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  1. Don't forget to tuck and roll! Disclaimer: The A-Team does not condone the act of leaping out of your car to find a cache on any day of the year. Don't try this at home. So that's how the power trail people get so many finds in a day!
  2. +1 I blame phone apps, and more so, people telling people about caching. Stop telling others! It used to be like a secret society, and if you talked about it, people looked at you funny. Now they say "Oh, I've heard of that". Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a GPS now. Chances are they look for something to do with it, besides driving around. So when my wife asks me where I'm going on a Saturday morning, I'll just say "I can't tell you." Thats is going to go over real well.
  3. For me it depends on how much time I have. If I only have a few minutes to stop and find a cache then I will go to the hint right away. If time isn't really a factor then I will use the hint after searching awhile. It still counts as a find whether you use the hint or not so there is no shame in using it, IMO.
  4. Maybe in other areas the detail is better but in my area it is much much worse. It doesn't show parks, or schools or other landmarks like google maps does and a lot of the streets are wrong. According to these new maps the street I live on doesn't even exist! It is a pretty well traveled street and I lived there for seven years so its not like it is new. These new maps are pretty much worthless to me. Bring back google maps!
  5. Wow, tough day for many fellow cachers out there. I hope it goes well and makes it through surgery. Get well soon Alabama Rambler.
  6. Sad sad news. His videos were very entertaining, I enjoyed them very much. RIP Sven.
  7. I am a numbers and stats guy so they matter to me but I know several people who cache that don't even log their finds online. But I would guess the number of those people who actively participate in the forums is pretty slim.
  8. If I personally don't sign the log I don't claim it. To each his own but this is what I go by.
  9. That also caught my eye when reading the post. I have only attened a few events but I have not found this to be an issue at all.
  10. The goal could be for your bigfoot to be placed in caches with "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" as part of cache name. There are a ton of those out there. Good luck!
  11. If I remember correctly EasyGPS won't work for uploading PQ's with all the information. Try GSAK. I use EasyGPS to upload PQ's on my Etrex 30 and it downloads all the information no problem.
  12. I got a Etrex 30 about a month ago and have had no issues with it at all. From what I've heard others say the recent updates have fixed a lot of the eariler problems. I've used it pretty much in all conditions (heavy cover, open field, fog) and am very happy with it.
  13. All that for only $30 a year!! That's a steal. Will the concierge finish signing the log for you if your hand starts cramping up mid sign?
  14. 8 and 1/2 years!! Holy smokes, doesn't the guy ever get sick? Thats some serious dedication. There are some days I don't even want to leave the house let alone go geocaching.
  15. Sent in TB racers for my wife and I and looking forward to race. Good luck to all the other entries.
  16. It sounds fun to do maybe once or twice on a vacation but thinking about caching in the middle desert all time makes me want to go drink a gallon of water.
  17. Did you at least practice CITO (Cache In Tongue Out)?
  18. The clipboard idea is smart. I cache after work (sometimes during work) and I usually still have my work uniform on- Coveralls and a hard hat. I have actually had before get up and move somewhere else because they think I'm going to perform maintance on GZ or something. When not in uniform, I often use the cell phone trick as well.
  19. To convince my wife that geocaching IS more important than the honey-do list. So far it isn't working.
  20. Two Words- Bragging Rights To have a story to tell about finding the Brazil APE Cache to my geocaching buddies would be priceless.
  21. Not a huge fan of stealth required caches but sometimes they can be fun. Like you're on a super secret spy mission or something, but maybe thats just me.
  22. You would think common sense would be a requirement for a drivers license but we all know drivers that have none. One time I was on a four lane one way bridge when the car in front of me did a U-Turn and started going the other way. But about the topic at hand, that Jet pattern trail in Idaho is awesome.
  23. That takes some serious planning! Too much work for me but it would be cool to find them all. It would look extra cool with all smileys.
  24. I didn't realize that there were only 3 caches left from August 2000. Thats going to be a hard month to cross off the Jasmer Challenge if I ever get serious about it.
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