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  1. I received the Zebra coin some weeks ago. With my stressed work, I totally miss time to come here. Thanks! It's made my day.
  2. Wow! What a good surprise! A mystery coin waiting for me in my mail box today after my work! And not any coin... Jedi Mickey Mystery Geocoin. Thanks mystery giver!!! You make my day! The force be with you! Sorry! I don't find how add a picture
  3. I arrived from the Midwest Geobash this afternoon and what I see from the car??? A golden bubbles envelop! I run and I go open it! Wow! Surprise!!! A mystery coin I got the number 25!! Thanks for thinking of me Moustik
  4. Congrats at all who received the special package!!!!!
  5. I can do something in Montreal area
  6. Wow! I'm very lucky!!! I received that coin during my vacation! It is a very nice coin! Thank you!!!
  7. A lot of mega was and will be in middle and west part of the US this year. Somewhere in the east coast can be good
  8. This is the Year of the Cowboy Chicken!!! I'll be giving my booty (coins that is) to Jellyfish! Cool
  9. I found one great pot of gold on my bag after the Friday Night Meet & Greet (GWVII) Thanks Leprechaun. I very like this coin
  10. I'm looking for the ASP geocoin 2009. I arrived too late and I miss it. If you have one to trade, contact me please.
  11. Wow! Very nice! I'll have to look for you at GW
  12. Congrats to all who find this coin
  13. Hum!!! I need green and yellow Skittles
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