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  1. Heading to Atlanta the week of 4/3- anyone in Amsterdam want to team up?
  2. I really do like the map mode - the old map was very frustrating to navigate, and I feel the new map mode lets me enjoy the things I like about the map on my app, now on my laptop. That being said, I DO very much miss the "list mode" as well - and enjoy being able to search "regionally" and within certain specific filters. For example: If I'm trying to see if I qualify for a challenge cache that asks about favorite points, it was very easy for me to search without a location for "Caches I've Found" and then sort by favorite type. Right now, I have to either: Go to "My Profile", click on Caches, All Caches, and then sort by favorite points or request a pocket query. There are a lot of other examples of this, just things that you can't do because all map searches have to have a location. Again- LOVE the map though! Also, is it possible to "Toggle" back and fourth between the new test items and the old? I don't want to opt-out of seeing new features, but once I've seen them and tried them (and, in this instance, miss some of the old features). I fear if I click on "opt out", I will no longer be considered for the tests. Thanks!
  3. I’ve normally been impressed with how fast cache lists and maps load, both using WiFi and cell service. This sum,er, however, I feel like the app has slowed down significantly when it comes to navigating the app, loading caches, etc. I first thought it might be my phone, so I cleared off all unnecessary “memory hogs”, and have still had the same struggle (now proven on several devices.) I have waited for awhile, hoping it was just a bug, but the crawling, lagging pace of the app is really starting to be bothersome. That being said, besides this,I have really been enjoying all of the other work being done on the app!
  4. As someone who exclusively uses her iPhone to geocache, I have to say that there have been some great improvements to the app lately, and I appreciate that Groundspeak is working on making the experience better. During all of the changes, I've been thinking about the features that would make the app PERFECT (at least for me), and I'd welcome any additions to my "Iphone App Wishlist". This is not me whining, I know the app is a work in progress. 1. Add/remove caches to lists - love the recent addition enabling looking at lists, but its a pain that I can't edit the list in the field. 2. Map lists - I'd love to be able to see all of the caches on my list in map form. 3. Needs Maintenance log - right now I can only log a found, dnf, or note - but a needs maintenance would be super handy! 4. Favorite points - I know others have said this as well, but I hate having to remember to come back to the site to award favorite points. 5. Attributes - another well-voiced frustration on these forums. It's worth repeating! 6. You're getting close - can we disable it? Disable the sound? Nothing like trying to be in "stealth mode" and having that loud sound announce your presence to everyone around you This is by no means an exhaustive list - but these features would give us less dependency on the website while out in the field, which would be incredibly helpful. Thanks Groundspeak!
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