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  1. Problem solved, you have to upgrade the unit software before you can upgrade the chipset software. Bazzer
  2. When I try to update the latest Sirf chipset software I get a "Comm Error" unable to update packets using either USB or Serial. I can upload and download maps etc to the unit ok. I was thinking I might try a master reset, does anyone know how to do that? Thanks, Bazzer
  3. I am in the market for a PPC that has Wi-Fi built in. If you have one and would like to sell it please email me details, Bazzer bazzer@direcway.com
  4. Thanks, I have already tried that, but it will not accept my reg code. I created a account with it a couple of years ago with a old email address etc which I no longer use. I know that I have not used the second code associted with this code. I have been in touch with Garmin, but several emails further on and still a no go. I suppose they will sort it out sooner or later! Bazzer I had the same problem. I finally went to the Garmin website, and found a page where I could enter in the coupon number, and get my 25 digit code. Go to https://my.garmin.com/mygarmin/customers/myGarminHome.faces and create an account, if you haven't already. After logging in to the page listed above, you'll see links to register your products, and to unlock MapSource maps. SAVE that code. You'll need it if you ever have to do a clean install of MapSource again. For any software discs that require some sort of unlock code, I make a P-Touch laminated label, and stick the code right on the disc. Pretty impossible to lose it that way.
  5. I downloaded the update a few days ago and now the Unlock Map Wizard fails every time with a message telling me to download the latest version which of course I already have. It's very frustrating since I have a new 60 CXS which I need to get a code for. I have already written six or seven emails to GArmin and whilst they have replied to them all, I still don't have a 25 digit code. I of course have tried their online system and that's not working for me either. Bazzer
  6. I have now listed these units on EBay Bazzer quote name='HummerH1' date='Dec 2 2006, 12:07 PM' post='2595022'] I should mention that the 76S and the 60CS both have unlock codes for City Select associated with them. If I can transfer these to you then you will have City Select V7 as a bonus. Bazzer bazzer@direcway.com
  7. I should mention that the 76S and the 60CS both have unlock codes for City Select associated with them. If I can transfer these to you then you will have City Select V7 as a bonus. Bazzer bazzer@direcway.com
  8. I wish that I get it it down to 15 inches I think you mean feet! The real answer is of course not, part of the fun of geocaching is the looking for the cache. Well for my son anyway. I do see a application for much better accuracy than currently available, hiking in the dark for example, I thinking military here. I have checked both units as suggested using the static track method and I find the 76CX gives me a much tighter "Blob" So maybe the EPE is not so important. As a matter of interest what is your West Coast EPE on a similar unit using the same chip set? Bazzer The real question is do you need to get closer than 15" to find what your looking for???? dont mind me,Just my 2 cents.
  9. I am selling three Garmin units which I no longer need. These are all North American units. They all have the latest software installed and are in perfect working order. The first is a Garmin 76S in mint condition, boxed. I would like $150 for this Next is a Garmin 60CS which is in near mint, the only marks on it is on the rubber around the antenna. I have a unlock code and disk to go with it for City Select V6 and the upgrade to V7. I assume this is transferable. This is boxed with cable etc. $250 Last is a near new Garmin 76CX which is also boxed with cable etc. The sd card is installed. I will ship my copy of TopoMaps with this if you wish. The unit is mint and hard very little use. $275. I will accept Paypal for a speedy transaction. Post and packing via USPO Priority Mail will be $12 for each. Please email me or pm me if you have any questions. I can send you photos if you request them. But at these prices they should sell quickly. I can also let me have a phone number if you would like to call me. Barry
  10. Thanks, I'll try this and report back later on how I get on! At the moment I see that I constantly get better EPE on the 60CS than I do on the 76CX both seem to be locking on to the same sats. The difference being that the 76CX is showing markedly stronger signals than the 60CS Bazzer As others have indicated, what you are seeing is basically a more conservative estimate of accuracy with the SiRF models. If you want to get a feel for the actual relative accuracies of the two units, just put them both into a 1 second track logging mode and let them sit and track for about an hour, then compare the size of the "blob" of track points. If your experience is like mine, the 60CS spread will be about twice that of the 76CX. By the way - the estimated accuracy calculation doesn't include a map contribution; the map errors are added to the estimated accuracy when calculating the radius of the circle displayed on the map page.
  11. Thanks, I will try that. I have just checked the 76CX and found that the EPE is the same regardless if WAAS is enabled or disabled. Bazzer
  12. Yes, I have the same mapset on each, Topo's in my case. So how do you figure out which is right and which is wrong? Both unit's reporting the same sats but in the case of the newer CX unit it is showing one more. Bazzer Bazzer
  13. I have just purchased a 76CX and whilst I find it is faster at startup and more sensitive than my old 60CS it is nowhere near as accurate. Side by side my 60CS shows accuracy of 6-9ft whereas the new 76CX is no better than 15ft. I have just downloaded and installed the latest sofware for both the GPS and the chipset. Yes, I have WAAS enabled on both units. Anyone any ideas on this or should it go back? Bazzer
  14. Anyone? Once I have purchased a 60CSX I will sell my existing 60 CS and 76S both of which are boxes and have City select unlock codes with them. Bazzer
  15. I would like to purchase a used, or new, Garmin 60CSX. It does not have to have a box or manual etc. As long as the unit is is perfect working condition. I can make instant payment via paypal once a deal has been reached. I would also like purchase a unlock code for City Select. Please contact me via email or pm me. bazzer@direcway.com Thanks Bazzer
  16. Opps, my math is a bit wrong! Each track is a maximum of 500 points, but you could spilt up your hike into several tracks though. Bazzer
  17. The 60CS spec says that it can save 10,000 track points. Presumably this is 20 tracks each having 5,000 points. Surely that is enough? Bazzer
  18. I have found the answer in Terrain Navigator by Maptech. I have a old copy which I installed and upgraded to the latest version online. It is very easy to convert a track to a route in a single step. Great software! Bazzer
  19. On the 60cs it can store 50 routes of up to 250 waypoints each. So that is not much of a problem for my use. Bazzer
  20. I have a Garmin 60CS and I have saved a number of tracks which I would like to convert to permanent routes. I have looked through Mapsource but I can find no way of doing it. Anybody know of a way? Bazzer
  21. I am visiting England for a couple of weeks next month and I was wondering if anyone had a copy of City Select that they would like to sell at a cheap price? Bazzer
  22. Heading is the direction you are pointing, bearing is the bearing to what? For us it's normally the bearing to the next waypoint. But of course the bearing to the hole in the ground might be different. If you were a pilot or sailor, you would know that the heading is not always the direction you are traveling, the direction of travel is refered to as COG, or course made good, should be in the GPS book somewhere. HummerH1
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