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  1. It's past time to get the event published. I originally submitted it on June 6th. I asked several questions and they have still not answered them. It is basically, play by their rules (not the posted ones, rather the ones of the day) or don't play at all cause it's their bat, their ball and their ball field. BUT without other players they will not have a team.
  2. Here's is what they say about "side events" (by the way...our event is not a side event. It's an event we have been holding the second Thursday of the month for 9.5 years! (Watch for our celebration of 10 years coming in January) ----- Unofficial side events (not hosted by the main event organizers) on the days before and/or after the Giga-/Mega-Event day may only be published if they don't conflict with official side events. ----- MWGB does not have any side events on Thursday AND the time I was looking at 5-7 there wasn't even anything on the schedule!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok, I think that's enough exclamation points!)
  3. What about an event that is 4 days long, per geocaching rules the days before/after can have events as long as they don't interfere with any official side events...so the distance should not be an issue? Correct?
  4. Girl Scouts of Erie Shores had a council's own. (They are now part of NEOGS) Here is the link to the requirements. http://www.girlscoutserieshores.org/uploaded_forms/0843.doc
  5. I carry a Mission Impossible coin made for the Mission Impossible Event that took place May 13th. I started carrying it when the coins arrived about a week ago.
  6. Girl Scouts of Erie Shores has a councils own Geocaching Try it, Junior Badge and IP. Anyone needing the requirements, feel free to email me. I can send you the word files that council sent to me to share. If you need a hard copy sent to you, contact the council at their website http://www.girlscoutserieshores.org/ I've been buggin them to get the requirements up on the website...it'll happen soon... There's a cache hidden at the council too!
  7. My coins arrived on Saturday. Frustrating that the post office only changes the tracking info when the package has been delivered. With FedEx you get when it's picked up, when it gets loaded onto a plane, when it arrives in a city....etc... Thanks for the coins...they look great! Looking forward to the next set.
  8. I received my paypal notice on Tuesday, but when I click on to track it just says : The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper or shipping partner on February 07, 2006 to expect your package for mailing. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later. no coins yet. PM but still waiting for a response.
  9. I clicked the above link just because (it's 5 hours after the sale) and I was able to order a set, and pay via paypal. I wasn't going to get this set and I really don't want it...so I will probably be offerring it soon...(I will first offer it to geochums members) I just thought it was weird I was able to get the coin set...are there more than 200 sets being made?
  10. Still no response. Wonderring if these coins shipped yet?
  11. This is a great idea...I'd be interested in this one...
  12. How did you paypal? Did you get an invoice? I haven't gotten an invoice yet.
  13. I go to my ebay, items won....where the coins are I click on PAY NOW....it takes me to a page with the coins listed....2 gold, 3 bronze and the price...then the place for shipping is a fill in box...I think I messed up when I clicked on pay now when I got the gold then tried to back out of that because I wanted the bronze too.... I did request a total from the seller but haven't gotten a response yet (I realize how busy busy busy they are at the moment) I'll wait....
  14. I can't get ebay to give me a total on shipping..... it says I must enter the shipping amount, but I don't know how much combined shipping is...did I miss that somewhere here?
  15. I missed the stick too, and since the kids are at school all day now, I could use some caching karma to help me find caches...so if the stick makes it way back to Ohio any time soon, I'd like to use it for a hike or two...
  16. My coin came the other day. It's for a friend so I am enjoying it until I see him....
  17. Sounds like you might be a fan of Starve Island
  18. Girl Scouts of Erie Shores developed a councils own in the way of Geocaching. I have requirements for the Brownie Try It, Junior Badge and the Cadette/Senior IP. If anyone is interested in the requirements (which also has orderring information) let me know. I don't check the boards often so you may want to email me. It is a word file, so if someone knows where it can be posted for dl I'll send it to you.
  19. Are we being emailed one at a time? I'm out here in the East where it's getting close to bed time...Was hoping to pay for this before I go to bed...
  20. How do you guys know how to pay or did you get your email already? I still haven't gotten my email to pay.
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