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  1. So, after a great event down in Lake Manatee State Park in Florida I got to thinking... What if instead of smiley and frowny face icons...we could replace it or have an alternative map that would show our own photo from that particular adventure? A map filled with smiley and frowny face icons does not show the miles of sweat and tears we left on the trail. A map doesn't show the hours of laughter and smiles shared by friends at camp. It doesn't show the 70+ hours of driving and 4 days on the road to camp and be with my Florida geo-Friends/Family for 2.5 days! The map could reflect so much more of our adventures!
  2. So, I've noticed the add to list function on the cache page, but the list isn't showing all the bookmark lists I have made! I can make a new list, but then I end up with multiple lists of the same thing! Same problem with doing it from the map page. The bookmark list available isn't showing all the lists that I have made. Where am I going wrong?
  3. Anyone else having a problem with this? I used to just click a box and the log would be shared to my FB account, but the link is gone. Every time I click on the FB logo, it just refreshes the page, but doesn't upload my log. geocaching.com website issue or Facebook issue?
  4. For some reason after finally figuring out how to do PQs, my Magellan Trion died on the way to a preserve. I reinstalled the software (or at least updated it) and now I am missing two of my naviagation screens. The ones that actually got me to the geocaches! I tried the Triton Forum, but there are so many issues with this unit, it was hard to find the right topic to help me fix my problem. right now I have these screens: 1. Basic map screen with current speed and heading 2. The sceen with location, destination, odometer, bearing, date and time 3. The screen with bearing, heading, distance to end, and current speed 4. The screen wih current speed, max speed, odometer, and current trip 5. The basic compass screen 6. The satellite screen. I used to have two more screens. One where it would show you a black arrow of where you destination was. and another one that showed the same thing only with a blue/purple line of where you actually were walking. Both of these screens showed me where I needed to go, where I was going, and how far I was from my destination. None of the other screens will get me within feet of my cache because I can't navigate with them. Any idea how to get these two screens back? Thanks for any/all help. If you happen to know how to do a reboot rather than factory settings reboot, that might help too. Right now my computer never recognizes when it's plugged in! Thanks for any and all the help you can provide!
  5. I saw a neat video of a geocache that was designed after the board game of CLUE. I was thinking of trying a similar geocache only on a smaller scale to see how it goes. A Clue Jr. version if you will. Has anyone seen a cache like that or owns a cache like that? Thoughts/ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated!
  6. I am in the planning process for hosting my first event. I have read the Geocaching.com event information and a few other places to get started. Anyone have any suggestions for a fall themed event? ice breaker games? thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the support (in advance!)
  7. Good point! I will make sure my "event" is an event first. Caching will just be a bonus! Thanks for the reminder!
  8. After about 1100+ caches and almost 40 hides, I think it's time for me to host an event. I looked at the guide in Geocaching.com, but am wondering how other people have done this in the past. I want to do an A-Z challenge for the adults and a small 1-10 version for kids or families with kids. Also a night cache. Can I set the caches to "reserve" the location? Any thoughts, helpful hints, and suggestions greatly appreaciated!
  9. The last 2 replies were great! Emailed one of the CO's to see how to set it up. Can't email the other one...he's too close to home and I wouldn't want to spoil the puzzle!
  10. I came across a mystery cache where you had to put together a jigsaw puzzle to get the coords. I want to do a Mystery cache where they have to put together a puzzle in order to get the location of where I am hiding what they need to get to the final. Has anyone done this before? Thanks for all the help!
  11. I was 9 months pregnant and had just battled thorny vines and a ditch to get to GZ. Apparently I forgotten I had a fanny-pack on that was hidden under my big belly and thought I didn't have a pen. So we used the back side of a leaf and tried scratching our names in it with a stick. It wasn't until we were done signing the log that my son looks at me and says "Mom, don't you have a pen in there?" Good times!
  12. I couldn't post today for some reason. Must have gone through 10 pages looking for help. How do I mass delete, because I couldn't figure that out.
  13. Thanks so much. I thought for sure that once I loaded a SD card that I would be able to get more geocaches on the unit, yet it keep telling me I was full and I couldn't figure out how. I had only about 193 waypoints and not sure how many geocaches, but now I know that I need to just clean it out. Is there a way to mass delete from Vantage Point verses individual deletes? Thanks for the help.
  14. I know there is a Magellan Triton forum out there, but haven't had any luck getting help from that site. My internal memory is full on my Triton 400, so I bought a PNY 16GB SDHC disc. Can't get it to format and can't get anything loaded on it. What am I doing wrong? Did I go too big? My last card was Lexar 128 MB SC card, but now I am not sure it was holding any data on it either like I thought it was. I have no maps and limited to 804 geocaches. Help!
  15. Thanks for all the help. Just decided to leave it blank and put all my information in the other section and that has worked out great!
  16. A "Lift it up" at a gas station. Sucked in some serious fumes while signing the log. NOT my kind of smiley!
  17. Hello. I am trying to place my first geocache, but can't get past the summary section. It keeps telling me I have exceeded 500 characters, but I haven't. What am I doing wrong?
  18. I'm heading to Ohio and I live in Florida. What are the caches and I will see if we can squeeze them in!
  19. A friend of mine showed me his collection of them. Love them. Can't wait to submit an article or two. I love reading about the fun everyone is having at this sport.
  20. Not sure what area in the state you are in, but if you are near Tampa, I would highly recommend the Hillsborough River State Park area. A few really fun caches, great hikes, swimming, kayaking/canoeing, bike riding, and lots of wildlife and gators!
  21. While I was working in Alaska for the Forest Service, my husband had some female roomates during the summer months to help pay the bills. His screen name was "safechris" because he was committed to me and was basically a "safe" friend. When I got back from Alaska, I wasn't that creative for an email identity, so I just borrowed his and added my name. Pretty boring, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  22. Personally, I wouldn't waste your money. You need the adapter to upload caches. I bought 2 for my boys 10 and 12, but wish I would have spent the money on a decent entry level unit instead.
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