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  1. You can always use Geosphere on the iPod Touch. That's how I started going paperless. I was just curious if there was a way I could convert the file over with out paying for an app.
  2. Is there anyway to load gpx files on a first gen Ipod touch?
  3. Because altoid tins are horrible cache containers. IT must be in a pretty dry area then.
  4. I I have seen a few Altoids tin container rusted shut in my travel but if its a worst case scenario it could double as a container.
  5. I like the velcro it gonna be put on my addition list along with black duck tape for urban catches.
  6. Recently I have been looking around for a good geocaching repair kit. All the ones I found online seemed to be really bulky and full of pointless items. After review items and kits I made a minimalist repair kit that would fit into an Altoids tin. This is still a working in progress but if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to comment. This is the tin filled up. List of Items 1. Altoids tin 2. 1 Pint ziplock bag 3. 2 Mini log ziplock bags 4. 4 Extra micro logs 5. 5 Feet of camo duck tape 6. 2 Homemade golf pencils 7. 2 Earth magnets 8. 8 Extra o-rings 9. 5 what is Geocaching Cards 10. 3 Zip ties Sorry for the bad image quality all I had to use for a camera was my phone.
  7. I have done trail work and maintenance before and nails in trees are a standard procedure. I haven't really ever seen a harmful effect from just one or two nails in a tree. That being said you should probably inform the land owner or manager before you nail something in a tree to get there permission first.
  8. I am a proud eagle scout of 2009 and have worked at philmont for the last three summers.
  9. Whoopsie... I typed this on a rush and didn't pay much attention to the spelling. Next time I will take the time to check my spelling so I don't look like an idiot to thousands of people.
  10. I am a college guy on a tight budget and I was wondering what was the cheapest device to do paperless catching with or if I should invest in a new gps that can do it?
  11. Im about to start planting caches and I was looking for some cache container ideas for small and micro caches.
  12. Im a new geocacher and have heard alittle about this idea. I am interested in this concept and I was wondering what some of you guys use for signature items?
  13. What if you spray painted a tin with a anti rust paint?
  14. Well I am relatively new to geocaching and haven’t bought a whole lot of swag but what I do have is a lot of random junk I have collected through the years. Being of college age and a boy scout I have stuff for younger and older age groups. These items range from toy cars and game boy games to fire starter kits and flashlights. I feel a lot of the caches around my area have gotten bombarded with bounce balls and wooden nickels. That being said I like to carry items for both age groups to improve the good to weak and old to young age ratios of the swag items in the caches to improve the experiences of both age groups. I like all the creative swag ideas you guys have and hope to borrow your ideas and implement in the future as my geocaching addiction grows.
  15. Thanks guys for all your usefull help.
  16. I was wondering more of along the lines of what would be good items to have on my person.
  17. I just bought a gps to start geocaching and on my waiting time to recieve it I was wondering what items should i carry while geocaching?
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