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  1. Interesting idea. Would you need to remove the handle and that loop thing on the end?? (So things hanging off doen't get caught on a machine or something?) Just wrap some packing tape around the can. So the handle is taped to the can. If they will let you ship it that way I will buy a couple from you..
  2. They also have real good customer service people working there. I messed my invisibile shield up so I called them and they told me what I did wrong and sent me out two replacement ones and they even made me one for my sirius radio for half price.
  3. Don't do it. It is the worst manual I have ever read. After you read it you will want to return the gps.
  4. When useing paypal you will get a email almost immediately with instructions on upgrading. It took my account about 5 minutes from paying with paypal to being a premium member...
  5. Just received my first one yesterday, It seems to be working for my account now......
  6. I haven't been receiving them either, I just thought the feature on the site was not active yet.
  7. The best price I found for a 60c was at sams club, About 350.00 plus a 50.00 rebate from garmin. ,,,
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