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  1. I'm looking for the new monster cache coin! My trading list is here : http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade...2&owner=423
  2. I'm looking for the Crystal Fairy coin. This is my trading list http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade...2&owner=423
  3. 1. Participating - Email sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete- mailed 4. Package Received - yes
  4. Thanks Toojin & Bart... I always have difficulty to put picture on the forum!
  5. This is ours http://img105.imageshack.us/my.php?image=m...kgeocoinpc4.jpg
  6. I received... my bird coin group project http://img105.imageshack.us/my.php?image=m...kgeocoinpc4.jpg
  7. <strike>1. Participating</strike> 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  8. I mised the hand cuff sale too I look for any metal!
  9. I'm happy to understand that you finally received it and like it
  10. I have been watching the Gecoin Fairy for a while now. I went to eat my supper in front of the computer, like normal ( I know that's a bad habit LOL) when I saw that the GCF has visited a cache near by. I dropped my sandwich..it can wait until later and ran for the cache. I had no trouble finding the cache not too far from my house. Because I left the house so quickly I forgot my swag bag, but I rummaged around in my purse and found an unactivated Moustik butterfly coin. Isn't it amazing what we find in our purse? LOL I swapped the Moustik coin for the GCF coin. I am glad I made it there before C6 as he also wants this coin. Thanks GCF!! (and thanks PF for the translation)
  11. Ho wow! Very cute! How many color? Who can I ask if I want it?
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