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  1. yahoo!!! I've got one A good angel take care of me!!
  2. I've got one at GCF! Thanks a lot It's a great tiny cute coin
  3. I found one in my trading box at GCF! Wow Great surprise! Thanks!!!!!! I think you put lights in my eyes
  4. A new mystery coin? Great A picture please
  5. I have some pirates of Harriman kraken coins for trade! You can make me offer at bonjourpeluche@hotmail.com
  6. Ok I find I'm going to GCF too! You'll be there?
  7. Wow! Very pretty! How have it? It's for buy or for trade?
  8. Oh!!! I'm working right now! Hope then I can buy one set later today :s
  9. I don't deserve to win because my english is not very good and I'm not sure what I have to do to win... or not win this cointest!
  10. Great coin! I want one if somebody have one for trade! My trading list is at geocoin collection.
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