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  1. Thanks so much for your kind reply. I think I am beginning to understand now. Just one more question at this stage... Are there an infinite number of designs for geocoin a or can you collect a certain "series" or "group" of coins. I used to collect pokemon cards as a kid so this is very appealing to me
  2. Hmm ok. So why but them and not activate them? Thanks for your help
  3. No I understand that. But what's the purpose behind it?
  4. I am trying to get into caching a lot more but am struggling with something... What is the difference between a geocoin and a travel bug?
  5. Hey everyone, So recently I have been going through instagram and looking at all the photos that have #geocaching in them. In some of the photos are the trackable codes for travel bugs/geocoins and I was wondering if you think it is wrong to log these ones as discovered. Thanks - scottmcb
  6. Yeah I placed a new one today but not near the old one. It's not as easy so vandalism shouldn't be a problem. I just hope that the 3 travel bugs that were in my cache weren't stolen and they will show up.
  7. I'd love to find an ammo can. Here in Australia guns aren't as widely available at USA so in my 70ish finds I have never seen one and would love to!
  8. Definitely. I had one that local kids had found. They left notes in it for a while. But eventually it went missing. Sooner or later it will go missing. But in the meantime they'll just keep leaving nasty notes for you real geocachers to find. Do you think I should archive the cache and make a new one? If you move it, yes. I assume we are not talking about a cache big enough to hold TBs and geocoins. Actually it is big enough for both and for a decent amount of swapables.
  9. Definitely. I had one that local kids had found. They left notes in it for a while. But eventually it went missing. Sooner or later it will go missing. But in the meantime they'll just keep leaving nasty notes for you real geocachers to find. Do you think I should archive the cache and make a new one?
  10. So today I went to my cache that I have placed to collect it, clear it out and place it back. When I was going through the log book there was some vandalism (from the local school kids I suspect). The vandalism was quite crude and made me question whether or not to put the cache back - especially since there are probably a lot of young people finding it since it's difficulty is only 1.5 (terrain 1.5 also). What do you think about vandalism in caches? And should I put the cache back with the possibility of it being muggled or vandalised worse?
  11. Are cemetery geocaches acceptable? There are pros and cons of cemetery caches. But the big question is... Are cemetery geocaches acceptable? Yes or No? And what's the reasoning behind your answer? Thanks
  12. Sorry in advance.. I realise there are post of this exact nature.. I made this and now cannot delete it and I just hope that you will be willing to tell your story again. I'm interested in how people got into geocaching. As for me, I'd heard a couple of times from friends as to what geocaching is. Then one day I was watching YouTube and came across this video and that day I had found my first cache. Loved it so much and haven't stopped since. The thing that kept me geocaching was all the amazing places I find that I had no idea existed and the adventure on the way. So how did you get introduced and what kept you caching?
  13. How much risk of cachers going off that cliff also?? Yes, once the lid fell off the side I re-evaluated the hide and concluded that it would not be the best spot for the cache. I plan on hiding it elsewhere.
  14. So today I went to go hide a geocache and while I was waiting for my GPS to do the coordinates averaging I decided to take one last look in the cache and make sure the log book had all the necessary info. Next thing I know the lid of the cache is flying off the side of a cliff... therefore, no cache hiding today. Does anyone else have any funny stories from when they were hiding a geocache?
  15. Yes, this is great! What is "discovered" used for?
  16. I don't know how to log a TB/geocoin except for "took" or "dropped off" How do I log them any other time?
  17. So I've been geocaching for 2 years now and I have 61 finds.. not too many. But then I look at other people and they are getting that many finds per week. My question is how do you do it? What tips do you have to help me find more caches? Also, feel free to discuss anything relating to this.
  18. Thanks for your reply. How do I re-release a replacement? Do I use the copy tag?
  19. So, this is more of a rant than anything else. But I do want to start a discussion about Travel Bugs becoming stolen. So mid 2011 I sent my first Travel Bug on its way. Very excited I had big hopes that it would travel all around the world and come back to Australia. So more than a year later it has travelled 14kms and has been in the hands of a cacher for about 7 months. I contacted them to begin with and they said that they would resend it on its way. Then reconnected them. They said the same thing. Recontacted them and no reply. I've marked it as missing and have given up that it will ever be in another cache. I would love to hear some stories that have happened to others that are similar to mine and also just a discussion about this problem of missing Travel Bugs. What are your thoughts?
  20. So I own these two caches: - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=d4d63968-07bf-4143-8f9c-ad25caf383f5 - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=1292d06d-8702-49ad-8a43-1970f4c9f15e Yes, they have been published for a long time and have had multiple finds... but I'm not sure if I should keep them available or if I should disable them. The reason behind this is because one is in a cemetery and one is at a shopping centre that can be fairly awkward to find without looking suss. I would love your thoughts and let me know if you think I should disable them. Thanks!!
  21. I hear opportunity knocking! This is an ideal chance to teach him the evils of acronym only logs. "TFTC SL" translates directly to, "This cache sucked, so all you get is an acronym". I have tryed to explain that to him, but kids now day and this phone text stuff. It's perfectly acceptable to teenagers, but old you know what's like us translate it just as you say. Also he will not log DNF's. I have a Xbox account also, and the teens use acronyms on their clan tags that are quite vulgar, and I won't give examples because I don't want moderated. I blame A7X. He said you would have to google that to know the meaning. I'm just glad he is involved in Church and not drugs. I remember when Bath Salts was Epsom Salts, and K2 was Kindergarden through 2nd grade. On behalf of my generation I want to apologise for the increased use of acronyms and lack of DNF's. We are a lazy generation but some of us (me) appreciate lengthy logs, correct grammar and spelling, and the use of the DNF function. P.S. Forgive the irony of my use of DNF. I know it is acronym
  22. We all know good reasons why someone should archive a cache. Eg. Muggled, unable to maintain it, etc. But why shouldn't someone archive a cache? Do you know of any stories where someone has archived a cache that you believe was unnecessary?
  23. I'll be more specific. This is my cache (http://coord.info/GC2VPQM) and based on all the comments it seems to be ok. The only issue I can see is that it doesn't have approval from the cemetery/council etc. There has been a couple of logs along the lines of "so sad to see the baby memorials within sight" and this is where the whole topic came from. What are your thoughts?
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