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  1. Many surveying companies require their employees to make rubbings of NGS monuments used for GPS observations. This was one way of being sure that they were occupying the correct monument. I think I still have some observation sheets that have a space for the rubbing.
  2. I just wanted to let everyone know that by having fun hunting "benchmarks" (should be called something like "control monuments") you are helping a lot of professions. It makes project planning a lot easier when we know the mark is there. I've spent countless hours looking for monuments for project control that weren't there. Thanks! Surveyor1
  3. The marks are not necessarily set so that they are intervisible at ground level. Many times towers were built over the marks so that they could be seen from other marks. I've never had much luck looking with a metal detector. The metal detectors we use for surveying don't locate brass. I'm not sure if a monument from that era would have contained any steel. Some of the "treasure hunting" detectors may work...
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