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  1. I have just downloaded the latest version of Mapsource, 6.13.2 and it is not reading my old Topo disks at all. The disk does not show up in the "Switch to Product" list. Am I having finger trouble or is there a problem with this new version and old versions of Topo? My other pc with a older version of Mapsource works fine! Barry
  2. I am needing a Mapsend BlueNav cd for North America. Please let me know if you have one and how much you would like for it. I of course intend to use it with a Magellan. Barry
  3. I am wondering if anyone is using Earthmate PN-20 yet for Caching and how they are getting on with it. Personally I love the idea of the 24K topo maps, but is it as good as a 60csx. Yes I have seen the comparisons here, but I would like to hear from a user. Barry
  4. If it were cheaper then I would be interested Barry
  5. I have been looking at the Delorme PN-20 for use as a Geocaching gpsr. It has some very nice features such as the topo maps. What do you think of it? Is it better than my 60csx? Barry
  6. Being disabled with deafness in not a way to pray on charity. Nor is it a reason not to spell correctly. If this is his only disability neither does is prevent him from earning some money. Geocaching is not a cheap sport, one need to be able to travel, usually by car, to the Cache locations. If he a a young kid, then someone who is local to him should help him out, but asking for a free GPSr is the same as the guy who asks for cash at the local intersection. Prove who he is and that he is in genuine need of help and I'll be the first to put a couple of bucks aside in a paypal account. HummerH1
  7. I guess a moose ate it.. Here's what you do, get a job, get some pay and then buy a GPS. That's what I have to do. I started working for cash when I was 12. Hummer Oh, as well as that go to school to learn some English.
  8. I guess a moose ate it.. Here's what you do, get a job, get some pay and then buy a GPS. That's what I have to do. I started working for cash when I was 12. Hummer
  9. Sorry no, but I wish that I had not sold it! Bazzer Bazzer do you still have the 76CX for sale? Dena
  10. I have a boxed like new 76CX that I would sell for $250 plus a few bucks for postage. It has only been used for a few hours. I bought it for my wife but she doesn't want to share the sport of GoeCaching with me... Bazzer
  11. I just successfully magnetized some of my stainless steel knives with a permanent magnet. So it is indeed possible the rod inside you can be affecting your flux gate compass in your gps. Why not call your local hospital and talk to the MRI techs and see if they have any suggestions to demagnetize it? The knife that I used only put my compass off 90 degrees max. I could not get it to point to it rather than mag north. HummerH1
  12. Mhhh, it wasn't there earlier..... Thanks, HummerH1
  13. I would imagine that the metal in your body is either stainless steel or titanium and neither should have a effect on your gps as both are non-ferrous. If you have a pacemaker or the like this certainly can effect the compass. In order for even iron to make the compass point to your body it would have to be magnetized. Maybe you have eaten a small magnet or the aliens have implanted a tracking device in you HummerH1
  14. I have had a controversial topic running for several days the subject of which was "Why GeoCoins" On the GeoCoins forum. This topic was suddenly deleted. Why was that? It seems to me that the selling and trading of GeoCoins has nothing to do with GeoCaching, the only cashing to be done is by those selling the coins. There are even some selling coins to so claiming they need the money to pay for vet bills for a horse. I personally would question how legit this sale is along with the cancer begging posts. I would ask the owner of this site to investigate this subject as it is in danger of bringing our sport into disrepute . I can understand the coins if they are used as Travel Bugs, but not the collection of them or sale of them, this is only encouraging the theft of any coins that are left in caches. There is clearly a lot of profit to be made out of a cheaply made coin that probably cost cents to make that are being sold for many dollars. I know that this is a free society, but it's not GeoCaching. GeoCoins should be on a completely different site. Again, I would ask the owner of the site to comment rather than just delete this topic, if deleted I assume that there is something to hide. HummerH1
  15. You are totally right about the trading being out of control. If you look through all the posts on the first page of the Goecoin forum you will see that most are devoted to selling coins. Furthermore many are so called charity sells, like "I need to pay my vets bill". If you can't afford a horse then don't buy one. I have several animals and I pay the vets bill without begging here. On most forums this kind of post would be banned, try it on DPreview or FMForums and see how far you get. The practice of geocoin trading has little or nothing to do with GeoCaching. In fact if you are foolish enough to place coins in a cache then you will find that before long they have been stolen and are now part of a collection. If I am wrong please show me where a coin has been moved from one cache to another more than, say, a half a dozen times. I bet all the flame that I have already gotten in this post and the flame I expect from this post is all from sellers of the coins and not from true GeoCachers. I would hope that some time soon this forum is banned completely as it has no part in GeoCaching at all. It's all about people selling junk at high profits. My last word. I'm back to proper GeoCaching. HummerH1 quote name='butbyice' date='Jan 3 2007, 04:43 PM' post='2643943'] I think geocoins are out of control. People are just slapping whatever on a coin to make a quick profit. I watch for those that are actually thought out and that will be the only ones i buy if any at all. I also have noticed that there is alot of copyrights being ripped off. I know people are changing the design a little but that still does not change the fact that it appears to me that copyrights are being used and I am sure there is no permission to do so. so whatever that is just what I think.
  16. I am a vet who was injured whilst on active service, your so called Purple Heart should be called the "(removed by moderator)" award. If you can't geocache without hurting yourself, then stay at home. Or better still join the idots who collect geocoins and imagine that they are caching. Many have given there lives to us and the only Honor that they have received is the Purple Heart. This idea does nothing but insult. Hummer H1 ex 22nd Reg SAS
  17. Have a look at this thread and you will see that a awful lot of placed GeoCoins are going missing, presumably into someones collection. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=146270 I don't see how GeoCoins and GeoCaching can coexist whilst there are so many that merely want to collect them. This will be my last post on the subject since I know understand what GeoCoins are all about. If I find one I shall move it on and log the find. Bazzer in California
  18. Ah Ha, now it's becoming clearer. The buying or trading of Geo Caching coins that have not been in circulation is just like buying from Franklin Mint. I have no problem with that. But is it GeoCaching? From what I read there are some that might be getting coins made just to re-sell. Again, this would not seem to be GeoCaching. bazzer We don't take coins out of caches and then add them to our collection we buy the coin new when it first comes out and put it into our collection without activating or releasing it into the wild. but some people choose to buy them and then release them as travel bugs and if we find one of these in a cache we treat them just like travel bugs and pass them on to other caches. So no one is taking them out of caches and then keeping them (that would be "muggling" or stealing) The ones that people keep have never been released. I think this may help you understand a little better but if it didn't I am sorry.
  19. Wow, I certainly wasn't expecting the onslaught of replies to my question. I like GeoCaching because it is just plain fun and good exercise for me and my son, let alone the "Quality" time we spend together. Sure I can understand the Shiny TB, but by keeping the coins and not replacing them, which must be happening. This is a form or taking and not leaving is it not? As a kid in England I used to collect trains, well their numbers at least, anyone remember "THE SIR WINSTON CHRUCHILL" I did not keep the trains themselves but just their numbers in a book. The taking of a Coin and not moving it on is really a form of Muggling, is it not? If I find a coin in a cache then I will move it to another place, if I want to collect coins then I will go to Vegas. A very Happy New Year to Everybody and may all our troops all come home intact. Bazzer Yeah, what he said! [/quo
  20. All I am trying to do is understand GeoCoins. I thought this site was all about GeoCaching, so devoting a forum, or part of it to trading something that you don't have to find, you can buy them or get given them does not seem to be GeoCaching does it? I can see from the recent posts that some have been given away, but have they ever been placed in a GeoCache. Maybe the whole trading thing should be in a seperate site, www.Geocoins.com....I am sure that url has already been taken. Yes, you can collect the coins without geocaching. But I'm not getting your statement about it not being in the spirit of geocaching if money can be made from it. Are only Groundspeak, Garmin, Magellean and all the companies that sell gasoline allowed to make money from geocaching. There are alot of small businesses run by geocachers for geocachers out there working to bring good products to us. I appreciate that. I'm not just talking geocoins either. There are companies that sell caching shirts, caching buttons, all sorts of caching accessories. Some of them might just be making extra pocket money, some have fully invested in the businesses they run. I just don't get why there is so much disdain for a little guy making a profit, but it is perfectly okay for Groundspeak to operate a profitable business? I think Groundspeak used to be the "little guy". And this is no flame, I really don't understand why people have so much against profit? Oh, and you should read the threads of the past week. Many coins were generously given away.
  21. I ask a perfectly sensible question and you get upset about it, why? Looks like Flame from a moderator to me. HummerH1
  22. I have only found a few caches, I have just learned of GeoCoins, so what are they and why would anyone want to sell them for a profit? I can see the fun of TB, placing them and tracking where they are, but the idea of placing a object, a GeoCoin, does not really seem to be in the spirit of GeoCaching if money can be made of it. I have been looking at the GeoCoin forum and it looks more like a "Want Advertiser" to me. It would seem that you could collect the coins without even GeoCaching. Am I missing the point? HummerH1
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