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  1. I've done one, and it's a blast... though if I do another, I'll be taking more than just me and my kid out. I did have a phone, and there were houses and roads near by, but I realizied once i was in the woods, if I fell and knocked myself out or something like that... so going forward.. at least one other person that can reliably use a phone and gps to tell your location. A back up flashlight was in our pack too. I'm curious how one finds the spots to SET UP a night cache. Any place that looks good around here has dusk to dawn restrictions. Anyone has any hints / guidance on how to find a place to set one up (especially in Pennsylvania) let me know... lol
  2. Ok, I'm new to this hobby (Since January of this year - 2011) and though I don't have a ton of caches as notches on my GPS (47 at this point). I'm ready to do some serious cache hiding. I've hiden one so far, and I've got a few others coming up at some point. Mainly using my 3 boys as tag alongs for hiding the easier ones in local parks and places of interest and what not. Basically, overnight, I've become a big fan.... and I'd like to do a cache with a little "bite". Definately a mystery cache or a multi stage. But I'm trying to find the right balance of difficulty, without overdoing it. I tried searching the cache listing, but it was hit or miss. I'd like to hear from the people who have been doing this a while, on any advice on what is "goldilocks just right" when it comes to setting up a puzzle or multi stage cache. I'm figuring a mystery cache which requires a third degree black belt in calculus would not go over well, nor would a 12 stage cache that has you driving all over 3 states over a weedend would not get many hit either.... or would they? I've got a few ideas in my head, for example: would a multi site cache get a good reception? Where you had to drive to a couple of interesting (or at least I think they are) locations to get the final prize? Anyway... would like to hear what people think... Which multi stage / mystery caches do you guys things were "just right" and made you or with delight? Which ones were really ? And what just makes you really ? I know everyone has their own little tastes and what appeals to some may not appeal to others, but I'd like to get some thoughts or feedback from actual cachers.
  3. anyone else experience? I've been using my nuvi 1250 since December upload .GPX files. The geocaches would display on the screen as a little treasure chest icon. Sometime last week, new caches stopped displaying. The site processes them as file written, but no icon displays on the screen. Things I've checked.... I have verified that when I "Send To GPS", the file is created on the device in the GPX directory. (For example: I uploaded GC1EQ19.GPX at 9:07 this morning. I can see that file.) If I attempt to write that file again, I am told that the file already exists and prompted if i want to re-write. .GPX files which were previously uploaded display their icons just fine. If I delete a previously uploaded .GPX file, the icon on the display map no longer displays. If I then re-upload it, the icon displays again. If I upload a .GPX that was previously displaying fine,it will update the icon according to the status of the cache. (So it seems to react to OLD .GPX files that were ok prevously, but it won't react to any new problems.) I noted this started happening around February 19th. My PC: OS: Window 7 (64 bit) Browsers I've Tried: - IE 8 (8.0.7600.16385) - Garmin Communicator Plug in 2.9.3 - Firefox (3.5.16) - Garmin Communicator Plug in I love the product, and I love the new found hobby... hopefully someone can help me debug this mystery. It worked great, then is just stop displaying new uploaded GPX files. If anyone has experienced before or has any thoughts let me know... (I submitted something to garmin, but haven't heard from them)
  4. I'm only a few weeks new to this... but I find that a) Water Snacks Are always a helpful addition... even if they're just left in the car... (Esp if you're taking the family with you)
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