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  1. Not really sure of the details. The local paper did say that there were some minor repairs made while she was grounded. But fuel was a factor too. I would of thought they could make Radio contact with Mansfield Lahm airport or Ashland, and get coordinates. But you know how the military is. We may never know, if we did, they would have to kill us. It was still a pretty neat thing to happen in our little country town. Come to think of it, there is a little hole in the wall strip club right down the Highway LOL HMMMMM!!
  2. And you think we are the only ones to lose signals. I had a Blackhawk Chopper land pretty close to my back yard because they were low on fuel and looking to find the Ashland Airport to refuel. But they lost there GPS support and had to land because they were low on fuel and could not find the airstrip. Fuel was transported to there location and they were back in the air and moving on!! Pretty awesome birds!!!
  3. OK OK I recant my remarks. Going into the fifth week, I recieve in the mail a new manual in a plastic package. Not even a photocopied copy, A BRAND NEW MANUAL. And this was even for the Antique Meridian XL. Open mouth, insert foot. Still like my Garmin!!
  4. Looking for Die Hard cacher to seek out my moving cache that has been held hostage in a remote area and move it on to bigger and better areas. It has been in a hold pattern for too long. This cache is"Blue Ridge Ramblers- Seeker BP. Feel free to call it whatever you want. BUT PLEASE add Seeker BP to the name for tracking purposes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Seeker BP Ashland, OH
  5. If there anything like my buddys, there just fad seekers!! Some people just fizzle out of circulation after attempting something,even if they enjoy it. Too many things going on!! Me, I doubt it will ever become boring. Just that they are just getting further and further away. Now it takes a little longer to get to them. Cache On !!!!
  6. Thank you TopoGraphics!! Appreciate the info. I guess it depends on who you are!! I didnt think that was a very difficult answer to come up with. Some people have all the luck. I still think it,s bad service!!
  7. I have been tring for 5 weeks to get an answer back from there help dept. No one answers e-mail. There phones are always busy and I leave messages and no one returns my calls!! What kind of company are we talking about here. Glad I own a Garmin!! All I need is to locate a printed manual for a Magellan Meridian XL. Anybody got a clue where I could locate?? Seeker BP
  8. I have to think that ES is looking for large placement numbers and not Quality. Too Bad!! I agree, I like the historical aspect of the venture. Seeker BP
  9. Something has to be done about these gas prices!!! It is getting to be bullpucky that they can raise it whenever the weekends roll around. Its time for the United States people to get some hair and do something about it!!
  10. Something has to be done about these gas prices!!! It is getting to be bullpucky that they can raise it whenever the weekends roll around. Its time for the United States people to get some hair and do something about it!!
  11. I wonder if alcohol would be illegal if it grew on a plant??
  12. Come on CCC !! At least throw advice not insults!! Your stats are not the greatest on the board. How are people to learn with no help from pro's like yourself!!
  13. So sorry for the familys waiting in Florida for there loved ones. But again, they died doing what they loved to do, and they died for there country!! Long live the USA!!
  14. Something also to remember is that not all cachers stand on top of there caches when they set the coordinates. Some may stand away from the hiding area because it is so obvious. It pays to look around at all your surroundings. It could be anywhere!! Seeker BP
  15. I really doubt that someone would take the extra weight along!! Its bad enough that you cannot carry yourself, let alone a cache. Maybe a micro!! That cache would be a 10/10 in my books.
  16. I run with a small group of adventure seekers. We believe that tight teamwork will get you everywhere. If we were to run into fellow cachers at a cache sight, and they had given away the spot, that would be the last thing we would think of. Shooting the bull would of been in order!! Its not really about the cache, it's about working as a team and discovering your objective. And meeting with other people is part of the fun. Some people are so worried about making rules that they lose sight about what it's about. Cache on!!! Trash Sucks!! Seeker BP Ashland, OH
  17. Whats wrong with someone just going for the find. Maybe someones junk just isn't all that important. Maybe it's just being out there somewhere enjoying the hunt. I usally do not remove anything. Occasional travel bug, or polished stone. And I always trade up, and sign the log. To each there own!! Play the game your way, and we'll do it ours!!!
  18. Would really like to get involved with your group. Got room for one more at Bob Evans? Got a little experiance at caching, and sure would like to get some caches going in some areas that are not allowed because of no understanding of Geocaching. Hey Busboy, are you gonna go to the gettogether. Maybe we can meet up again!! Seeker BP
  19. I see that a few are getting together in Feb!! Bob Evens meal. Might try to make it if time allows. Takes a special breed to get out and take in all the fresh air needed to go caching!! To much for some.
  20. Had a Newbie send me an e-mail, and wanted to know if I would take him out and show him the ropes,seeing that we live fairly close. Got to chatting with this fellow, and came to find out we knew each other. In fact, we graduated together. Just go's to show, you never know who your gonna run into while geocaching.We are taking off tommorow, and hitting some caches. Glad to be able to help someone else experience this fun sport of hunting treasure!! Seeker BP
  21. I never thought it would come to this!! Just think if all the hits would of complained.
  22. I hate Birthdays!!! I had to have another this year!!! Oh well, Guess I'm still breathing!!! And People who think they are gonna find the best prize inside the cache piss me off, its where you find the cache that is the big prize, unless of course its under a big city bridge littered with trash and wine drinking bums!!! Been there, found that!!! And what is with people not understanding what a traveling cache is!! Whats so hard about following directions!!! Other than that its a good day!!! Peace!!!
  23. Phew, been awhile since I have been able to sit down and look through the site!! Man, it has been busy!! First off, I would like to complain about a few things. First, why do we even say we will not get each other anything, and we end up doing it anyway?? Secondly, why is it everyone waits till the same day as I to go to Wal-Mart?? And also I spent a week in The Wayne National Forest in Nelsonville area, When did they turn it into a landfill??? We are some sloppy, lazy people at times!!! Geeez, its only going to get better right??? Right?? And last but not least, I have to say that this political timebomb sucks!!!! Seeker BP Merry Christmas and a happy new year Everyone!!
  24. WOW, I cannot even find a thing to complain about after reading the last post!! It was deep and complexing, but it cut right to the point. I will have to ponder that thought for awhile!!
  25. Sent an e-mail, thanks for the info and the reply. See what happens~~ Seeker BP
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