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  1. I don't know if this is a know issue but I have an adventure lab I cannot realy finish (jhWv).

    I started this adventure last year, the last stage was not possible to access since the location was closed, so I left it open.  Now this last one is gone, it was closed, deleted ... or whatever. The adventure now has only 4 stages left, the 4 remaining I have done already. Looking at the details of the adventure in the app it is now showen as finished, but I still cannot leave an entry and also on the map overview it is not checked off as done.

  2. I'd like to view some statistics sometimes :lol: There are many questions I'd like to know for example: Whats your favorite kind of cache? What do you think of Member-Only Caches? Do you like caching at night? or How many stages should a Multi have? :D

    There should be some kind of multiple choice right on the start page. The question should be renewed (may be every week). Only members schould be allowed to vote but everyone should be able to watch the results. The resuslts should be historicized in some kind of archive.

    The results could help on decisions for example deciding to hide a multi with 50 stages or rather not :lol:

    What do you think :lol:

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