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  1. yes, I'll email you, if the mission is finished. no, there is no mission received in bremen.
  2. day 3 after x-mas and there is no package received in bremen...
  3. I haven't received my package at this moment. But there are 3 more days to christman. I am still waiting.
  4. 1. Participating: theped email sent oct.20.2009 2. Received Name: nov.02.2009 3. Mission Complete: dec 05 2009 4. Package Received!: no, not yet
  5. 1. Participating: theped email sent oct.20.2009 2. Received Name: nov.02.2009 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  6. 1. Participating: theped email sent oct.20.2009 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  7. Project ·G·A·M·E· News: The MEGA ·M·E·T·E·R· is available at www.project-game.de See you in Bremen theped (1/6 Event Kümmerer)
  8. Welcome to Bremen A town with many faces awaits you! The fairy-tale mood that stems from an illustrious past, preserved and tangible in the historic city centre. Surrounded by the maritime flair of the overseas port, we want to celebrate the first MEGA-Event of Bremen! You find the eventlisting here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= The Project ·G·A·M·E· Website is http://www.project-game.de/
  9. The coins look very beautiful. As a friend of your country I order two. Thanks and greetings from Bremen/Germany, the town of the Project ·G·A·M·E· theped
  10. Hi butrflybec, thanks for your favorites in Mobile and your wishes. Greetings from Bremen/Germany theped
  11. Hi, I'm from 11.-13. November in Mobile, AL for a buisness trip on M/S Norw. Spirit. Can you give me some Caches there, that I 'must have'? Greetings from Bremen/Germany theped
  12. Finally has come! Since today is the first 'Bremen Geocoin' in stock. This is a joint project of theped, TandT, faltohr and spuchtfink, Aeon and the "exile Bremer" mohr11. For the Coin the prefix HB be secured and the icon adorns the so-called Bremer Speck flag. The Coin occurred in 3 variants be purchased: Antique silver, antique gold and 2-tone. Further information is available in the shop by Sepp and Berta: Bremen 2008 Geocoin: Order here!
  13. But the original Aruba Natural Bridge is collapsed. There is a small bridge nearby. http://www.aruba-travelguide.com/sights/natural_bridge.html Greetings theped
  14. Hi there, is any cacher at Grand Bahama Island, who can recieve a TB from my colleague in Freeport? She is there from December 7th to 15th. Please contakt me, if you can. Greets theped
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