TBs in so many ways that we could likely have a thanks list just for him as its own thread.

  2. Hi everyone,


    Just wanted to let you all know about an upcoming event cache, from one of the INDIGO spin-off groups. E.C.O.'s (Evansville area Caching Organization -- emphasis on the "area" this time :rolleyes: ) August event will be in Owensboro, KY. Plan is to meet on Satruday, August 26th, at 11 am. MetroGT is planning the event, and thinks this might be the first event cache in Owensboro. Hopefully, with a month of warning, those who are interested in coming will have a chance to hear about it and see if it works in their schedule.


    All are welcome - you do not have to be a member of E.C.O. to attend. Owensboro has many many hides, if you've never been there, and one of the main local hiders (and finders) - GeoJimmie - is planning on attending. So if you are free that day, and not all that far from Owensboro, come on out and join us - we'd love to see you.


    For more info, check out the listing at

    GCXC5G - ECO Meet & Greet for August

  3. Ok, the July event is in the books. Lots of talking and eating, and then (surprise surprise) some of us found time to go caching afterwards. :rolleyes:


    But, this is to note that the August event is already planned and ready for people to start considering. This time we'll be meeting in Owensboro, KY. Plan is to meet on Satruday, August 26th, at 11 am. MetroGT is planning the event, and thinks this might be the first event cache in Owensboro. Hopefully, with a month of warning, those who are interested in coming will have a chance to hear about it and see if it works in their schedule.


    All are welcome - you do not have to be a member of E.C.O. to attend. Owensboro has many many hides, if you've never been there, and one of the main local hiders (and finders) - GeoJimmie - is planning on attending. So if you are free that day, and not all that far from Owensboro, come on out and join us - we'd love to see you.


    For more info, check out the listing at

    GCXC5G - ECO Meet & Greet for August

  4. E.C.O. is still an active force down here in the bottom of the state. I'm sensing that all of the Central Time Zone areas get a little dissed by Indy -- when one of my co-workers recently got his Indiana driver's license renewal in the mail from the BMV, it was addressed to Evansville, ILLINOIS, 47714... Hmm..... Yup - there's our tax dollars at work. B)


    I think one thing that Indigo found was that going the whole way East to West across the state is rough for middle of the week meet and greets. But, when they schedule the weekend TrailMixes, lots and lots show up. For ECO, we have members scattered from north of Vincennes to Jasper to Paducah, KY, to Louisville, etc. So, we just move the meet and greets around a lot (one in Kentucky followed by one in Indiana, and sometimes up in Patoka and sometimes over in Jasper and ...) - and we hold them on the weekends, so that more have a chance to come. Just a thought if/when N(E)I-GEO forms up.

  5. If it was my TB, I'd like it if you "dipped" it. My guess is that most TB owners would agree. But, maybe other TB owners think differently. If you're worried, e-mail the TBs' owners. If they are ok with it, it would be perfectly fine to do so. If any of them say no, then don't drop theirs, just do the ones whose owners say ok.

  6. Also, be prepared for twice as many as you think might show up to show up. For a first event, you might want to plan on a restaurant, so that you don't have to worry about food - but then you have to worry about seats!


    Any cacher can host an event - as long as the primary focus is just for a bunch of cachers to get together and hang out, it should meet the guidelines (but PLEASE make sure to read those over before you try to spend time and effort planning something that doesn't!). You can't plan an event to try to go and find caches, for example (though most of the time, some cachers will get together before or after to find some of the local caches, at least). Don't worry that you don't know many other cachers - they'll still come, and that's the purpose behind events - getting to put a face to all those names you've seen in the logs.

  7. In case you only read this thread, ...


    If anyone is in the Evansville area at the end of the month (July 29th to be exact), all are invited to join us for the next E.C.O. meet & greet. Yes, one of Indigo's spin-off groups is still going strong, and willing to have anyone join us who would like to come. Given the potential for 100 degree temps in July, we opted for air-conditioning this month. :lol: But, more than likely, just a *few* of us will find time to go caching before and/or after the event. So, if you haven't been down to Evansville yet (or not recently), there are plenty of caches to find, and lots of us willing to show you around town. The cache is at 11 am central time, so all of the out-of-towners will have plenty of time to drive in, and even hit a few caches along the way. :P


    For details:

    ECO July meet & greet

  8. Time to announce yet another ECO event - this time the July event. As always, anyone who is in the area on the day of the event is welcome to attend, whether or not you are or want to be a member of ECO. Given the potential for sweltering weather, the July event will be held indoors - aka in air conditioning! So, check out the event page for details, but the basics are July 29th, 11 am (Central time), in Evansville, IN. Hope to see you there!


    ECO July meet & greet

  9. I can't believe none of the Indiana folks have come on to point out that Mountain Climber is a wonderful reviewer too! Like others have said, he consistently works with you to get your caches to meet the guidelines as quickly as possible. Yes, he'll sometimes tease you (after you've hidden a few), when you flip the coords and tell him your cache in Indiana is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean... But he's great - always williing to help out, etc etc (ok, so just repeating the same as seems true of all the reviewers!).


    But, I think the one that impressed me the most was the week we went on a hiding binge (15 new caches between the two of us, since we'd gotten permission to place along a public greenway, and it's nice and long and has lots of parking and lots of access points and and ...). That same weekend, I know of at least 4 other cachers/groups in the state who went on similar hiding binges (that first warm weekend in the spring, you know...). When I got my weekly cache notification, there were almost 100 in the nearest part of Indiana. On one of ours, there'd been an oops (that whole Arctic Ocean oopsey), so he'd e-mailed us about that one after approving the rest of the series. He'd managed to correct the coords, but needed to verify that all we'd done was flip the few coords. In the series of e-mails, he mentioned that he was recovering from a 60-80 hour work week that week -- keep in mind, that's from his "real" job - and he still found time to approve all those caches! (also, note that I live in the extreme corner of Indiana, so I only get for the SW corner when they send the weekly listing -- so given that the Louisville folks place caches like crazy, as do the Terre Haute cachers, and the Fort Wayne group and the Indianapolis cachers and and and -- my guess is the 100 near me was the merest fraction of his workload that week.


    Oh, and our longest wait for approval that week was for the one we screwed up on the coords for - and that one was our fault (why don't you get a notification if the reviewer posts a note to your cache btw?). We hadn't checked back to see if he'd reviewed it, until we got an e-mail from him checking if we'd read his reviewer note. All that going on, and he still found the time to make sure we knew that he'd responded to the cache! Thanks Mountain Climber!


    (ps - I gotta agree with the others wondering how Keystone manages to help moderate all of the forums and read all of those posts without going just a bit insane some days!)

  10. Team Neos, thanks for the feedback. We can do as many LE coins as people want, one per addy, or something in between. We're kicking around ideas, and everyone that has an opinion should speak up.

    Well, JAPTKD and I would have the same opinion as Team Neos. We would like to each get a coin (ok, so we only own about 12 coins total between the two of us right now) if there was a special Indiana metal. Would it be possible to either limit it at 2 per addy (just for the special metal) or to limit it (again, just the special metal) to one per gc account? I know - then you run the risk of sock puppets, but I'm trying to think of a compromise, so that you don't have unlimited purchases (and the rising prices), but so that husband-wife/ roommate-roommate/ significant other-significant other/ etc pairs have a chance at each getting one. I'm sure someone likely has a caching family, and could make the argument for more than 2 (thus the "one per gc account" idea).

  11. In spite of her caching partner, Neos2 quietly eclipsed the 500 found mark last weekend. Way to go honey!



    Also, I was reading through the found logs on some of my caches, and it seems that someone from your neck of the woods found his 7000th at one of my caches last weekend... :laughing: Congrats Deermark!

  12. Is it possible that you have some sort of anti-spyware (anti-cookie) setting in effect which is making the system revert to using IP addresses to check identity rather than cookies? In Firefox, you can exclude cookies from a specific domain. I'm not sure if it's obvious this is being done once you do it. But these PHP-based systems have IP-based alternatives for storing state information if the client has cookies disabled.

    I don't think our anti-spyware prevents all cookies (I have gc.com on the "good" sites for that program). Plus, hopefully the two other computers I've tried (one at home, and one here at campus, logging in with a work id to the computer) would have different IP settings.

  13. well, I just went to a computer lab (ah, the joys of a college campus - random computers you've never used before). It would not let me log in as the pups, but did let me log in as me (so, the site isn't blocked in the lab). I'm thinking it's a forums thing. The account is a real account, not a sock puppet (like your son's account is a real account), and a new computer in a different city from my house should have it's own IP address. Then again, the system has no problems with me logging out and logging back in as my husband's account.


    A thought - does your son's account name have any symbols in it? That's the only thing I've thought of as to why it's not working (I know the forums won't let you PM someone with symbols in their name). I'm more puzzled than frustrated - just find it odd and wonder why.

  14. definitely sounds like a cookie issue... I'd go into Firefox:tools:options and find the cookies for the domain name and delete them... what? you're using Firefox right?

    Yup, using Firefox, though I also tried on IE and Mozilla. Heck, I got into wondering about it last week, and I'd actually downloaded netscape just for the fun of seeing if I could log in as the pups through a new browser where I knew I hadn't used it with this account.


    Just cleared the cookies (well, logged out and closed Firefox, just in case, reopened and cleared cookies and tried to log in), but still can't log in as them. I also tried from a computer I've never logged into the forums on, and it didn't work there either - I'm now thinking it's not a cookies thing (since I don't think I'd ever gotten onto GC.com on that old computer, let alone the forums). I'll try from a computer at work tomorrow, just in case I just don't remember using that computer before, but I'm thinking there's something else going on...


    When they did the name lock-down, did it add any restrictions to usernames with symbols in them?

  15. yeah, I thought it was a cookie thing too, that's why I tried logging out of my computer and everything, re-booting, and starting with a new user on the computer. Maybe what I need to do is to try it tomorrow from my computer at work... I'll see if that works, if it's a cookie thing. Thanks. (if anyone else has another idea, feel free to suggest - I'll try whatever, just to figure out why)

  16. Well, I woudn't mind drafting other cachers to fill out my army but I can't fork out five TB myself. :blink:

    ditto here.


    I think 5 cent wins for the Indiana/Illinois border area. :blink:

  17. Flo can't believe her luck with me taking up caching, she is having so many lovely walks now in really different places, walking much further than we would have done without the goal. Flo says ta!

    I wanted to upload an image to go with this but couldn't see how. I know this now identifies me as a retard but hey! can anyone offer an idoits guide? It is worth it, Flo is a great looking creature!

    Ok, but this will be the non-techie version of it. :blink:

    The picture has to be somewhere on the internet already (use a cache log if need be!)


    Then, in your post, click on the "tree" (it looks like a postage stamp with a tree in it - third from the right). You'll have to copy and paste in the link from your picture. (if you put it in a cache log, open another window, go to that cache log, and click on the picture. This will open a webpage of just that picture. Copy the url (http://.....) and paste it into the box that opens when you click on the tree.


    edit: feel free to pm me if this doesn't make sense. :blink:

  18. Oh, I should add, just to check, I tried logging into my husband's gc account, and going into the forums from it - it did, and said it was him in the forums. no switchover to beffums. So, it seems to be specific to their account (ok, of the 2 accounts I tried!). :blink:

  19. Ok, so this is a rather trivial issue, so I didn't want to bother the people in the website forum, since I thought someone here might know the answer.


    I have an account for my geopups:


    I've been trying to log into the forums from their account, so I can post to one of the geopup threads. Everytime I do, it auto-logs me in as Beffums. I've checked - I do not have the box checked for "remember me". I've tried logging out as me and clicking "log in" (while in the forums), and it refuses to accept their username and password (but I checked that too, and the password matches what gc.com e-mailed me).


    Is the problem the & and the _ ? It's the only thing I can think of, but I know others log into the forums with symbols in their names, so I wasn't sure. Any thoughts/ideas? I've been trying to log in as them for several weeks, and it consistently refuses to, or just logs into the forums as "me". (I even went so far as to create a new account on the computer, log out as me, switch user to them, log back into GC.com as them, click on the forums and - no go. still wouldn't let them log in. I understand that letting my pups surf the forums isn't essential, it's just puzzling me as to why it's happening more than anything.

  20. Excellent progress!


    Have you found cache owners yet for the last three states?



    New Hamsphire


    We have gone to the regional forums with these as of Friday. I believe we are good on New Hampshire now but still need Delaware and Montana.

    Ok, I've been a slacker and still haven't hidden the Illinois cache - I'm working on it though, I promise! (just would rather take the time to do it right than to rush it on this one).


    How goes the search for the last two states?

  21. Too bad caches aren't big enough to hold platoons! Could hook a whole army to one bug! Darn, three stores and all they have are Red Rescue guys :blink: will have to keep searching till I get some troops.






    I will supply the armies. Will just need people to place them. I want them to be uniform.




    Just to clarify - will the generals need to supply 5 TB tags of their own? Or do those come with the army men?


    I don't currently have a spare 5 tb tags, but if you're supplying them, I could certainly start a set off from here in SW Indiana (we're just across the Ohio from Kentucky, and less than 5 miles from Illinois, so hopefully they'd hit a few states quickly). However, I completely understand if you need the generals to buy their own set of 5 TB tags - buying them all yourself would get $$.

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