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  1. Once you have used a unlock code you cannot use it for another GPS. You get two with city select, so if you have used just one you can use the other with your new GPS. If both have been used you have to purchase another from Garmin. You might as well give the one associated with the 76cs to the new purchaser. HummerH1
  2. With all the excitement about the newest GPS getting down to a accuracy of less than 10ft it makes me wonder if this is not taking all the fun out of it. Why not just give the excate location in the description. I suppose if your goal is to log as many finds as possible this is a good thing, but boy do the kids like the final search, I do as well for that matter. I suggest that maybe the last decimal point is left off the waypoint to make it more of a challange, it might also stop everyone buying the latest, more accurate GPS as soon as it's announced. Just my 2cent's worth. Bazzer
  3. I have a 60CS and would like to upgrade, the problem is that you cannot transfer City Select to another unit. You are only given two codes and if both are used, as I have, you are s**t out of luck. Barry
  4. I have a like new 76s for sale, (Photo's available via email) Along with it I will provide legal copies of City Select 6 and City Select 7. Please note that the 76 series does not provide turn by turn directions. But you can download all the maps to the 76. Of course you can use the 76 plugged into your laptop and use City Select on the Laptop with nRoute for turn by turn, which is what I have been doing. The 76S comes boxed with all the orignal things that came with it. Please email me for more info. I will give you my phone number if you would like to discuss it person to person. Barry bazzer@direcway.com Opps, forgot to put the price, I am wanting $275 to include all of the above and shipping to the lower 48. I prefer paypal, but money order would be acceptable. My ebay rating can be seen using my ebay id of tflyfish.
  5. The answer to your question is BOTH! The 60cs is a great GPSr for auto navigation and will get you close to your destination. I use my 60cs over my car nav system to get me close to the geocache. I then switch it over to "Geocache Mode" and turn off the auto select map and show the topo instead. Remember the 60cs can be loaded with both the city selct map and the mapsource topo map at the same time. It is very easy on the unit to select between the two. Hummer H1
  6. Hey Monkey, Stop being a cheapskate and pay some money via paypal for GSAK. It's the only piece of software that I need apart from GPX Sonar on my PDA. It's a wonderful piece of software that can only exsist if we all pay to use it! Hummer H1
  7. I ended up buying a Garmin 18 which included City Select Thanks Hummer H1
  8. Selling is not the problem since it is normal to expect payment prior to shipping. It's the buying that can be the issue since having parted with the money you have to wait to see if the goods show up. Using paypal from and to verified users is the way to go, you are protected by paypal. Purchasing with a Visa is good to since all internet purchases are protected. If you are asked for a money order or similar these are the people that you should be careful of. Hummer H1
  9. I'm using a Gps 18 and a laptop with nRoute installed, can't be beat by any auto gps that I know. I paid just over $120 for the GPS which included City Select and two unlock codes. nRoute is free and I already had a loptop. Hummer H1
  10. I am selling one of my GPSr's, a Garmin 76S. I have Unlocked City Select 6.02 and disk's for it and I am wanting to sell it. There is not a additional unlock code, just the one for the 76S. However if you want autorouting then nRoute is the way to go. I have a gps system in my Hummer H1 and the 60cs and I can tell you that nothing beats nROUTE. If you are interested you can make me a resonable offer. I would be interested in a trade for a Pocket PC with Wi-Fi if you have a nice one. I am off on a road trip and Geoing on Monday to Yellowstone and SD! Thanks Hummer H1
  11. Found it! GSAK calls unavailable cashes Archived Uses the cemertary symbol.
  12. I have a 60CS and when I download my waypoints "Unavailable Cache" shows as a "Small City" on the GPSr. I can not find a way to correct this using the Change Waypoint Icons/Symbols window. Can anybody help HummerH1
  13. What's your sequence of using a PDA and you 60 for finding and recording online your finds and not found? I am managing fairly well using GSAk ( I was more than happy to spend the $20 on this great piece of shoftware) I am moving my GCachePoints to my 60CS and to GPX Sonar. I am also saving the Microsoft Maps as IE Favorites. When I have found a cache I am making a field note on GPX Sonar and later up loading that to GSAK and then using the LOG CACHE macro to post the find to the on-line log. The GSAK imports the Log Notes just fine, but I am having to copy and past these from the User Notes section to the Log section on GSAK. It's a bit of a long winded process, so anyone any ideas to improve on this? Of course I have to delete manually the map from my PDA to make a space on not fill up my memory. The 60CS makes a Calendar Entry when the cache is found. That's fine, but what use is it? Also is there any way to display Tide info on the 60CS? I am used to having it on my old GPSr. I am new to paperless caching, but I think it's great and working well for me.... HummerH1
  14. Anyone out there with a copy of North America City Select V6 with at least one unlock code that has not been used? Have a great weekend, HummerH1
  15. I have just got a 60CS and I am only getting 8hrs or so on a new set of batteries, what do you get? I know about the battery saver mode and compass, but surely it should be better than 8hrs? HummerH1
  16. I have just got a 60CS and I am only getting 8hrs or so on a new set of batteries, what do you get? I know about the battery saver mode and compass, but surely it should be better than 8hrs? HummerH1
  17. Are you sure your GPS will change the coordinates? It will for any it generates, but how does it know if a waypoint was calcualted using Nad27 or WGS84? Does anyone know how to show UTM Coordinates in GPXSonar? They display in GSAK but do not show up in GPXSonar? HummerH1
  18. I notice that whilst the Maxpedition web pages are still up, they seem to be more than a little out of date. The home page mentions Christmas! Are they still doing business? Thanks, HummerH1
  19. Hi, I have just started to use GSAK and GPXSonar and the question is that once I have found a cache and made some field notes on my PPC how can I upsync those notes to appear in GSAK. That way when I get home it would be easy to upload those notes to the on-line log without having to retype etc. Can anybody help? I am using ACtiveSync 3.8 Thanks, HummerH1
  20. I have a very little used Garmin Ique3600 with the full car kit that includes the dash mount, speaker and 12v plug etc. For more info look at http://www.garmin.com/products/iQue3600/ . Mine is just 2-3 months old and has very little use. I have all the boxes, instructions etc. Of course the city select nav disc is included with the unlock code. I might be persuaded to include a copy of the North American Topo's as well. I would like to trade for a Garmin 60CS that is in similar condition So please contact me at bazzer@direcway.com if you are interested. Thanks HummerH1
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