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  1. Many thanks for all the replies! Well, were not really into collecting them and don't really wan't someone else to add our TB to their collection so chose the option NO, so in theory, it is not collectible! Now we'll sit back and see how far 'Mr Flintstone' travels! Cheers, Darrell
  2. Hi all, We are about to release our first TB and have no idea what the option:- Is Collectible: 'Yes' or 'No' means when you are in Edit mode? We assume that 'Yes' means it is a collectible item and any one that finds it first can take it home as a collectible item and 'No' means you can't keep it and should keep it travelling, but we can't seem to find anywhere that explains what the option does... Your shared wisdom for us new folk would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Darrell
  3. We haven't been caching for long and today, retrieved our first TB from a cache and also grabbed a TB from another cache and will get them both going again real soon. This probably sounds pretty normal to you all and not much to do with the Topic "Collectible Travel Bugs," but the Travel Bug named Happy that we grabbed, was not Happy at all. You see, Happy had been morphed into Tweety somewhere along the line! Thats right, Happy was gone and a Tweety imposter was attached to Happy's TB tag. So I can only assume that some one really liked Happy, removed Happy from the TB tag and left the TB tag in the cache. Then someone else felt sorry for the lonely TB tag and attached a Tweety which is rather sweet . Now, we hope the owner of Happy can at least enjoy the new travels of Happy Tweety.
  4. We use the following two methods to enter a known coordinate in our Oregon. 1. Tap the Where To symbol on the main screen of the 550T, then choose coordinates from the menu, then enter the coordinate using the touch screen, then tap the green tick symbol and the location should show on your map.. 2. Tap the Mark Waypoint symbol on the main screen of the 550T. This will save your current coordinate, but if you want to put in another coordinate then choose Save and Edit, then you can edit lots of stuff relating to the Waypoint. To change the actual coordinate, scroll down the menu with the updown arrows, then choose Change Location and use the screen arrows and numbers to change the coordinate to the one you want. If you want to keep the coordinate, like a favorite, best off using the Waypoint option and save it with a unique name, you can then retrieve it when you want it.
  5. Thanks Kameharem. If your avitar is for the Seattle Sounders Soccer Club, cool ! We lived in Magnolia until Christmas 2001 and used to walked daily in and around Fort Lawton and the shores of the Sound. If only we knew about Geocaching then as Discovery Park would be such an excellent spot for caches. Not sure about the security rules though. Good luck with your goals.
  6. Wow, some of you folk really do have milestones already under your belt. Well, for us, we are currently at 25 and the next milestone will be 30! Yep, 30! Then to celebrate, we are going to find a place nearby home for our very own cache. We've already identified a couple of likely spots and currently getting all the bits together. Then at 50 found, we will let our own Travel Bug loose on a mission our young lad is working on.
  7. Hi all, We are pretty new to Geocaching and to date, have found the forum is a great resource for questions that have already been answered, but we will be sure to ask the odd question if we can't find an answer. In time and with a little more knowledge, we also hope to be able to participate a little more.
  8. Hi to all the other new Geocacher's. We are also new to Geocaching as well as the forum and tend to find the pinned topics rather useful. Including, Welcome to the New Geocacher's.
  9. We are pretty new to Geocaching and our young lad is enjoying every minute of it, which is terrific. However, he is now really keen on getting out a Travel Bug or Geocoin, but, having come across 4 caches in our local area that are supposed to have trackables in them that are not in the cache and appear to have become missing in action almost as soon as they are placed, does nothing for our confidence. Our young lad would really like to set a mission for the trackable and then follow it's adventures online, but to put one out there knowing the chance of it even completing the first step of the mission are pretty slim, doesn't exactly tickle our fancy. I guess, in theory, it would be nice to simply vanquish the emotional ties, but surely that is not what it was all about when Geocaching trackables were conceived, so we hope, when we give in and let the lad set one loose, the folk that for whatever reason don't or can't move the trackable, leave it in the cache and allow someone who can keep it travelling, do just that.
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