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  1. I have a used Garmin GPSMAP 60 for sale. I have used this GPSr for caching and recently upgraded. This GPSr has most of same features as the top of the line Garmin units. I think this would be a great entry level GPSr but easly able to hold its own with the $500 units as well. I will include a non-locked copy of Garmin MetroGuide V8 (latest version). With this software, you can download street maps and POIs for any state or Provence in North America. The detail is incredible. I used it to navagate while driving and then get out of my car and use it to find the cache. The unit has 24mb of internal memory for map storage. This is plenty for several large citites like LA or Phoenix or even larger areas of more rural populations. The unit can hold up to 500 waypoints or caches at one time. The unit is used but in overall great condition. There a some small scrapes and wear on the case but none on the face. I will include the original box, user manual, belt clip, and lanyard strap. New, all of these items including the software would be well over $400. but I will take $130 for it all. e-mail me if you are interested Azbaba
  2. Thanks for all your advice, seems like the firmware update has helped the accuracy issue. I think I figured out the map refresh issue. I change the settings under heading to 1mph for 180 secs. It seems to help. Thanks again.
  3. I recently bought a new Garmin 60Csx and have been using it for about a month now. I have noticed a few things different from my old GPSMAP 60. First of all, the map screen is very slow to update. I have noticed that while walking, it doesn't show my track up for several seconds, sometimes up to 20-30 secs. It continues to show north up and then it finally updates with my track up. This makes it very hard to zero in on a cache. Also, the estimated accuracy is much lower than my old 60. I often see +/- 70 ft while my old 60 was usually under +/- 30 ft. The new 60Csx is much quicker to lock on and has much better reception but the accuracy seems to be less. Any ideas on these issues. Thanks
  4. Hello; I have tried repeatly to run pocket querries since yesterday and am getting nothing back. I have a Yahoo account, could that be the problem? Anybody else having troubles? Thanks DAve
  5. Tried to activate my Unite for Diabetes TB tonight and I do not have the"activation code" that came on the packaging. Anybody have an Idea how I can get this code so I can activate the tb? Thanks AZbaba
  6. Currently using Mapsource 6 and have not seen City Select yet. Are there major improvements or enhancements? Should a buy it? Thanks
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