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  1. Wow! What a good surprise! A mystery coin waiting for me in my mail box today after my work! And not any coin... Jedi Mickey Mystery Geocoin.

    Thanks mystery giver!!! You make my day! The force be with you!


    Sorry! I don't find how add a picture :(

  2. can't go to this one, but as an aside, a midwest geobash 2007 coin recently showed up in a cache near my house. My wife loved the duck. Is the duck a tradition for the coins every year, or was that just a one time shot?


    This is the Year of the Cowboy Chicken!!!


    I'll be giving my booty (coins that is) to Jellyfish!


    Cool :unsure:

  3. A flock of BlueMotmot geocoins have arrived! Minted by Tsun, and designed by Jen at Wickworks, they have a blue-crowned motmot bird on one side, and lots of hibiscus on the reverse. The bird and leaves are all translucent enamels, and the flowers are a mix of translucent and regular enamels. The red hibiscus on the front has the tiny initials ERB, to honor my mother who passed last year.


    I am saving these for in person trades and to drop in caches only, so look me up if you are in Northern California, or GeoWoodstock!! And, I'll be in North Carolina next week before GW.


    Oh yes, the fine print: non-trackable and not for sale.



    Wow! Very nice! I'll have to look for you at GW :anitongue:

  4. I got the coolest TB in the mail today. It's a sweet idea started by Avroair. If you attended GCF and were around when we played poker, you might know that the poker participants got a really cool deck of cards with the GCF logo on them.


    Avroair got creative with his deck and wrote down the names of many of the cachers that he met at GCF. The idea is that you receive the deck with the tags, grab it, keep the card with your name on it and then contact someone in the deck for a coin trade. Then you send your trade along with the cards & tags.


    So, I have 53 names to choose from - yes there are a couple of Jokers in there but I'll let you find out who they are when you receive it.


    You can track it with this number: TB2146F. Watch the TB to find out who will be the next of the Usual Suspects. :o:D


    Off to update my trading list so I can trade!!! ;):D


    Edited to add: I would have posted pics but my computer died and I can't get pictures uploaded.


    Great idea :D hope this tb visit Quebec :D

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