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    For those of you who have met DreadPirateRoberts (he was at the Evansville event with Pirate in Training), kudos are in order. He went over 100 caches on December 5th with the 5/5 at Captain McHarry's Vault. (and Pirate in training is up to 16 already!) Of course, he then went on a caching spree in Owensboro, so he's up around 120 now, but I didn't know how to use the forums before yesterday, so I couldn't post it before...
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    see, now I've had the opposite problem. It's taken me about 1/2 an hour to get that one post on here! I think the forums are full tonight or something.
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    JAPTKD and I think the monthly (ish) TrailMix idea is a great idea as well. talking with Team Neos at the Evansville event, the Rose Island hike sounded like a lot of fun! Plus, Most of my weekends are free, and it's always sooo hard to twist JAPTKD's arm into going caching. (I must point out that *he* was the one to e-mail me today with "hey, wanna go to Louisville this weekend and get some caches? there's lots of empty hotel rooms...") Unfortunately, we've only lived in Indiana for a few months, so we don't know where many cool hiking trails are. Guess we'll have to wait and just follow wherever y'all pick out to go for a bit at least. BUT, if you ever decide to do a long trip and wanna do hiking in the mountains of Southwest Virginia or Northwest Pennsylvania, ...
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    Whatever do you mean? I found the water just fine, thank you! hmm, i'm remembering a story... As long as JAPTKD doesn't have to work, we'll try to make the trailmix on the 14th
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