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  1. Thanks for the link info. Seeker BP
  2. We are avid tent campers, and was wondering what the most secluded place in Ohio you have ever camped at?? We just spent a weekend camping and caching South of Chillicothe, and found a place called "CaveLake Camping" West Virginia and Ohio YMCA. THis place was absolutly great. Maybe a place for you to enjoy when your in the area. Any other places come to mind?? Seeker BP
  3. Really cool story!! I am glad that you got him hooked, because we spend alot of time looking for Pitufos caches. They are some of the best out there!! Seeker BP Ashland OH TEAM E-TREX. PS. Your caches rock too Goat 6500!!
  4. Sounds like you should hang it up before you hurt yourself. Read your two logs and it sounds as if you might want to take up needlepoint or something less DANGEROUS!! Just an idea. Not everyone is cut out for this wicked sport of Geocaching.
  5. Sounds like you should hang it up before you hurt yourself. Read your two logs and it sounds as if you might want to take up needlepoint or something less DANGEROUS!! Just an idea. Not everyone is cut out for this wicked sport of Geocaching.
  6. Hello Ifranz! Seeker BP here. Have you got your team together yet?? Always interesested in some good ole fun with the outdoors and the GPS. Being self employed also gives me some spare time when needed. Let me know what your working on and maybe I could throw my 2 cents in.
  7. The big problem that I see with newbies is that there in to much of a hurry. Take your time, and read the instruction booklet. It will explain the GPS all the way through. Not all caches are sitting right on the numbers given. You have to think all scenarios. When I started, I had a hard time finding some caches, then a fellow cacher said that you have to not think its were they say it is, they may have been standing 100 feet away when they took the reading, but they can see the tree, or whatever they hid the cache by from where they are standing. Once I started doing this, things start popping out. It becomes pretty clear where these hiding spots are. If you need any more assistance, feel free to contact me at bpeacock@bright.net SEEKER BP TEAM E-TREX
  8. I see alot of Geocachers sign off with this line, but to be totally honest, I wonder how many cachers actually come out of a cache area with anything but what they went in with. I see many caches along the way that it seems nobody still cares about humping out the trash in the surrounding area. Now I understand that in some places you couldnt carry enough garbage bags, but many have had some cans or candy bar wrappers right next to the cache, but nobody has taken the time to take it with them. Please everyone take something out of the area, and dispose of it, and this problem could lessen. I would love to save the world from its Trashy problem, yet I am only one person in a fruitless crusade. Seeker BP
  9. What would be your most wanted to find item in a cache? What do you collect if anything? Seeker BP
  10. TEAM E-TREX from Ashland, Oh. We are in the center of it all. Cannot say we have seen your names in the area. Come check us out!! Picnic sounds fun. Always into food!!
  11. OK, Glad to hear not everyone needs easy to get to caches. The cache that seems to be the problem is called "Down on the Farm, Bring a Flashlight" in OHIO. I even have a cache that is about a month old Called "Last Of The Mohicans," and have not even had a bite on it yet. I have made this area worth coming to hunt. The area is deep in history and excellent terrain. These caches are checked by me every 2 weeks. Very local to me!! Able to keep a good eye on things. Will be looking to see your names in my logs. Take a weekend trip and come visit the Ohio Valley occupied by TEAM E-TREX, you will not regret it!! Seeker BP
  12. From Ashland, OH. Some of the best hunting of caches is done here!! "OLYMPIC SPORT????"
  13. I have had several hits on my caches in Ohio, and some have said it is too hard to locate them!! I say "LOOK HARDER" and "DO YOUR HOMEWORK". Other hunters have had no problems because they did these two things. If your looking for a cache in the wide open for all to see, do not come looking for mine. Crying gets you NO WHERE!!! Just had to get this off my chest!! If you cannot find the cache, look around and understand the real reason your out there!! See, Hear, and Smell the outdoors. Peace!!
  14. Count me in for some OHIO Patches. I like the Idea!
  15. Count me in for some OHIO Patches. I like the Idea!
  16. Hello, we are a small team of Geocachers from Ashland, OH. We enjoy the great outdoors and have incorporated this sport into our fun. Good hearing from other cachers in the area. bpeacock@bright.net Seeker BP Ashland, OH
  17. Come on, dont forget the reason for this hobby, to get out of the rat race of the world to search for a secret treasure hidden in probably one of the nicest areas that you never knew about. And your worrying about whats in them. I think you need to take a deep breath and smell the forest. Enjoy your hunt. Leave nothing but Fingerprints!! Ever get to Ohio, Look in on my Caches. Seeker BP Ashland, OH
  18. APPLAUSE!!!! APPLAUSE!!! TO YOU. Keep spreading the message, especially to the younger crowd. Teach them proper. Think Green Dude. It is worth it.
  19. Thanks for the help Hawk-Eye. I will be working on that here really soon. Its nice having help on these pages. What a team site!!
  20. I have a question regarding everyones clip-art signitures. How do you get your logos loaded into this geocache site when you sign in or out of the forums. Still kinda computer illiterate. We have a design but need info on how to use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Well, the A&W is still going strong, but the drive- in theatre is gone and is now one giant police station and jail. Times have changed. There was also a drive-in theatre on 42 on your way to Mansfield, but know it is a strippers bar. How far we have advanced!! Kinda cool hearing from ex- Ashland people. I have been here about 18 years now.
  22. The Dairy Dolly is No More!!! They tore her down about 8 years ago and turned the space into a parking lot for the new dollar store. Times have changed in this small town. Still have the A&W still. Was that here??
  23. You guys have a point, it is kinda fun for us to come into the Big cities and see that there really is some really nice spots that you would not think would be there. I have spent many days searching in Columbus and dayton, and have been totally suprised by very nice scenery. But don;t forget about us country bumkins in Ashland OH, We have some of the nicest Glacier cut ravines in the state. And we take our cachen serious!! Good travels to all!!! Seeker BP
  24. Hello fellow Ohio cachers!!! Just wanted to know why all the caches are so concentrated around major cities? Are you afraid to come out of your cubicles?? Spread them out into the country a little more. Move to the middle of the state with your caches and such. We are trying to draw cachers into our area to hunt hoping that they will bring some caches to also hide. There is so much of the state of Ohio to explore, enjoy it a little more.
  25. The place: Dayton Ohio State Park Experiance: Very weird!!!! The crew and I decided to go caching from our base camp at 11:30 in the evening. A warm March evening. And we go to the Cache called (Whispering Pines). We had traveled about a mile to where the gps was saying about 500 feet to go. Thats when we saw a faint dim light about right where the cache should be. This slowed our progress a little. Assuming where we were at it had to be other geocachers. Well we moved in very slow and without headlamps until we got pretty much right on top of the light and come to find 3 people standing in the woods. In fact, everywhere our headlamps turned there was someone in our beam.Talk about un-nerving as heck.Come to find out it was some sort of church retreat. We dropped down off the trail and took a break and decided to wait them out since we had nothing to show for our adventure. As the group packed up and retreated back out of the woods, they passed by us with candles and flashlights and we lost count at 100 people. That had to be the most weirdest thing to ever happen to me in the woods. Thank god they were not wearing black hoods and capes and chanting long live satin. I dont think the crew will ever be the same!!! Seeker BP Team E-Trex
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